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nervous! gush of blood, then nothing...

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This is pg #8 for me, baby #6 hopefully!
2 days ago I felt like I had a stomach ache and went to the bathroom, only to notice spotting that turned into a gush and red toilet water.  I thought it was all over.  It tapered off over the next couple hours and now the last two days I have had nothing, cervix seems to be closed.  I am still having weird abdominal and back pain some of the time and last night slept terribly but am quite nauseated again.

My u/s tomorrow will be at 5w6d and I am afraid to get my hopes up since none of my successful pgs have had bleeding.  I know it is on the edge of when we might see a HB if things happen to be OK. I also wonder with the pains I have been having, if I need to be concerned with ectopic.  Will they automatically check for this at my u/s?  My hpts have still been very dark and coming up immediately.  My temps are still up.

The clinic Dr said he was concerned I may have had a miscarriage but that the u/s should tell us.  It will be an abdominal one and quite early so I am worried...the last time I had an u/s during bleeding I was told there was nothing in there and they made me take a pg test to prove I was pg in the first place.  It was pretty horrible.  I went on to miscarry a good sized placenta a couple weeks later.

Any experiences to share?  Do I have a chance of positive results tomorrow?

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Hope everything went well.  Keep us posted. hug2.gif

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U/S today (would be just at 6w if I went by O) was mixed results.  They could see the hematoma causing the bleeding (didn't say how big it was).  She said the sac and yolk sac looked good.  They could not visualise a fetal pole or heartbeat but with an abdominal u/s I believe that is still in the range of normal.  She didn't want to do a TV u/s yet for fear of causing more bleeding.  So it looks like things are still up in the air but overall there's still reason to have hope.  I should have another scan in a week (if more bleeding) or two (if no more bleeding) to check for viability.   I am taking Arnica, praying for the hematoma to resolve and baby to stay healthy.

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I had this happen to me at 7 weeks.  There was lots of gushing blood and huge blood clots that lasted for several hours and they never could find a reason for it.  They did an internal ultrasound and the baby was fine.  I am 6 months pregnant now and baby is doing great.

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I hope that everything goes okay for you! I know its a scary thing to happen.
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I just had this same thing happen to me... differenc eis, I have no idea how far along I am - I was unaware I was pg, asI assumed ths stuff going on with me was due to post-NuvaRing issues.  3 days ago now, I went to the bathroom and the same thing- pink/blood into the toilet and then spotting for a botu an hour, accompanyed by swollen/discomfort when sitting down. I tested last night on a whim and yep- two lines. I am both in shock and scared. :( I am blindly calling a service provider that is apparently natural friednly in my area as my MW moved to ALASKA (from indiana.)

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with an abdominal us, I wouldnt expect to see a fetal pole either- good luck :)

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Sending positive sticky vibes your way mama! goodvibes.gif

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I had an emergency vaginal u/s this morning and have a large "bleed" on the opposite wall of baby in uterus.  I have been put on no exercise rest until further notice. In my case it is apparently iffy on if things will be ok.  Just sharing my update!

Hope all is good with Cindy/at_the_hip!

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kellykins I hope that baby sticks tight! 


My update is that I am still waiting to hear from a midwife about getting bloodwork done.  I won't have a repeat u/s to check viability until sept 7.  :S  By then I will be almost 9 weeks.  How the heck am I going to get through 2 more weeks of this, just waiting to lose baby or not?  :(

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