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Not a minimalist yet...

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but I'm working on it. I grew up with parents that saved EVERYTHING!!!! And I am trying to break the habit. It's really hard for me, too, because I'm unschooling and you never know when a kid will be interested in something. So, I'm gonna enjoy this group to get some helpful tips on being able to life a free life at home without all the stuff!!

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Well, welcome to the group! (: 


I wouldn't say that being a minimalist is getting rid of "almost everything you own" but I think it's more about truly only having what you use and need. Something that fits your comfort level. (: I was unschooled too and my mother had basic art supplies at home for DIY projects pertaining to what we wanted to learn on, but everything else came from the library. 


Good luck changing your lifestyle!!! I hope you enjoy the new simple life. (: 

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Hi :) I'm definitely not a minimalist yet, and I think there are many more like us here in this group. But that's why we are here, to try to get closer to that goal! We are going to unschool too and I am finding the same thing hard. Mostly holding onto books that are for "some day." I think Anya is right, the library (and internet) will suffice. Especially since we have both a public library here and a university one that anyone can use. I think I'll go take a second look at our bookshelf now:)

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Hi there!

I am new to this group!!

I grew up in a house that everything was hand-me-down/multi-purpose/save for a rainy day, so lots of stuff filling space. 

When I was away at college I reduced down to essentials, and then slowly after years of marriage, I had become an accumulator!!!  

Two years ago, I decided to let go of the "extra" and I am still at it.  

Nice to be around some kindred spirits!

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