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Waiting to announce..

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Is anyone waiting awhile before announcing your pregnancy?

DH and I are thinking of waiting until we find out the gender(or get the 20 week scan, we're not 100% certain if we're finding out the gender or not yet..). I don't show with my pregnancies, so I'm not too worried right now about showing before hand :P

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We are waiting until at least 12 weeks to announce. 

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My best friend knows because she flat out asked me (she knew we were TTC). Ideally, I'd like to tell parents first, but my folks are on separate vacations until mid October. We will be in our second trimester then and not sure we can keep it from the rest of our friends that long. We'll see!

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Congrats everyone! We were going to wait until 8 weeks, but I was too excited and started telling close friends. Now we have to tell our huge family before they find out from other people!
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Congratulations everyone!  My DH would like to wait until 14 weeks, but I don't know if I can wait that long.  (I can totally relate to familycastle lol.gif)  My sister has all of my pregnancy books, and I want to find a midwife so I will have to tell some of my friends in order to get recommendations..... :)  I wonder how long I can hold out?  

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We wait until at least 12w sometimes longer. We are both older and wanted our CVS results to be returned before we announced. Note that DH would probably announce earlier if he had a choice. Me, I want the risk of early miscarriage over and the baby to be healthy and viable before I tell others.

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I guess we wait and don't wait, in a sense.  With my first PG (a loss around 6-10 weeks*), we told my parents/brother and BFF around 5.5 and 6.5 weeks and then told my extended families by proxy that I was PG and probably m/c around 8 weeks when we got the concerning u/s.  We had planned to just share the happy news at that time (Passover/Easter-- we decided not to go under the circumstances).


This time (I was lucky enough to get PG again pretty quickly), we waited a little longer.  Told my parents right away (3.5 w) and brother and BFF at 5.5 weeks, because they are really our support system.  We did wait until just this weekend (12.5 w) to tell anyone else-- DH's parents and siblings.  We will tell my grandmothers/extended families at 13.5 w and slowly tell other close friends and whatnot...  Probably won't "announce it to the world" (FB, coworkers) until more like 16 w. 


I don't feel like it's exactly because we had the loss that we're (sorta) waiting...  Like, not so much afraid of having to possibly "untell."  But we definitely felt less anxious/were less chomping-at-the-bit this time.  I don't think 12-13+ weeks seems like "waiting"-- but apparently a lot of people do tell earlier, and it has been a bit strategic on our parts, so I guess sorta-waiting.


I can totally understand waiting until 20+ weeks, though-- especially if you won't be showing!  I am not really showing yet, unless you know me REALLY well.  In fact, the way I'm built, I don't think the general public would guess for a while.  But by 20 weeks, I imagine I will be-- if not to the general public, then certainly to anyone who has met me before.  I guess we'll see, though!


I was surprised at how I kinda like/don't mind having a little "secret" though.  I am the kind of person who can't keep her mouth shut and tells the whole world her business, so surprised I haven't felt that anxious to tell.  It's a partial relief to be able to start discussing it openly and not have to hold my tongue about some things (and fake-drink), though.    



*Babe stopped growing around 6.5 weeks, we found this out, and that I might m/c around 8 w, confirmed at 9 w, m/c between 9-10.5 w.

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With #1: I told a couple of close family members and friends and let everyone else find out on their own...some of them ask when I was due and I was able to say "in 2 weeks".


With #2: It was the same but we didn't announce at all and people started asking at 16 weeks.


With #3: We waited until the 20 week scan to tell anyone but close friends and family.


This is #4...I'm going to wait as long as possible because I'd prefer to live in my own positive little bubble.

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We're waiting till 8 weeks and a little later. Since all our families are all over the place we'll be using the mail to tell them all. Sending our 8 wk scan the day we get it. Just hope my parents don't call his parents before they get their mail. hahahha! But i'm sure they'll call us first so I can tell them to wait. hahaha!

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We just announced yesterday (11 weeks). With DS we waited until about 16 weeks, because I started showing.

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Untelling sucks. We had to do that in May with my m/c. This time I am going to try to go as long as possible but I do show early being this is my 4th pregnancy, plus DH's best friend already knows because he kept pushing the issue of me not trying his alcoholic concoction that included Ever Clear, which is like 90% alcohol. I don't think he will tell anyone though. My in laws are a mile down the road from us and we see them usually 2-3 times per week so keeping it from them will be hard, but I don't really mind if they know early anyway. So I guess will keep it a secret until it finds a way to come out...

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I need loose clothing by 4-5 weeks usually, so everyone guesses if I don't tell. Then by 8-10 weeks, I'm in maternity wear or stretchy clothing, and again, it's really obvious. All of my babies have been right out front like beach balls. I have a very short secret time, and the babies I lost just had to be recognised; there was no way around it. 


I've always marveled at the pg-announcement etiquette practiced by so many (I agree, for very valid reasons, don't get me wrong :) ), because short of wearing my man's Irish fishing sweater and hunching over, there's just no chance I could hide it by 12 weeks, or TWENTY! That's amazing to me! :)

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We're still trying to hold it in (currently 5 weeks) from our family. I talked to my mom for the first time since we found out and it took everything for me not to tell her. Hubby is about to explode since he found out. Told our neighbors, and all the guys at work. Lol. I'm not letting him text or call his parents because he'd tell them. hahaha!

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I am not announcing to the world until .. TODAY ..lol.. it feels like i've been keeping this secret forever.   i am 16+1 and have an ultrasound & will hopefully find out the gender this afternoon and assuming everything is alright, i will go public .. i'm showing, so most local friends and family found out by about 14-15 weeks because i had a series of events where i saw a lot of people, and they could tell .. i waited until 16-17 weeks to officially announce when we found out the gender with my last pregnancy too..  and 20+ weeks with the one before that (pre-facebook, we announced in our christmas card)

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Because my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, I REALLY wanted to wait until around 12 weeks, at the earliest. Ugh, I WISH we could wait til later... But I am already gaining weight! I'm only five weeks right now and have only told my mom and best friend. The world won't know for a while. :) 

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