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With my first, my water broke then contractions started about 4 hours later. I had a cool OB who told me to just chill at home until contractions were 3 to 5 minutes apart, which wasn't until about 4:00 in the afternoon (water broke at around 7 a.m.)

I was induced with my second and the OB ( a different one) broke my water.

Cool to read about all the babies born en caul. redface.gif
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My waters broke at 2am on his due date. Contractions started at 3:30.


My husband didn't believe me when I flipped on the light at 2am and declared that my water had broken. Until he saw that I was soaked, he was soaked, and the bed was soaked. smile.gif

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It broke while I was pushing at some point, I didn't know until asking my husband afterwards. Maybe my next will be in caul smile.gif I think it did help with making my labor more manageable for me, like I was in transition in the car on the way to the hospital I'm sure looking back, but I thought I wasn't nearly that far along at the time and was just being a bit of a wuss about the intensity of things. But yeah, as another poster said, it is about 10% who have water break prior to labor, most ladies their water breaks during labor and some it doesn't break until broken manually after birth smile.gif And I know I would be very hesitant to have my water broken manually during labor, I'd want very good reasons for it!
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Mine broke a few hours before I started having contractions. 

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First one, 24 hours in at 4cm's (stayed at 4cm from 12 hours in until 30 hours in, then progressed normally and he was born after 38hrs).

Second, it broke in 2 layers, the first at 9cm or so after 26 hours or so, the second layer during pushing, 27 hours in, at complete but with a lip as the midwife helped push the cervical lip aside (yes she got splashed). Much as I knew about birth I did not know your water could break twice with one baby.

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Mine broke within an hour of my 2nd son's birth, while I was in transition, in the birthing tub.


My daughter's was artificially broken as part of my induction :(

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With all three of mine, water broke when I was pushing!
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Originally Posted by MacKinnon View Post

With all three of mine, water broke when I was pushing!

thumb.gif  Did you baptize your attendants?

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First one, hospital mw broke it at 7cm before I got in labor tub (long story, grr). Second 2 born in the caul. love.gif

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there is no specific point during your labour when the water will break. It can be at the beginning or in the middle of it. No rules here.

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I don't know when my water broke. I was in the hospital with contractions coming every few minutes. I was told I was only 1cm dilated at that point, and I was so disappointed and in pain, I went to sit on the toilet in the bathroom (felt like having a BM). 30 minutes later, dd was born into the toilet. I know my water didn't break when she crowned. She slipped out right after crowning, and I had screamed in shock. Everything was hazy after that with the midwife and dh running in to check on the baby. I never did find out whether she was born en caul or not.

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Mine has always broke while pushing.  DS2 was breech and born in the caul.

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1st and 3rd baby my water broke when I was pushing, but with my second labor started after my water broke. So, yeah..it varies.

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My first, as others have said, had my waters broken to 'speed up the process' when I wasn't in full labor! (you only know after having 2 I say)

My second, I was 6 days late & BEGGING for them to break my waters & they didn't, just sent me home after a stretch & sweep (youch). Within in the hour I was back at hospital. 15 mins after that I was in full labor bellowing like a cow.... (quite hysterical the next day), & once I felt a drop you like a well, I guess babies head fall down into your 'cavity' My waters broke. & I smiled (or squealed with joy knowing I HAD DONE IT!!)

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Forgot to write I'd labored at home for 5 hours before the stretch & sweep. I am all for staying home until your body says to go. Otherwise the hospital puts your body off doing what it does best

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