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3month old-Just can't get going!

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DD2, she's 3 months, second time round with EC, but i'm starting a bit younger. DD is mostly diaper free at home and has been since birth. here's where we're at:


she fusses a lot before she has to go, but she won't let me catch in a potty or jar. usually i have her over a prefold to catch, but not "wrapped up". however, she'll fuss and fuss when she has to poop, but won't go unless i put her in a prefold with a cover. she is also dry for hours at night, which is the only time she's wraped in a diaper at home for extended amount of time.

goals: ditching the prefold!


the other issue is when ever she's placed in the carseat to go out or sometimes i'll put her in the swing, she will (soaking) wet or poop her diaper in minutes. Some times she'll fuss and fuss that she has to poop and won't go until i put her in the swing with the diaper on. not sure if she's just not relaxing enough or what!

goal: get her not to poop every time she goes into the swing or carseat! I'm afraid of this becoming the "place to poop"!


lastly, when she pees, it's not usually all at once. some times she'll pee some and then again just a few minutes later. or sometimes the pee will just drip out for what seems like a minute or 2... not sure why this is.



any advice from here?

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No fun at your house.  My first pooped in the carseat consistently until about 5 months (not every poop, but every time in the carseat).  I think he just had to grow out of that one (sorry).


Does she let you hold her in position over the prefold? That's the first step I would try making.  Our 3 month old had a preference for going while on his back, so we used a very reclined hold which has evolved into a more upright hold.  If you can get her to go while you hold her in position, you will eventually be able to do that over a potty.


If she will only poop with a cover on, perhaps you could use a looser and looser cover? Do you think she likes the pressure at her belly? you could try a belt?


Good luck. 

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 i'm usually holding her more reclined on the prefold when she goes pee. i know when she's about to go sometimes because she'll stop nursing and kind of push back a little. .I was thinking about making a belt for her. i just know she waits until i put a cover on her before she poops, just have to work on catching a poop over the toilet or potty. she doesn't like to go upright her back to my chest when she goes.

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Maybe try some relaxation techniques? It sounds like that is what your intuition is telling you the issue is, and the symptoms support that.  Here are some (that I have heard, not all worked for us, or were heard of in time):

Blowing gently on the head

Relaxing your own muscles as if you were going to pee or poop as needed

Actually pee or poop while holding baby and queuing (I have no idea of the mechanics of this - heard, not tried)

Singing or humming

Doing it over a sink so baby can see herself

Doing it outside


That's all that comes to mind right now, although I feel like I am forgetting some good ones.  Anybody?  

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Im interested in this. I thought it was normal for a 3 month old to potty in their diaper. Are you trying to potty train? Please explain. Thanks!
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Elimination Communication is all about learning baby's signals and having them tell you when they need to go so you can take them. The idea is babies are born potty trained. It's fairly common in the rest of the world, Christian Science Monitor recently did an article about it in China.
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