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Anyone else with twins?

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I just found out @ 9 weeks that I am carring twins!  It was a bit of a shock, but now i'm finding the implications staggering... Bed rest, supplies and clothes, oh my!


I was already read the riot act by a rotating nurse that because my BMI was so high I was going to be treated as high risk and I will need to do the glucose test at week 12 and 20, and at the end they where going to do an ultrasound every week, along with nutritional counciling.  So what does having twins mean? Will I deffinately deliver early and will I be put on bed rest? Has anyone gone through this before? It will be about a month until my next appointment. 


I know a lot of these questions are situational, but what about clothing? Did you go up a size in pants?

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Wow! Congrats, but I know you're still in shock. I don't have any direct advice on twins for you, but I had a friend who had twins a few years ago and she was absolutely fine during the entire pregnancy. She was not on bedrest and had a very healthy pregnancy. 


I'm sorry you had such a negative experience with the nurse. Hopefully your OB can explain what to expect to you in a little more calm terms. I would do the nutritional counseling just for your own knowledge. If you do have high glucose and/or BP, it can be treated with changes in diet and activity and isn't an automatic bed rest sentence.


I think most twins deliver a little early basically due to lack of room in the womb. But, most are still considered "to term" even if they come a bit early. I'm sure this will also depend on how your appointments go.


My suggestion overal would be to simply treat this as a single pregnancy to get started with. Focus on healthy eating. Here's a great site that explains the good components of a healthy pregnancy diet and also addresses carrying twins: Dr. Brewers Pregnancy Diet. You might also look into attending a Dr. Sears LEAN Expectation workshop series if there is one near you (or you can do some online). It has some wonderful & basic advice on achieving healthy nutrition and general wellness during pregnancy. As for clothes -- we're all going to get bigger  orngbiggrin.gif. You'll just probably get a little bigger than those of us carrying single babies. I wouldn't worry too much about your size after birth. As long as you have a healthy pregnancy, the weight that you gain during pregnancy will come off fairly easily. 


Good luck. I'm sure your head is reeling right now. Hopefully someone can give some better "been there, done that" info for you. 

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Thanks!  I'll check it out!  I'm not worried about my figure after, more like planning for the months ahead. I'd rather wear baggy maternity clothes now, then buy two sets, you know what i mean?

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Hi Sekenamoon!

Please come join us in the pregnant with twins thread in the parenting multiples forum:

I am now 24 weeks pg with twin boys, so I can't claim experience as to what may happen later in the pregnancy, but there are a lot of twin mamas that have already delivered and those further along than I am that might be able to answer your questions. So far so good with me, I'm still working full time (3 12 hour shifts per week) and not on bedrest, although I know that may end up happening further along if I'm not able to tolerate it. One book that I have found helpful is "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads - Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy" by Dr. Barbara Luke. It has a lot of helpful information regarding diet as well as recipes and meal plans that I found to be useful.

As far as maternity clothes I am still wearing some of my pre-pregnancy pants (unbuttoned with a belly band), but I think I'll be ready to move into maternity pants/shorts within the next 2 weeks or so. I bought maternity shirts in my pre-pregnancy size though starting at 12 weeks because mine were definitely getting too short, and all of them still have plenty of room to grow, but that may not last the duration of the pregnancy.

Hope that helps a little - congratulations on your twins!
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Congrats to you! I will find out either way at my u/s Wednesday! I'm always a bit nervous in each pregnancy since fraternal twins run in my side of the family (my grandfather was a fraternal twin). My understanding is my chances are not as high as if my grandmother had been the one- or my mother, but men can pass it to their female offspring- as evidenced by my father's brother, whose daughter (my cousin) had fraternal twins also.


On one hand I would be tickled if it were two, on the other I have so many high risk issues in pregnancy already, that I'm not sure my body could handle it! Eeek!

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Me. I'm 12 weeks with monoamniotic/monochorionic identical twins.

I'm so sorry Sekenamoon. I probably would've sat there through her whole dissertation and then said, "You know what? I'd like to schedule an abortion, right now." Of course, I'd be being sarcastic, but it's like gee thanks, but what can I do about it NOW? Yeah, I was also overweight when I got pregnant. (And, have actually lost 10 pounds so far, not because I'm trying, just because I don't feel like eating!) Luckily, no one's been rude about it so far. Yes, I should've been lighter when I got pregnant, but we're here now, so let's deal with what we have.

My kind of twins are a difficult situation. I know I'll have a scheduled C section at 32-34 weeks (if I make it that long). And, I'll be on constant in patient monitoring from 24-28 weeks. I know they'll be a NICU stay and I'm finding out more info on that. And, what about breastfeeding preemies? What about co-sleeping with preemies?

Oh wait, I'm not answering any of your questions. I think my silly point is that we're all in this together and we'll just take it one step at a time. You can do it.
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ifnotnowwhen - Thanks! I will do that! Xerxella, you should too! Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's head is spinning! Just keep positive, and take it easy. NO INTERNET RESEARCH. LOL, I wish I had the guts to say that to her!  Honestly, I didn't leave there crying, that stuff just seems to go in one ear and out the other, and I won't be seeing her again, anyways. It just made me wonder what's going to happen next, because it's a major hospital, so I don't think they're chill on a lot of things. But it means more ultrasounds - (you'll have me beat there, for sure!)



Naturalmomma - yea! good luck at the ultrasound! keep us posted! You'll do great if it is twins, they'll take good care of you and you'll have lots of family resources!

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Hey sekenamoon!

I am 10 wks pregnant with twins! I am due March 19th but thats if I go 40 wks. I just found out a week ago and I havent seen my doctor yet since I found out. I cant wait to see him in Sept. I have so many questions to ask him like: Does he want to do a C-section automatically or wait and see if a vaginal birth is an option? Will I more than likely have to go on bed rest? and so many more. I am still in shock!

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Sass - Welcome to MDC!!!!!!


How did you find out you were having twins?
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