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Hubby is wanting to follow his passion

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but it won't put food on the table. We unschool our boys and we want them to see that loving life can continue when you are grown up. My hubby is stuck in a job field that he is good at, but doesn't really like much. So, I guess I'm asking is how do we pursue his passion yet have money to eat with? TIA!

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Where there's a will, there's a way?


Can you make a gradual transition? Maybe start some sort of home business, while still keeping the job, then cut back on hours or days. Combine frugal living with alternate money sources. I think if we knew a little about your husband and your interests and skills, maybe we could suggest transitional steps.

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My husband wants to be a farmer, but he makes really good money as a computer programmer. Until we figure out how to save up money for land/space/equipment and all that to make it a sustainable pursuit, he works on a small organic farm one or two days a week. He doesn't really make any money, but it feeds his soul and we get a lot of free veggies. He transitioned out of working at a company to working for himself so that he would have the flexibility to do this. 


I agree, we want to teach our children that you can follow your passions. But it's also super important to teach our children how to make sure your needs  - and those of your family - are met!

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Might I ask what his passion is? Maybe that could help to determine. It seems there's a way to make a living doing whatever you like, just have to think outside the box. Or do you mean you won't make enough to support your lifestyle b/c that's a different story!


I guess in a way we're lucky that we're considered quite poor by american standards...we live off my hubs income of less than 30k/year. I feel like we have plently though! It will be a much easier transition when it comes time for him to quit his job. We want to get land, grow and raise foods to sell and for ourselves.

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