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hey, Jude!

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he's here!

water broke at midnight, contractions started around 1 at about 5 mins apart. called my midwife's backup who was on call this week around 4am when contractions jumped from 5 mins to 2 mins apart. got to the Birth Center and started filling the tub. labored in the water for a while, intermittent external monitor on the fetus, occasional blood pressure monitoring for me, the student midwife and the backup midwife called my midwife around 9am and told her that my contractions were strong and steady but that I was still laughing and joking between them so they thought it would be a while longer. she said she would be there at 10, but I was already pushing by then! Jude Sebastian was born at 10:12am 8/18/2012 in the water, 37w+3d. 6lbs 14oz 19in. My midwife is one of my closest friends and she was beyond bummed to have missed the actual birth, but she relieved the other midwives and hung out with me all day.

Jude has a really great latch and I can hear him suck-suck-swallow all that colostrum! we are home now and doing great!!
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Congratulations mama! Welcome to the world, Jude!   


Sounds like a wonderful birth!!

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Wonderful! Welcome Jude! Enjoy your babymoon!

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Yay, congratz to you and welcome to baby Jude! joy.gif

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AWESOME!!! So happy for you and Jude!!!

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Congratulations!!!  Welcome to the outside world, Jude!

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Congratulations! Happy to hear about such a NORMAL birth =D Welcome to our world, Jude!!
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Everything sounds like it went so smooth - love the name Jude.  Can't wait to see pictures.

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Congratulations!  What a lovely birth!

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congratulations!!!!  how exciting :)  Welcome, Jude!

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Left is Jude, born today. Right is Phoenix, born 2009. they are both just a few hours old in their pics.
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Congrats!!!!! What beautiful babies!!! What a great birth!

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Congratulations, mama!  I simply adore his name!!  Snuggle him up and love on him and all his newborn deliciousness for all of us still waiting ;)

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Aww, Jude! What a beautiful story, and a beautiful baby. Congrats, Madi. smile.gif
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Omg..so happy for you. Congratulations.
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Awww! That sounds amazing! Congrats, mama! 

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joy.gif Wonderful! joy.gif

What a great birth story, and what a precious baby. Congrats, mama!
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Congratulations, Madi!  Jude is beautiful!! Welcome.gifJude Sebastian!

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Congratulations to all of your family!

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Congratulations!! That sounds like a wonderful birth. Welcome to the world, gorgeous Jude!

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