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Proper way to request a transfer

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My dh and I would like to move our family quite a ways away from where we are.  His company has about a million branches where we want to go and he loves his company, so he'd like to transfer.  Unfortunately, his boss is a complete jerk.  Dh knows that if he goes to his boss and asks for a transfer, it'll be less than 6 months before he's let go from his current position even if the transfer didn't go through. (A bit of background: dh's company operates in regions and he would be transferring out of his boss' region.  Dh feels that boss man would be insulted b/c most people, especially managers, which my dh is, stay at their offices for 15 years +.)


Is there a "proper" way to go above boss man's head to make something like this happen?  We have no idea the level of communication between regional managers, so no way to know if it would get back if we went directly to the new region's manager.  The only person above the regional managers is the CEO, I believe.  Right now, dh's plan is for me to find a job there and then go to the boss, sheepishly, and say "We're so sorry, Mandy has accepted a position in Washington and we have to move."  And that's a fine plan I guess, but it just means it'll be about a year before we go if I can get a job (I'm a teacher and it is really too late to get a teaching job).

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I think your DH is right, there are not a lot of ways to be "obligated" to move; the only two I can think of would be spouse getting a job, or aging parents needing assistance in another area of the country. Any chance the latter might work for you? Or any other family member who "needs" you in another part of the country? 

ETA: this based on experience in the federal government and private industry

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Can he watch for  openings in the place you want to live and then apply for them.


Is there a HR department he can talk to?

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No family.  No HR.  No way to look for openings.  His company is really unique in that even though he's a manager, the shop he's at basically operates like he owns it.  His boss is in Nebraska (we're in Arkansas) and has practically no say in the day to day stuff.  So the hiring is usually done on a district basis only.  He knows about openings in his district (Arkansas, Georgia, Nebraska, Kansas) but has no information on any other district and that information isn't made public.  They have a trainee program where they pull new managers, so no need to ever advertise those positions.


*sigh*  Guess I will have to find a job first.

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Well, there's always him applying for some other job where you want to live! Maybe he'll find something he likes better? Or get paid more? Or both?


Good luck!!

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He loves his current company, though.  He's super loyal.  It may be because he gets a huge profit sharing check every March (usually over 100% of his yearly salary, which is pretty crappy, but to get it all in one check is awesome). LOL

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Maybe go to his boss first and then immediately reach out to the boss of his new area? That way he did let his boss know and now he's just showing initiative in getting a new position? I would make sure for jerk boss to have some reasons beyond "Eh, we just feel like moving." even if you have to stretch the truth a bit. You don't have to tell him everything, just whatever will stroke his ego that obviously your DH would much rather work for jerkboss forever, but moving is just going to have to happen. Not sure if that helps, but that is how I handle jerk people who are in positions of authority over me smile.gif
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