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Bi-Weekly Chat Thread (thru 9/2)

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This thread takes us into September!!!! Holy cr*p!!!


I just had my baby shower today. :-) Instead of birth beads, they did a big candle for me and small candles for each guest. Each guest tied a dif. colored thread around every candle. When I go into labor they will do a chain of calls or texts and all light their candle to send me strength. :-) Everyone also each brought a bag or basket of easy to cook foods and snack foods and drinks to have on hand for after baby comes. I thought that was so sweet. I asked for no gifts and just for people to sign up to bring meals - but I still got gifts from most moms - plus they are doing the meals. Yay!! It was just a very nice time to get together with my friends - most of whom have kids my daugher's age, but with no kiddos around to interupt our chatting. I also got lots of offers to babysit my 3 yr old. Not sure if I'll take them up on it or not - but she would be happy with any of them. 


So that reminded me - someone had brought up doing a birth bead swap on here. Are we still up for that? If so, we need to get organized!


Question for the week: Are you planning any little indulgences for yourself for after baby comes?


My answer: My mom keeps telling me to make a little basket for myself with books and magazines, some nice teas and good chocolate, bath salts, etc. Little things I can do for myself when I am feeling hormonal or tired to perk myself up a little. My friends made me those great snack baskets, but I just bought a book I want to read that isn't in the library yet and plan to get a few more things I'm really excited to read when I'm stuck nursing. I also want to find a couple tv series to watch when I am up nursing all night (not that I plan to go downstairs to the tv every time I nurse - but maybe once/night). 


Off to get a pedicure while DH still is out w/DD...



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Ahhh, I can't believe we're so close! It's about to get really exciting on here!


I liked the question this week...I'd toyed with the idea of setting a few special things aside for myself when nursing, but I think my splurge is going to be a sweater pattern for myself and some yarn...Something to have on hand to keep my hands busy when the little one is sleeping and ds is out with dh. 


I'm worried about the breastfeeding being as hard to start as it was last time, so I when I think of that initial post-partum period, I still have some fears that it'll all be a bit overwhelming if I try to do anything other than breastfeed! lol Silly I know.


Your baby shower sounded AWESOME Cindy! What neat gift idea! And I love the candle lighting!

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Vegan - that shower does sound really nice. I have friends that want to do something meaningful or me, but I'm feeling weird about it. I don't like things that put a lot of attention on me, and I feel like everyone is going to be really busy when school is back and I hate to take up peoples' time....maybe I'm strange...


Pregnova - the breastfeeding is giving me some pause too, based on our last problems. I have a lactation consultant already set up, so at least I have someone handy instead of having to scramble like I did last time. I"m totally thinking about the overwhelming part too, particularly b/c all my friends having babies before me are telling me the good, the bad and everything else!

The sweater sounds like a great project for those long nursing sessions :)


Question: I hadn't thought about until now actually - but I love the basket idea! A book, even the leftover knitting (I think I could even make a hat for me if I have enough alpaca wool leftover) Little snacks, a journal maybe....is a bottle of wine wrong, I mean we can have a little bit every now and then - ha ha, I'm only kidding. It took me months to have a small glass after I had DS, even though everyone told me it was okay, and how it clears etc.

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Little indulgences: a massage and a sushi dinner. Although my husband surely deserves some indulgences for himself, considering he's done all the cooking, shopping and cleaning in the past few months, while I've been on bed rest.


We've done the insane thing and moved across the country. I was really nervous to be on my feet and sitting for so long, but all signs were encouraging, doctors gave me the OK, and it ended up being an uneventful trip. So now, at 33 weeks, I can finally focus on being a mom, start preparing and buying things for the baby.


VP, I'm a light sleeper, but the baby's kicks never wake me up for some reason. I feel him moving when I wake to go to the bathroom, so I know he's not sleeping through the night.


Sillymom, like you, I was surprised to see my appetite disappeared - in the 1st and 2nd trimesters I could eat NON-STOP!


Zub, hang in there. I was hospitalized at 27 weeks for a week. I also got a positive FFN at 30 weeks. And here I am at 32 weeks with a negative FFN and then flying across the country at 33w. Hope all is well!

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Chrisa: SOOO glad you are still hanging in there! And you even managed a move on top of it! Glad it was uneventful. I can't imagine the stress of needing a house to be put together and not to be able to do any of it! I want to go out to sushi after baby too! No idea when that will happen. I suppose take out might have to do.


Springmum: There wasn't a lot of time of people just being focused on me - just a lot women chatting. I don't love attention either - but the just being around other women part was really nice. 


One of the gals at my shower reminded me how she was on bedrest from 32-37 weeks - had a positive FFN test at 32 weeks. But baby didn't end up coming until 39 weeks and she was gardening and cleaning like mad trying to get him to come out. LOL. 


I had a very rough time w/nursing and I'm guessing it won't be easy this time either. I have the LC on call (and already spoke to her) and lots of things to help set up. But I know it will be stressful. But I think that makes it even more important to have something you can do for yourself for just a few minutes to try and relax. Bc supposedly breastfeeding goes that much better when you can stay relaxed about it. 

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Cindy-Your shower sounds lovely.  We're still trying to figure out what to do.  I'm thinking a very low key blessing thing...probably in conjunction with my regular Friday night knitting group, but we'll see.  Springmum, I agree that I'm not totally comfy with having all the attention on me and I really don't want a traditional shower this time around.


Pregnova-I'm nervous about nursing this time too.  Hoping things go better this time. I've found a lactation consultant, and have lots of support in general lined up...I also do have a little better idea of what I'm doing this time around and I've been reading up on how to work with the possible problems I had last time.  I am actually really looking forward to nursing a baby again....DS and I never had a great nursing relationship and he weaned two years ago...but I've missed it ever since.


Chrissa-  Glad to hear you are doing some better.  Sounds like you had a big move, but it's good that the trip was uneventful and now you can start getting ready for your little one's arrival!


Question-I've been thinking about some snack stuff I'd like to have for once the baby's here that I've not had while I've been pregnant..and thinking I'll gather some of that up closer to my due date.  I'll probably also try to get some new books for my kindle to read.  Yarn for some knitting's a great idea too. Maybe I'll try to work on knitting the baby's chistening gown at that point.

Hopefully this baby will actually agree to letting me put it down occasionally when it falls asleep (DS had to be held or worn all.the.time).  I hadn't thought much about this really, but it seems like a good thing to start thinking about.


So I overdid it again today with the nesting/cleaning out my car and can barely walk/stand/bend/turn around yet again.  I went shopping and out to dinner with DH and DS tonight and by the time we were leaving our last stop I could barely move.  So not what I need right now, but at least DH is off for a couple days now and can help me out.  I'm hoping I can get into a chiropractor appointment here in the next few days.  I did go ahead and contact the one my midwife had recommended and I hope she can get me in quickly.  For now, I'm sitting here trying to ice my tailbone and hoping that things will be a little better by morning.


Unless she has a birth tomorrow, I'm supposed to see my midwife and I'm excited about that.  It's nice to have one who I'm excited to see, rather than dreading the appointments like I used to.


I can't believe how close October seems now!  Hard to believe time is moving so fast and these babies will be here before we know it!

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Chrisa!!!! Yay for you! You sound like things are going wonderfully! 


Undertheoak- Ouch! Sounds like you def. overdid it. I don't seem to get very sore, but I def. get utterly exhausted after a day of what would have been normal activity for me! It's sort of ridiculous because I find that for every productive day I have, I have to spend two or three days puttering around the house feeling totally unproductive and exhausted. Bah!


So, I know you all were talking a while back about restless legs...how about leg cramping? I've like NEVER had this in my entire life but Saturday morning I woke up literally screaming in pain from the world's most massive calf cramp. Like insane guys...I thought my leg was being cut off! Anyway, dh massaged it out for me and I soaked it in the tub, but it's taken until this evening for the last of the tightening/releasing feeling to go away. There's only a teeny bit of soreness left in my calf, but I'm utterly petrified it will happen again. I bumped up my magnesium/calcium intake via food...and following the Brewer diet advice, I added more sea salt into my normal diet. I'm also trying to drink more milks and raw fruits so that I'll drink less water as Brewer diet suggests that drinking water alone could sort of wash out some of the good things you need and with all the heat here, I've been drinking GALLONS of water and then finding myself not that hungry...so I've probably been eating less nutritionally than I should be. Meh, anyway, it seems on the mend now, but I hope it never comes back!

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Cal/Mag supplement is good for leg cramps, but I also find that doing some really good calf stretching right before I go to bed will stave off any cramps.  I haven't had any bad ones this time, but I had some that woke me up from a dead sleep last time.  I usually had to jump out of bed and put all my weight on my toe until the calf relented.  If I don't stretch before bed, then I notice my calves starting to cramp when I wake up in the morning and stretch in bed. 

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I've had very little problems with leg cramps this time around and the only difference is that I am doing prenatal yoga.  Not sure if it is a coincidence or not.  I am also taking "Natural Calm" which is a powdered magnesium supplement to help with sleep...  Maybe that is helping too??  Who knows. 


I'm happy that nursing is one thing that I am not nervous about....  I am getting more and more nervous about everything else....I know this is normal and I know how to "get ahold of myself"!


Yesterday was a really hard day for our family.  We gave our labrador away after raising her for 12 years.  We moved 10 months ago, to another state, and our rental house and yard are much smaller than our previous house in the country.  She has been very unhappy and we have too.  I tried to go through with giving her away at the beginning of the summer, but I couldn't go through with it.   She is in an amazing home with a woman who lives in a house in the country and litterally devotes her entire life to dogs.  It should be a great situation for our dog.  I am still sad, but know that it is best for her.


I am still sleeping well with the Natural Calm.  Hip pain wakes me frequently- so I flip every couple of hours- but I go right back to sleep thank goodness.  I stopped taking it for 2 nights and the insomnia came back.  Coincidence?  Who knows... at least it is working.


I am going back to work on Thursday.  I am nervous about that.  I think it will be nice to have work to keep my busy for the last 2 months, but the beginning of the school year takes a lot of energy and it feels unnatural to be starting something that takes so much energy at 32 weeks pregnant.  BUT, I don't want to stay at home while my boys are at school....I think that time would creep by...  I am still planning on staying home after baby is born- this is very new to me  and I have no idea what to expect.


What nice things will I for after the baby is born??


Snacks are a great idea, although if I buy them now I will defintinly eat them!! HAHA  I will have to think about what else would work. 

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Pregnova: That sounds horrid! I can relate though bc my calves just hurt and ached all night. I feel like they have been threatening to cramp up - they just haven't actually done it yet. In fact my calves are still aching! I did see a homeopathic remedy by Hylands when I bought the "restfull legs" - it is meant for leg cramps. 


I cute my magnesium from 300mg to 150 mg (1 capsule instead of 2) a couple nights ago. I'd been having a pretty loose stomach from it when I'd wake up in the morning. But last night I spent from 3-5:30 wide awake and with aching calves. I got up at 4:30 and had a banana and a glass of milk bc my yoga teacher said that was good for leg cramps. I did fall asleep fairly soon after that. But I think maybe I'd prefer a loose stomach to insomnia. 



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Pregnova - yikes, that sounds like a bad one! There does seem to be a fine balance with all these minerals and hydration - hope you find the trick!


Took DS to a playground today that has one of those rubber surfaces. Don't know if you guys have them where you are. They are really great for falls, but they stink in the hot sun!! The other ladies I was with couldn't smell it, but my preggo nose was like eeewww....I can just imagine what chemicals come out of them. So not what I should be breathing in while pregnant, or having my kid run around in - I think they really need to rethink these types of surfaces! I've noticed since going chemical free years ago that I'm so much more sensitive to chemicals now. Like I can't walk by perfume counters without holding my breath, and if someone gets in an elevator with me with perfume on it's totally suffocating.

Does anyone else notice they're more sensitive to chemical smells?


Silly - good luck back at work. I'm sure it will feel really tiring, but hopefully it makes the last couple of months fly by!


What is everyone talking with their Dr's/midwives with at this point? I feel like after our checks and basic info is talked about I don't have anything left and our appt is rather short (I know it could be longer if I had more to talk about) Just looking for ideas of what else I could be discussing right now.

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HI everyone,

THANK YOU so much for the well wishes. I feel terrible that I'm not contributing but a new thread, a new Zubeldia! I've felt totally overwhelmed lately but things seem to be settling down.


Preg, LOVE that belly shot in the other thread.


Vegan, lovely baby shower, and I love the idea of your basket.

Sillymom, good luck at work. I'm now off until I have this baby, though I am actually still doing bits and bobs.


Hiya to everyone...


I continue to be on bed rest, though it seems to be helping as my cervical length increased by almost a cm!! Crazy. They think the bed rest is what is doing it so it continues until I hit 36 weeks. I feel more confident that this baby will stay put until then.


As for pampering.. I'm honestly just itching to get back to running and moving so I suppose the pampering will be through that.. That, and I did get a new kindle so I may load up on some good books. My friend is also organzing a sprinkle, which is a lovely thought. They're going to have it at my house as I'll still be on bed rest. I can't wait!


Does anyone else NOT  have a name picked out for their baby? We are still nameless!


Also, is anyone on FB? I'm FB pals with some of my old due date club as well as the TTC after loss peeps and it's lovely to be in touch and put faces to names.

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Zub and Chrisa- so glad babies are still growing inside!


AFM: 31 weeks and 4 days. I'm on bed rest. I was having tons of contractions on Saturday and got checked out. I'm 90% effaced and dilated to a 3. *sigh* 

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Aurora: Oh no, not another mama on bedrest!!! Stay put little one!!! I hope things get better with the rest.


Zub: Glad to hear you are faring better. 3 weeks is really not that far away!! We don't have a name picked yet. I have a list with a few top contenders but I'm not sold on any of them. DH likes a few but I think he's barely put any thought into it yet. My friend had her baby 6 weeks ago today and they still have not named him!! Can you imagine? She is so annoyed but her DH won't agree to anything.


Springmum: I think my big topics lately are things to do to prepare for the homebirth and I've been talking to her a lot about group b strep. We have hour long appointments but I can't think of any major thing she's been bringing up. 


Sillymom: I'm so sorry you had to give up your doggie! That would break my heart. It sounds like you did what was best though. My mom gave away 2 of our dogs to someone on a farm when I was little bc they just had too much energy for our yard. But we hadn't had them for very long. 


So I got a flier in the mail that Babies R Us will have Medela pump in style breast pumps on sale for $240 starting on Friday. I'm hoping I can use my 20% off coupon on top of that! I guess I wore out my PIS that I bought for DD. I used it once/day for like a year and had it tested recently and they said the suction isn't good anymore. 



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Had my 32 week appt today and babe is finally head down (wasn't 2 weeks ago)!  Ds flipped at about the same time, so I wasn't too worried yet, but I didn't want to deal with all the breach worry and planning.  Also, sounds like placenta is nice and high, so no worries over asymptomatic previa. :)

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Yay! Glad baby flipped angelorum! 


I ordered my diapers...FINALLY! So relieved to have that taken care of...annnd, the best bit is that I'm having them sent to my doula and she's actually going to prep them for me!!! yay, so no boring hours spent at the laundromat for this preggo! lol


Also, I got my first braxton hicks today from walking. Ugg. We walked a mile before dinner, and it caught me right at the end...it's kind of a milestone though because i haven't had any in SO long, but also because it came directly from activity. lol

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Pregnova-- Awesome that your doula is prepping your diapers!!  Good for you for delegating!!!!  Angel-- yay for head down!!!!!!  Aurora-- so sorry to hear about bedrest!!  :(  But at least it's working so far!!  Vegan-- hope you got your pump!  My sister gave me both of hers, but I also think that my insurance will buy me one.  I need to check into that b/c I can never have too many (especially if I can keep one at work).


I am back at work now that school is back in session (I am a speech pathologist)...I was dreading it, but am finding that it has been good for me.  I miss my boys, but I was also getting a little burned out on the summer heat and b/c I have had such awful insomnia this summer and it has really pissed me off.  LOL  At least now, if I am at work and not sleeping, I am not ruining a perfectly good summer day.  Strange rationale...I know. 


I compared belly pictures and am shocked at how much bigger I am-- I tend to grow so slowly that I never feel any bigger.  I need to post some on the belly thread. 


Our "bad" news...We came to the horried realization that one of our vehicles is not going to be paid off like we thought.  Poor DH is really beating himself up...he had a coupon book as has assumed that when he was done wiht all of the coupons, his truck was paid off.  When he called for the final payment, he found out they hadn't sent him the last coupon book and we have 13 more months to go.  :(  I think that we have come to the realization that I will not be quitting my job.  It was going to be tight if I did, but with this payment every month it's going to be too tight.  So we have had a horrible weekend of stress and sadness....but we are doing better now.  I only work 5 1/2 hours per day from 915-245 and of course I have summers off and several weeks for holidays-- so it's not a horrible situation.  It's just a new reality.  And I have to find a babysitter/childcare center now...  We have only lived here for 10 months, so I can't imagine I'll find someone in their home that I trust.  There are some very nice child care centers though..so I'll be looking into those. 


DH did just get a promotion and we are hoping it comes with a raise, but I doubt it will be a huge raise since he just started the job 10 months ago.  There is a little glimmer of hope...but only time will tell. 

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Hi Ladies...

How were all your weekends??? We are getting soooo close


Our weekend was amazing, DH and I decided that we needed some time alone before baby comes, so for the first time we left DS with my mom and had a weekend away. We got a great deal in a super fancy hotel at a resort town 2 ish hours away. I was nervous to leave DS but he did amazing and truly didn't even notice we were gone. Him and my mom have an great  relationship and she lives upstairs from us so he didn't have to leave home. We missed him but it was so nice to just be alone, we felt like our old carefree selves. Its nice to know that under all the normal life and mommy and daddy daily stress we still have our old relationship. I feel refreshed and ready for this new baby!!!


I love reading all your posts but don't have the energy to respond to each individually :)

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My computer died and I hate typing on my iPad so I'll keep this short.

My mom is here until tomorrow. Nice to see her but I am so worn out after going places with her even though we aren't doing a lot. I have this horrid pain in my groin and it makes walking around miserable. I thought I pulled a muscle but now I think it might be ligament pain. If I rest with my feet up it goes away when I walk after that. So I know it's not a pulled muscle,,,it seems related to baby's position. Anyway it's making me feel quite decrepit!

Dh and I got out for a nice dinner out this weekend for our anniversary this week and probably last date before baby!

I hope everyone feels better than me. I'll be back to type more when my mom is gone and hopefully I will get a new computer this week too.

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Originally Posted by Angelorum View Post

Cal/Mag supplement is good for leg cramps, but I also find that doing some really good calf stretching right before I go to bed will stave off any cramps.  I haven't had any bad ones this time, but I had some that woke me up from a dead sleep last time.  I usually had to jump out of bed and put all my weight on my toe until the calf relented.  If I don't stretch before bed, then I notice my calves starting to cramp when I wake up in the morning and stretch in bed. 

Try potassium, too! 

I am such a hypocrite, though, as I experienced some this week and haven't done a thing about it ,lol...Sometimes, I just don't wnat to add another thing to my to-do list.  KWIM? 


Congrats on the anniversary!  My 11th is coming up next month! 


MY gift to me with this baby is a postpartum girdle from bellefit.  I get so stretched out and just want the support.  My back aches so much after birth and I hope it will help that and my diastasis recti...Very excited.  LOL.  Part of me wants an ergo, too...one thing at a time, hehe.


I'll be 35 wks on friday...we are getting CLOSE!  YAY! 

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