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Ok, ok, I *know* this can be totally normal and not a sign of anything bad... but I can't help but feel extremely anxious about it! I am 8 weeks 5 days and last night had a fair amount of brownish/pink spotting on the TP.  It's not from sex because I have been working really wacky shifts and just too tired for it. My first OB appt and u/s is Wednesday and I will feel so much better to see everything is OK.


With my second pregnancy, I had bright red bleeding- enough to soak a pad- at around 9 weeks, and everything was just fine. So  obviously I've btdt, it just wish I had more reassurance that everything was fine. I have never had dramatic pregnancy symptoms with any of my pregnancies and so it's hard to point to something that reassures me. (Not that I want to throw up my toenails, but ykwim?)


Anyone else in the same boat?

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May be call your midwife, just to ask her opinion? If I saw any kind of spotting/bleeding thats the first thing I would do.


Good luck!

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Ugh, I m so sorry. Spotting can be totally normal, but I know that doesn't help until you know that it is. When I had spotting with my second pregnancy, I called my midwife and they gave me an ultrasound that day. Can you try that? Keep us posted!
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I could call Monday- there's really no point this weekend, and I can't go to the ER because I work there and they don't know I'm pregnant yet! (What a position to be in, eh?) But, I haven't had any spotting since, and I'm quite sure they would tell me to rest and call back if I had bright red blood. I'm just trying to be patient... I know I'll have my u/s Wed, which isn't really that far off. Of course, if it gets worse between now and then I'll ask them to bump it up. The other tricky part is, we just moved to the area and there isn't anyone to watch the boys if DH and I go together (which I wouldn't want to go to an appt like that alone). They don't know I'm pg yet either, we are waiting until we are sure it's a sticky bean. Sigh. This may be something my body is prone to do, since it happened last time, too. That time, they suggested I had a very vascular cervix- some tissue on the outside that was very prone to bleeding but wasn't there for every woman. If we'd been having sex recently I'd peg that as the culprit, but I'm just left guessing...

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