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EWW! Dead mouse, baby found it first

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I am soooo horrified. Stupid cats killed a mouse and brought it inside last night, and the baby (9m) found it first. And yes, he did what babies do when they find things on the floor. he didn't have it long. He was playing in the living room and crawled off to the kids room, which is where he found it. I went after him and he pulled it out of his mouth right then. Are there any immediate health concerns I need to worry about? (let's just say the poor thing didn't die of internal injuries. It wasn't pretty) rabies comes to mind but I don't know how likely that is that the mouse was infected, or if it can be contracted orally?

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Sorry. I personally, wouldn't be too worried about it. It was a fresh kill. It's just like any other animal. If you'd let your LO touch a hamster or a bunny, think of it that way. But yeah, ick.
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Weird, I didn't get a notification of the reply. But yeah, you do have sort of a point. It was "fresh". we love animals and petting zoos, and he's gotten a mouthful of kitten fur many times! The real "ick" is.. this was not an "intact" mouse!! I wouldn't be thrilled about letting him put raw meat in his mouth :/ I briefly googled for diseases that could be spread from rodents to humans, ended up on a CDC site, but within a minute or 2 left because that was only going to freak me out! 

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OMG ugh!! I think I'd call the doctor just to make sure, and watch for diahrrea. When he is dating you can use this story :)

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i would put the mouse in the freezer, just in case you need it for some type of testing, and i would call the local health officials and ask them, they might n=know anything that is particular to your area.

other than that i would take a long deep breath and know that most of the time humans are really strong creatures and we can get thru most things just fine.

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