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DD "in love with" babysitter

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Hi.  we've recently gotten our first male babysitter (someone DD had as a camp counselor this summer at the local park).  


I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this, but DD is "in love" with him.  I'm not sure how to handle it either with her and him.  He's a really sweet guy so hopefully she'll pick someone just as nice as he is in about 15 years from now.  (she's 5 1/2).  


any advice on how to approach the situation with her and him.  



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how old is your dd? 3?


i am not sure what your problem is? i need more clarification coz i have no idea what 'in love' means in babysitting terms.


why are you objecting? because he's a guy?


having said that i would be in high heaven if my dd LOVED her babysitter so much instead of having to deal with a crying child. 


or is she 5 and has a crush on him? 


i would say use that to your advantage. maybe she'll complete her chores to impress him. 

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Aww, I think it's kind of sweet!  I'm sure she's just experimenting with the concept.  I am pretty sure that all kids that age have those sorts of feelings, but many probably don't label it as such.  When my older son was around four one of the moms in our little group of friends hired a nanny that all of the kids had a crush on in one way or another.  They all just wanted to be around her as much as possible.  It was such a treat for them!  There wasn't really anything romantic and certainly not sexual about it, but I swear they all got a twinkle in their eye talking about her. 


Since then, my older has never admitted to any "crush" type feelings (and we go out of our way not to push that on him, of course) but there have definitely been a couple of girls over the years that he has talked animatedly about, in a way that is just different than when he's talking about his other friends.  One of them was probably at its peak when he was about six, I think.  They are still great friends and very sweet together, but I don't think that HE has ever labeled it as any kind of boy/girl thing.  


I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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Thanks.  yes. I guess a better way to describe it is a "crush".  She tells us (and him) she wants to marry him, etc.  She talks and talks about what they are going to do.  


I've never had an opposite sex person watch her so part of it might be a bit of fear around that.  But she asked if he could babysit her so I went with it.  


good to hear your experience Jayne.  

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