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Hi Ladies,


I had my first baby at 40 and had the mirena (non hormonal) in for 6 years. I fell pregnant almost immediately and gave birth to a son. Soon after I had the hormonal mirena inserted. I am now 43 had the mirena removed. Sadly, I found out that my mullerian levels are low. I am going on treatment for 3 months. Do the mirena cause infertility?  Two of my friends had their last born at 43, I pray I am blessed with another.


I never got married, I worked from the day I finished school as I had not any back up financially or in education. I am now well on my feet and only now do I have the funds to have children. Live is what it is, and we all have a diffrent journey to take.

I am writing to you ladies, I need to comfort myself and realize that age is a concern. Ladies do not wait to long.

Love Pennie 

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yes you can get pregnant after the mirena has been out for about 6 months but i do think it cause problems with keep a pregnancy i have only had one baby since get it removed and have had 4 lost with my new dh we have been try so hard to have a baby i had the mirena put in when i was24 because my dh at the time did not wont anymore kids well it came out and i did not go back to have it put back in that is how i got pregnant with my last son but i had a lot of problems with the pregnancy with him and he was born 2 and a half months early to so yes you can get pregnant but is it easy no it is hard or it has been for me me and the dh has been talking about use some herbs to get my reproductive styem back the way  it was before i got the mirena i would try and get your clyce back to the way it was before you got the mirena

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