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Scabby Nipples

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so, I just gave birth on Sunday to a tiny but voracious eater and my nipples are raw (all the skin is gone off lefty) and scabbed (that'd be righty). Now, I've read over and over again that sharp nipple pain or scabbing/cracking is a sign of a poor latch, but honestly, Miriam seems to have been doing it perfectly: opening her mouth like she's yawning, taking the nipple and a large portion of my stupidly gigantic areola, gulping sounds, the whole deal...and breastfeeding wasn't painful until we went an eight hour stretch yesterday of nursing every half hour, right before my milk came in.


Basically, I'm wondering if this has to mean I'm doing something wrong, or if it is possibly just another casualty of those first, crazy newborn days.

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Do your nipples look misshappen when she detatches. I would say that damage to the degree you're describing is *usually* a latch issue. It may me related to the position of her tongue. Ate you able to see it protruding over her bottom gum line when she's on?

Another possibility is thrush. Do you know the symptoms look for there? If not kellymom has info on what it looks/feels like.

Can you get in touch with a lactation consultant? Sometimes just the slightest tweaking of babe's position can make a big difference.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

All the best.
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With both of my kids, I had sore and scabby nipples.  With my first kid it lasted about 6 weeks and was awful - almost bad enough for me to just quit altogether.  With my second, it lasted about 2 weeks, still not great, but it's over now.  I was also doing it right, but everything you read says if it hurts, you're doing it wrong.  I think that sometimes mama's just get sore nipples.  Lanolin worked great for me as far as soothing and healing.  I would say keep doing it how you are if you think it's working, and the soreness with probably go away.  If it doesn't, talk to your doctor or midwife or friendly neighborhood lactation consultant.  It probably wouldn't hurt to talk to them anyway, but I think time is probably going to be the best bet.

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I finally got to see a lactation consultant today at my WIC appointment...she basically echoed how I had felt, that the latch was good and DD's gulping was indicative of getting milk. I also found out today she's gained 12 ounces since she was born 2 weeks ago, so I think that's another good sign. The scabbyness goes away and comes back only during her marathon feeding sessions (3 - 8 hours straight), but I get the feeling that this too shall pass...and I'm just going to suck it up and remind myself this is certainly less painful than the process it took to bring her into the world :P

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I had cracked and scabbed nipples with both of my younger boys.  It was pretty normal in my case, and healed within about 4 weeks.


Keep on keepin' on!

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