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I signed up for the home health agency in town and was hired on the spot; but they have not yet had any daytime shifts open up. Since it is back to college time for a lot of folks, there might be a few CNA's that drop their shifts for classes!

I've looked into having an in home daycare but since I rent I can't have a licensed one without my landlords approval. I am working on getting approved by the county to watch only one family's kids which would be minimum wage but if it were for enough hours it would be worth it!

Oh and my kids have been so happy this week! My daughter goes on and on about how she can't wait to do a full day at school like everyone else, there only there for a half day while I keep job searching. My son barley cries when I drop him off and I can hear him stop before I get out of the building. I think it is best for them to be back there for now.