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twilightjoy I think I will test a week from today, even though I'm 10dpo and it could work. My luteal phase has changed with being pregnant twice. For years it was 11 days but after charting a few months I see its 13 to 15 now. Also I had a slow rise temp and then a big upshift at what I think was 7dpo, but its sort of muddled this month. I need a 21st century chart like all of you! Mine is a photocopy from Taking Charge of Your Fertility in a file folder by my bed!

lenny last time I was pregnant I definitely felt cramps 4-6 dpo and symptoms shortly after. But even though it felt like an early implantation I didn't get a bfp until 13 dpo. Wishing you luck! The dozen grandchildren line is awesome.

stevi that sounds like a good sign to me! I hope you get a bfp soon.

everyone! I'm not super familiar with the finer points of charting and can't link my chart but tell me what you think : for 4-5 days after I ovulated I had temps 2 to 5 points above my previous. Maybe this counts as a slow rise or maybe that was phase 2. Then day 5 or 6 dpo my temp shot up 5 more points and stayed there. I'm certain I ovulated within the two days, then had 5 sliiightly up temps, now all my temps are 5 above that. Does this sound triphasal? 5-6 dpo seems a bit early from what I read for triphasal but I wonder if its possible?

Next month I'll start fertility friend so there will be no more detailed chart description smile.gif
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Originally Posted by TwilightJoy View Post

I thought I would bump this up to see if there were any takers.
I am 100% willing to do this, but I haven't been around very long, so I feel that one of you more "familiar" ladies should get a chance to volunteer before I jumped in. innocent.gif

TwilightJoy - Looks like you're the lone volunteer orngbiggrin.gif  Let me know if you're still willing and I'll get you info on what to do. I'll get next week's set up. Thanks for volunteering!!


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I couldn't hold back long to plan an awesome way to tell DH....so I just went up to him and told him I needed a new car. He said, "What? Why?" I told him I didn't need it now, but would by next May. He was SO confused and a little irritated - LOL - and finally said, "Why? Are you pregnant?" with the biggest smile on his face. We're so thrilled (and feeling a little cautious, as my LP was a little short last month...but things feel good, so I'm focusing on the positive instead.)

Congrats SweetMama34! I love how you broke the news to your DH. Sending sticky vibes your way goodvibes.gifand wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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