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Natural Sunscreen?

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I have not used sunscreen yet on my 4 month old. I am allergic to sunscreen, even "natural" and "organic" ones, so I fear my child will have the same allergic reaction. I read that because the active ingredient in diaper rash cream is Zinc, it is just as good, if not better than actual sunscreen. I'm wondering if any other mommas have tried this as a sunscreen alternative? I read another article about how a study showed that Zinc Oxide *may* cause the deterrioration of skin cells when exposed to direct sunlight. This worried me a bit, but the study did not 100% gaurantee that zinc in fact caused this, as they had not ran more studies yet.


What types of natural sunscreens do you use on yourself & your baby?

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For any age but especially under 6 months, I favor preventative measures like shade, lightweight clothing, UV-blocking umbrellas, etc. I don't think I would use diaper rash cream as sunblock, especially since anything you put on a baby's skin ends up in the mouth!
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Hmm.  I am allergic to chemical sunscreens, but not the mineral ones.  I try to stay covered (with light cotton longsleeves, long skirts, etc.) but there are times when covering up isn't convenient.  I am also a pale redhead with lots of family history of skin cancer, so I can't just go au naturel, either.  I really hate how the mineral sunscreens leavde a chalky residue, too. 


I have read that some carrier oils can give limited sun protection, including sweet almond, avocado, jojoba, and sesame.  You could also ramp up your summer use of anti-oxidants to counter sun damage that IS done.

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I use Kukui oil-it is a natural Hawaiian oil with a limited SPF-but it smells great and I have never had a burnt baby-and we are in the sun a lot!  We also try to use natural preventative measures as described previously.  

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Shea butter has some UV-blocking properties.  UVNatural is the brand I buy because it is oil-based, not water-based, and thus doesn't need preservatives.


Really, though, for my red-headed son, we basically keep Coolibar in business.  I much prefer UV clothing over sunbock, however natural it may be.

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