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How do you do it with little kids at home?

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Long story short, how do you make it work as a doula, midwife assistant or midwife if you have young children at home?

  I've had the bug off and on for several years to be a doula or midwife assistant but never pursued anything because it just didn't feel poosible with little kids.  I have a 4 yr old and 18mo old now.  I work outside the home 3 days a week, but if I could easily drop that job if I had income from a birthing job.  But my husband works Mon-Fri 7-3, and his work hours/schedule are not flexible.  And I always think if I had to leave for a birth during the night, what do I do?  I know a lot of women manage this, so I'd love to hear some input on how you all accomplish it, what you've found works for you!

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Bumping for input. Anyone?

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Send kids to day care? Full time nanny?

This is what mom who work outside home usually do.

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I would love to know because I'm a trained doula but no experience. We moved here right before we gave birth so no friends or family nearby. My husbands work schedule is unpredictable and he travels a lot. Daycare or nanny doesn't make sense since I wouldn't need it everyday just ocassionally when I get the call. So its not the same as what other working mothers would do.

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you get a nanny or day care and build up your career. 


Sometime you have to invest first, if you want returns.


I mean, how would you take on clients right now if you have no day care?

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I did find a few resources on my own to give me some ideas.  I agree with you that daycare is not ideal, I need someone who will take my kids on short notice, most and hour of the day :)

I found care.com, it looks like a great resource for babysitters.  I found a few women very close to me who offer short notice babysitting.  And the website does criminal and background checks....

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We have five children, aged 11, 8, 6, 5 and 2 months. It's a lot of juggling, but it's worth it for me.


I'm a student midwife and am apprenticing at a local birth center. I'm at the birth center all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays for appointments, homework, etc. I was there today from 8:30am-7:50pm. I also have other things that come up, like going to classes, births, peer review and birth center events. Tomorrow, I'm staffing a booth for the birth center at the state fair. I'll be taking my two youngest with me and a friend will have the older three.


Luckily, the baby goes with me all the time, so I haven't had to deal with pumping yet and I am able to have him around. We have a girl from our church who watches the kids from 8-5 Tuesday and Thursday. Dh has them in the evenings when I'm not home.

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