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How far into labour did your water break?

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Hello ladies,


I am 29 weeks into pregnancy with my second child and hoping for a Vbac this time around. My son was born via c-section after about 35 hours of labour (17 h in hospital, I went way too early but didn't know being a ftm), only got to 8 cm and then they told me my pelvis was too small and that I wasn't progressing fast enough. I was 11 days overdue when I went into labour, my water never broke on its own but they insisted they break it when I was about 4-5 sm dilated.


I have done a lot of reading since then and I realize that I should have stayed home longer and that I probably shouldn't have had my water artificially broken. I also stayed in the labouring tub for a few hours and after I got out my midwives told me I was in there too long (not until after the fact - thanks!)


My question is, when did your water break on it's own. How many hours in, how many cms dilated? I am nervous about how this next birth will go, if I will be overdue, if I will progress in labour this time. Any experiences shared would be appreciated!:)

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I'm not sure this is helpful, but I went in for a foley catheter induction at 40+5 at 11:30pm or so. I woke up at 1:45am with a huge gush and my first contractions, and that was how my labor started.  When I got to the hospital I was 3 or 4cm dilated already.


Good luck, mama, I hope this time around goes better for you!!

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Your mileage may vary! The water breaks at total random! I was one of those 10% whose water broke before she went into labour.

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With my first they broke my water, hoping to speed up my labor. (That didn't work). With my second, my water didn't break until I started pushing.

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So they didn't pressure you to break your water? I want to wait until mine breaks on its own this time and no induction for me because of the vbac. Thanks ladies for your input:)

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Were they trying to speed labor up or??? I've had it done twice, once during labor and once for induction which I was fine with, but just because it hasn't broke yet, uh no. Still hoping to get one in the caul someday...last two were close, they broke with crowning. #1 was a few hours before birth with a 36 hr labor and I don't remember with #4.

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Mine broke with crowning also. I went very late to the hospital with a fast labor (like I got to the hospital and had a baby in arms in <10 min)

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Mine broke when I started pushing. I was almost 42 weeks. It took me a VERY long time to dilate (2 days of "false" labor, plus a day and a half of "productive" contractions). I also got in my birth tub too early and I think that probably contributed to a longer labor. I had terrible back pain so I got in the birth tub when I was only 2 cms (I didnt know not to do that!), and stayed in there for a while. It helped my back feel better but I think it slowed down labor. At least we know for this time right? :) I am due with #2 in October and will not be getting in the tub until much later, I plan on taking more showers to relax instead. 

Best of luck with your VBAC!

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Originally Posted by callahansmama View Post

So they didn't pressure you to break your water? I want to wait until mine breaks on its own this time and no induction for me because of the vbac. Thanks ladies for your input:)


They didn't really pressure me either time. With my first, I mistakingly went to the hospital way to early. I was at 4 cm forever once I got there. They suggested breaking the water if I wanted to see if it would speed things up.


The second time, they never brought it up. I waited much longer to go to the hospital with that one. (My labors are really long). I got there at 8 cm and had the baby 4 hours later. I don't think they asked about breaking my water (not that I remember anyway). The hospital was great. One of the nurses even checked my dilation while I was laboring in the shower so I wouldn't have to get out.


If you don't want your water broken, just make sure it's in your birth plan, or tell someone that you don't want it broken.

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With my second baby my water never broke! She was born in the caul, amniotic sac perfectly intact. It was really cool. It was a water birth and I caught her myself, then right as I pulled her up out of the water one of my midwives broke the sac and pulled it off of her face so she could breathe.

If you don't break it artificially, there's always the chance it won't break--rare, but it happens, and is supposed to be a good omen for the child. smile.gif

ETA: I have a friend whose baby was also born in the caul, also underwater, but in the hospital. (Mine was at home.)
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I am not sure how dilated I was when my water broke! I was real stingy with the cervical checks :)  I know I was 5cm at 1am when I got settled in at the hospital, my water broke at 3:40am, I went straight into roaring transition, started pushing at 4, and baby was out at 4:20. I guess I was probably at 7-8cm when my water broke.  It's funny, I was in the tub but felt it very dramatically when it happened. It felt a little bit like a rubber band snapped from inside my abdomen. 

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With all 3 it broke before labor started. First one labor started 5 hr. after it broke. Second one I actually didn't realize it had broken until doctor told me at my appt. It was a hot sticky Aug. day and I had on a pad, just in case! LOL It was more of a dribble. Third one it broke and labor started immediately after.

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For both labors my water broke just before crowning.

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WIth #1, water broke, presumably, with full dilation.  It pretty much marked "Time to push!"   My contractions changed to urge-to-push surges.


With #2, I was laboring in the tub, thinking "hm, it feels better if I bear down a bit when the stabby back pain hits" and my water broke with a pop and she dropped immediately to crowning and basically fell out on the next contraction.

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With all three babies the bag leaked just at crowning. Two out of my three babies had the sac partially on their face as they emerged from the womb.
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With my first, second and fourth it broke while pushing. My third was born in the caul.

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I am a doula and currently studying to get my midwifery certification/license. I have attended over 100 births, and it is not unusual to have a birth where the membranes don't release until the baby crowns. In many Asian cultures a baby born with intact membranes is considered blessed. Having intact membranes makes labor less uncomfortable, one mom told me her labor was completely enjoyable! If you would like more information on "normal" I strongly recommend Dr. Sarah J. Buckley's book. In fact, it is the only book I require my birthing class to acquire. Whether you choose a V-BAC at home, a birth center, or a hospital, her book has factual data and statistics from peer-reviewed Journals. You can find the statistics for anything labor related. The best thing I learned in my doula training class was to teach parents how to let go and listen to their instincts. If you can filter the grains of truth from our overly media-tized culture and ask your self "Is this pertinent to me? my child? this birth?" and most importantly "Does this feel right? Does it ring true, for me?" you will be giving your self and your family the best gift possible: confidence in your ability to be a mother!

Hope this helps you, and more importantly I hope you have a Blessed and Gentle Birth this time around!  For info on Sarah's book you can check out her web-site: http://www.sarahbuckley.com/



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With my first, my (inexperienced) midwife broke my water when I was 10cm and had been pushing with no urge for over an hour. Three hours later, exhausted we transfered from the birth center to the hospital for what I believe was an unnecessary c-section. My second, homebirth, water broke right after transition when I was just starting to feel the urge to push.
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With my first, my water broke about 2 hours before contractions started (although it seemed like much longer when you are sitting around on wet towels waiting for something to happen!). I had just left a NST and I was grocery shopping at the time. I was 2-3cm dilated for two weeks prior to labour starting (and was still at 3cm when I was checked 4 hours after my water had broken).


With my second, he was born in the caul.

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With my first, my water broke then contractions started about 4 hours later. I had a cool OB who told me to just chill at home until contractions were 3 to 5 minutes apart, which wasn't until about 4:00 in the afternoon (water broke at around 7 a.m.)

I was induced with my second and the OB ( a different one) broke my water.

Cool to read about all the babies born en caul. redface.gif
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