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I found this image from the Dove Beauty Campaign last night and while the real woman model doesn't seem to be particularly overweight she is curvy. I just love the sentiment that goes along with the image.


The quote accompanying the image is:


"There's nothing I would strive to change because I work out and eat healthy and I feel great. I feel healthy, I feel happy. I feel energetic, so if I'm feeling that way and this is how my body's going to be then this is how my body is going to be and I'm going to be proud of that." Stacy Nadeau


I think that's what we all need to strive for and that's the message we need to give our daughters and step daughters and the girls in our life. We have to play the hand that we were dealt in the best way we can. We all only get one body and there's no use wasting our lives feeling bad that it doesn't look like the stick-model of the year's body, or Barbie, or whoever. We do the best by the body we've got and listen to it and be happy about doing our best, eating well and exercising. I don't think measuring weight is a healthy way to go about measuring fitness. How far can you run? Can you do a 5K? Sign up for one as a family (what a great family that would be with 6 kids). Many people alternate running and walking the 5K. Can you go for a longer hike than you normally do? Can you do 10 pull ups instead of 9? These are the kinds of things we should use to measure fitness—when you push yourself to do just a little bit more—not the scale.