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I might be pregnant, but I really don't know?

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In advance, I apologize for the really long post!!


My boyfriend and I had sex May 14th, and I ended up having a late period the week of June 4th. We later had sex towards the end of the month of June, possibly anywhere from the 28th-30th. We have always used a condom. I had random bleeding multiple times in July, and a seemingly normal period if I recall correctly. I have also had random bleeding around the last week of July/ first week of this month, then I had a weird period just last month. Basically, I was bleeding light colored blood, I didn't need a pad but would occasionally spot on my underwear. Nothing that wouldn't wash out, though.

Now, I've still yet to experience a normal period.

A few weeks after May 14th, I began to have a few pregnancy symptoms: cravings, insomnia, breast tenderness, missed 1 period, bloating, cramping, moodiness. I just couldn't get enough to eat! I might of had morning sickness. When I got my period, it stopped. But soon after, I started eating so much. I must have gained at least 10-11 pounds. (I was 134, now I'm 145) It's been extremely uncomfortable to lay on my stomach, I've been getting short of breathe easily, my nipples look a bit bigger and discolored, and I have a few veins around them that have popped up. I've had bad heartburn that I've never had before this. I've been having severe headaches, too. And for some reason, I've been getting dizzy easily lately.


I took a pregnancy test at a friends house about 2 hours ago, and it showed a negative line, but with an EXTREMELY very very faint line of positive. I took a cheapo Equate one. I plan on getting the Clear Blue digital test tomorrow.

I was reading an article (http://www.babycenter.com/400_is-it-possible-to-still-have-your-period-while-you-are-pregn_835182_195.bc) and honestly, now I'm worried.

My eating has slowed down, but my weight is showing, and I can't fit my pants anymore. I've had to go up to a size 9 from a size 7, and I've gained atleast 3 inches on my waist. I don't know if it's weight gain from eating, but I run a mile about 5 times a week, dance, etc. I'm just not sure what's going on. I'm sorry for such a long post. If I am pregnant, I'd either be 7 or 14 weeks. It just depends which time I got pregnant. I'd just like some reassurance before I go to the store tomorrow. Please help?

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well i would go get the test you could be or some thing else might be wrong too and i would go see your doctor too if i was you

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Did you test again? What was the outcome?
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