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Newborn Diapers

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Has anyone cloth diapered from the start and NOT use prefolds? I just really, really dislike prefolds, but they are the diapers everyone recommends for the newborn stage. 

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Xs bum genius worked great for us. Workhorse fitteds from green mountain diapers work too.
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We used imse vimse contour diapers, they're nice, but maybe not great for heavy wetters. We also used kawaii pure&natural on the smallest setting and really like them, I hear they now carry bamboo diapers for newborns, wish we could have tried those too. I had a couple of flats that worked well; tried kissaluvs too, they're ok, but I didn't love them since the rise is too low.

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We used cloth right from the beginning. My faves for the first few weeks were the kissaluv 0s. Then we used size small Motherease Sandy's. I particularly liked their bamboo diapers.

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I am going to cloth diaper this baby from day one and our stash has no prefolds. (i really don't mind prefolds, but i got good deals on fitteds and prefer them so that's what i ended up with). we have 12 newborn workhorse fitted diapers from green mountain diapers (they just had a huge sale and are sold out of them at the moment, but will be re stocking them with the new version in the next few weeks. and they were amazing to work with! LOVE GMD!!) and i bought 16 kissaluv 0's used. we also bought 2 thirsties duo wraps and will be buying 3 blueberry mini coveralls in the next two weeks. I love AIO's and pocket diapers.. but for the newborn stage they are really expensive and wont last very long.. so i opted not to buy many of them.


if you decide to try kissaluvs check their outlet store on their site for seconds. there were some good deals there- the aio's were only 10$ :)

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I'll be reusing our sized fuzzi bunz from the last kid but we didn't use cloth for newborns. This time we are.


So far I have 22 kissaluvs 0 from a friend (the other much mentioned newborn option) plus some covers


Might get a couple of pockets as well.

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I don't like prefolds either.  We mainly use Kissaluvs 0 with covers for the first several weeks in particular, then switch over to BumGenius OS pockets.  

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