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It would still be very possible for me to get pregnant if I don't have any actual EWCM this cycle, right? For some reason I haven't had any, but I have had a LOT of "watery," especially yesterday. I felt like a faucet. (I usually do have some by now, but for some reason it's not showing up and I anticipate O today.)

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Oh, StudyingStones - so, so sorry. That's so unfair. hug2.gif


Dakipoke - you didn't offend me at all! I just couldn't figure out what was funny. smile.gif

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StudyingStones - So, so sorry for what you're going through. Big hugs from the Prairies hug.gif
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Originally Posted by LittleKind View Post

twilightjoy my first symptom with my son was falling asleep in the car while my husband drove us home for dinner. My son was a surprise so it wasn't until my bfp that I learned fatigue is a big sign, haha. I worked full time and it was hard!! Eating well, taking a brisk midday walk, and sleeping 11 hours a night (8 to 7!) got me through. I am afraid of nausea because I have a weak tummy. The things we'll go throujgh for the little ones!

Thanks for the advice! hug.gif I'm making a mental list- eat well, midday walk, and sleep lots at night!

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I worked FT at a desk job during my first pregnancy, 40 mins away. I would still manage to get in catnaps -- sometimes I would go to my car during lunch and get a power nap. Other times, I would hide in an empty office and lay down (I would leave the door open but hide under the desk!). It's totally legitimate to have 10 minute breaks from time to time, though of course I wouldn't advertise it!

yeahthat.gif  I don't remember being insanely tired, but I was definitely more tired than usual. And I also took catnaps under my desk with the door open. Sometimes I would just eat at my desk while working and then spend my lunch break napping there. My girlfriend at work and I would say I was "pulling a George Costanza." (Anyone else remember that episode?)

I don't have an office, just a cubicle, but I can totally see myself booking a conference room to go lay down for 20 min or something. lol.gif

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I'll come back and read everyone's posts later, but I am bummed as AF came this weekend greensad.gif So please move me to Waiting to O Thanks again for all the support, I'm sure I'll need it this cycle as well. Going to take a break for a few days I think and then I will catch up with everyone.

hug.gif Quinalla. I hope your time away is just the peace you need for next month to be the one! See you soon!

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How do you ladies get the tiny chart icon by your name that links to your FF?

You ask our threadkeeper very nicely to link to it, and she will. smile.gif To find your link, click here:
http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ttc/homepage_module.php?action=GetCode and it should say at the top. For example, mine says:

Your Charting Home Page Web Address:

Change URL || Add Password || Preview || Get Sharing Code/Buttons

Originally Posted by lenny1027 View Post

It would still be very possible for me to get pregnant if I don't have any actual EWCM this cycle, right? For some reason I haven't had any, but I have had a LOT of "watery," especially yesterday. I felt like a faucet. (I usually do have some by now, but for some reason it's not showing up and I anticipate O today.)

Hmm, not sure. I'd say EWCM is BEST, but that it's still possible. If I think about pre-seed lube, it probably resembles watery, not EW, right?
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lenny do you check at your cervix or your toilet paper and underwear? Sometimes the fluid that travels is more watery but its actually a different story around the cervix. Also if you dtd you might mistake ewcf for ahem his fluid.
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I don't think I ever officially joined this thread, but I will now. I thought maybe I was on the tww, but I got AF today. I'm a little disappointed, but not really surprised because I haven't been trCking my cm or temps or anything, and I just had my iud removed on July 12. So I don't even know if I O'd lthis month.

So, I welcome this period as an opportunity to gather the information that will hopefully lead to a bfp next cycle.
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TwlightJoy, thanks!


Kitteh, sorry to hear that AF has arrived, though I think you have a great attitude about it. That is the position I have been trying to take when AF comes. Trying


AFM, I have been checking "inside" for my CM, and it's definitely just been super duper wet, not stretchy. But I did look in the TCOYF book at the color photos of "examples," and it has been what Toni Weschler counts as EWCM -- she doesn't have a separate Watery category like FF does. It was like what she characterized as "slippery but not stretchy." My cervix was waaaaay up there the day before yesterday and almost as much yesterday too, and now my temp has gone up perceptibly (though not like a rocket; it never does right away), so I'm fairly positive yesterday was O day and I think we have a good shot at a BFP because we timed BD right on.


That being said, please move me to Waiting to Know.

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Studying Stones, I am so so sorry. Big hugs. xx

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waiting to be ready

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Can someone tell me how to post a link to my chart on ff? That feels like a really stupid question, but my chart only pops up and isn't on its own page - so what link do I post to show you my chart?

If you send me the link to you FF chart then I can easily add it to your listing on the main page. 


Originally Posted by StudyingStones View Post

Hey ladies, just a quick update.
I found out today that my husband has been cheating on me. This is not the first time, and I am officially done with him.
Mayday, please remove me from this thread. I wish all you ladies the best of luck.

I am so sorry to hear this and can't imagine the pain that you're going through right now. I am sending many prayers your way. I will keep doing this thread until someone else volunteers to take it over. I wish you peace as you move on to this next chapter.

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Maydaymom Thanks! Here is the link, since I don't know how to PM you: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/255e4c


It's a nice little chart this month if I do say so myself, and I'm feeling hopeful.

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Oh my goodness!!!! I tested this morning, although WAY too early (8dpo) - didn't see any lines pop up immediately (as they did when I tested with my prior two kiddos) - so I left them in the trash. Went back and peeked (don't we all do that? LOL) - and there were DARK lines (I used two brands at once with FMU). Not trusting that they weren't evap lines - pulled two more out and tested again. Within 2 minutes, nice dark lines! Holy cow...I'm shaking! Was SO not expecting it this cycle, and especially not this morning! 8dpo? Wow!


Now, how do I tell DH? He'll be home soon. I was thinking of running to the grocery store and getting a digital test - I'm not sure if he'll understand the 2 lines as well as a blatent "PREGNANT" test. My kids are home today also, so I don't want to let them know yet.


Any other ideas for me on how to break the news? He's going to be so happy! :)

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Congrats SweetMama!joy.gif

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Thanks ladies for your kind words of support.

This has been the hardest and most impossible thing that has ever happened to me. It seems so surreal..I still don't fully believe it has happened, even though he and I are already in talks about child support and visitation. I have to do 101 things, and I am so overwhelmed. I haven't been single for 11 years...I have spent almost a third of my life with him. He was my high school sweetheart, and at one point I really believed we would grow old together. I am so crushed that he would do this to our family.

Thankfully I have an amazing support system, and a world of people who want to kick my ex's ass for his disgusting actions, so I will be ok. My son and I will be moving to our own apartment by October, and I am GREATLY looking forward to the change.

Peace and love to all you wonderful ladies, I hope you all get your BFP's soon!

(ps, congrats SweetMama!)
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StudyingStones, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Have you thought about counseling at all? I completely understand your rage, and your desire to get out of the relationship as soon as possible (I went through something similar, though it was not acted on 100%). However, is he at all willing to fix the situation? To recommit? If you think you could ever forgive him, it might be a situation you all could overcome together. Certainly, only you know the answer to those questions, but being 6 years out from an analogous experience, things have worked out much better this way, and the same is true for my sister in law. Anyway, I'm sure you have considered it, and it seems impossible right now, but maybe don't close the doors permanently just yet.


Wishing you love, peace and support!

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Sweetmama how exciting!!! Congrats!!! How did you end up telling Dh?

Yay!!! Please pass some of that baby dust this way!

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SweetMama, yay!


I also took a test yesterday on 8DPO but got nuthin'. I was depressed for hours, LOL, even though I knew I would not test positive even if I was... My only sense that something is going on is that my BBs hurt, which I never notice when I am PMS'in. Also, alcohol tastes toxic to me (a sip of baileys and a sip of wine - both gross!) and I am thinking about babies a lot. I am really hoping that I caught this eggie. I kind of hate TTC because it is as distracting and all-consuming as being PG, without the true contentment and excitement of expecting.


More hugs to StudyingStones, it sounds like you are moving through this with grace and good perspective. We're all here for you, feel free to hang out here as long as you want.

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Hi, I'm new here.  DH and I just pulled the goalie (went off BC) last month and it's possible I guess that I may be pregnant.  I have no idea what all of these acronyms mean or really the first idea about what to look for, etc.  I don't even know if I O'd this month or not but I believe I should be getting AF within a day or so if I follow a 28 day cycle.  What are some good resources for someone learning the ropes?

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Thanks for the new thread!

Sending my love and support to you, Stones.

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Been thinking about you, StudyingStones. I had a really rough divorce several years ago - betrayal definitely played a huge part in that. Feel free to message me anytime if you want another listening ear.


I couldn't hold back long to plan an awesome way to tell DH....so I just went up to him and told him I needed a new car. He said, "What? Why?" I told him I didn't need it now, but would by next May. He was SO confused and a little irritated - LOL - and finally said, "Why? Are you pregnant?" with the biggest smile on his face. We're so thrilled (and feeling a little cautious, as my LP was a little short last month...but things feel good, so I'm focusing on the positive instead.)

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