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I need some real advice please!

I am 25 years old, have only been pregnant 1 time before and miscarried at 5-6 weeks about a year ago. 

My cycle is 28 days, every month and maybe every once in awhile 1 day late. Not so often though. 

June I charted all my symptoms because I though I was pregnant but started my period on the 18th of July so I thought...TRY AGAIN!

To my surprise my cycle only lasted about 3 days when normal is 5 days, WHY?


Now I am set to start on the 15th of the month and low and behold its the 17th and no sign of AF. I have lower back pains, sore nipples and they have been getting worse since the 15th. 


TMI but I have white milky cm when I go to check my cervix.(only checked today) 


should I wait a couple of days or go get a test?

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I would take a test.  Then you'll have an answer to at least one of the questions that's driving you nutz.  Good luck!

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I'm going to wait it out one more day then take a test, If i don't get AF by Sunday.


Do you think, If I am pregnant its from July or after I had my last period?

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My guess would be that you could be pregnant from this past month, not earlier in July.  A blood test and/or ultrasound could give you a better idea. 

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So just so I have a little knowledge...

If I DD'd on the 28th of July...


that could have been when i conceived?

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It depends on when you ovulated.  Sperm can live in your body for a few days before you ovulate and you could have conceived a couple days afterwards.

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thanks for your help pokey

I'm such a worry wart, i dont want to stress my self out. 

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You're welcome.  I totally understand being anxious about wanting to know what the heck is going on with your body.  It drives me crazy too!  The waiting can be awful!  I hope you get some happy news on Sunday!  dust.gif

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I'm not sure but I was wondering.... just this morning my lymph nodes on my neck swelled up, it hurt so bad I could barely turn it. I don't feel sick really but could this have something to do with AF being late....fixing to be 3 days now. 


how can i tell anything from my cervix?

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last night i woke up to pee like 6 times...very unusual for me. i went to town today n bought me 2 $$ store pregnancy test. im nervous about taking one because i have to use the dropper. its now 3 days late.... i really want this to be the one.

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That sounds promising!  Any word?

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i took a test saturday came back negative. but yet still no sign of af. I'm now 5 days late. last night i tried to touch my cervix and got a little spot of pinkish blood in my nail tip but nothing today! 

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