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Pacifiers/ sleep

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Not sure if this has been covered here but I saw it on another DDC and wanted to hear some of your opinions.


I have one child who I did not use a pacifier with. I was terrified to use it, didn't want to screw up nursing, etc. My DD was a great nurser but she was an all night nurser for the first 2 years, I mean all night for 2 years. She comfort nursed during the day which was fine, she just loved nursing. At about age 1 she got a cold (she has been super healthy) and couldn't nurse as well bc her nose was stuffed up and I tried a pacifier and she wouldn't have it. So thats my entire experience. By the time I tried she had no interest.


Now with twins on the way I am thinking I just can't not sleep for 2 more years again and nurse like I did with my DD, bc there will be 2 plus I still have her that needs attention. Don't get me wrong I want to nurse when hungry and I don't mind comfort nursing but I think practically it is not going to work the same way. What are people's thoughts on this, especially those of you with multiple kids. If you did use a pacifier what kind did  you use? I am thinking maybe just limit it to nighttime after they fall asleep nursing? I guess for me personally my number one concern is that these children sleep better than my DD, am I being unrealistic?


Thanks ladies.

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I just wanted to add that of course when they are firstborn I am noty expecting super long sleep sessions but maybe 3 hours at a time by 1 month? Maybe 5 hour sessions by 3 months?

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DS took a paci almost immediately after birth, like five hours after because he was fussy and I didn't know any better. He had the paci until shortly after his second birthday, when we weaned him off of it without any issues. It never interfered with him nursing, there was no nippple confusion or anything. I was hoping for the same thing with DD but she did not want the paci whatsoever. She prefered - and still prefers - her thumb.

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We choose not to use a pacifier for our own reasons, but I definitely think there's a time and a place for them. If they buy you some sleep with twins, or give you a way to comfort one while busy with the other, that's a perfectly good reason to use them!


I have to admit though, that based on my entirely non-scientific survey of the kids I know, pacifiers don't in any way guarantee you any more sleep. It seem to work for some babies, and with others, you're up just as often, searching for the pacifier they just spit out as you are for a baby who likes to comfort nurse. I'm sort of under the impression that babies sleep or not, based more on their individual personalities than on anything we as parents do.


As far as lengths of sleep time go, from what I've read, you can't expect more than 4 hours at a stretch before 3 months, and some babies lengthen to 5 or so between 3 and 6 months, so your expectations aren't out of the ball park, but of course, our babies won't have read the books, so what they actually do might be totall different! 


Anyways, I doubt this has been very helpful, but I just wanted to offer my sympathy as a fellow mama of a terrible sleeper. I'm totally with you in that my biggest fear is that this baby on the way will be as bad a sleeper as DD, and I'm only expecting one!

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I would just play it by ear/have 'em on hand and don't set a time line for when babies are giving you a stretch of sleep. My first born was like yours, an all night nurser for 2 yrs and just generally a bad sleeper thru her first 4 yrs of life. But she WAS a paci kid! Didn't help a lick w/ the night nursing b/c she knew what she wanted and wasn't swayed otherwise. My DS, on the other hand, found his thumb before he was six weeks old. He'd already shown signs of being an easy sleeper (would fall asleep when set down in the bouncy or we could pat his back for a belly nap on the floor (when carefully watched at first) and finding that dear little thumb made it all the better. I think our letting him be on his belly more made it easier for him to find the thumb b/c it requires less coordination than getting a thumb in a mouth when on back. So...I guess I'm saying the self soothing thumb or finger sucker is a true blessing and if you start w/ the paci too too young you might interfer w/ baby finding its way on its own. I know theres dental fears but even my pretty agressive pedi dentist thinks that before turning 3 it won't do any permanent damage.
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I agree with the may help/may not train of thought. I have had pacis on hand for all of my kids. My first gladly took one but not within the first week since I wanted to be sure BF was well established.  She took it till she was 15m and was a fantastic sleeper. I actually offered one to my 2nd IN the hospital because she was nursing incessantly (and my milk was in so that wasn't the issue) and wreaking havoc on my nipples--they needed a break. She never really took to the paci, though, and nursed through the night until she was night weaned at 15m.  And she didn't reliably STTN till she was well over 2. With my son, we offered a paci, but it was clear from early on that he was going to be a thumb sucker. Sure enough, he found his thumb around 2 months and hasn't looked back. BUT he still night nursed a LOT and didn't STTN till he was well over a year old.


Sooo...my thoughts in a nutshell...  have some pacis on hand in case the baby seems to want or need one. But like everything else, follow baby's cues. Maybe they'll take them, maybe they won't. But don't count on paci use = sleep!

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With my twins, we didn't use them, although we had bought them and thought we would.  We worked so hard to establish a good breastfeeding relationship that I didn't want to undo  any of my hard work with a pacifier, and then by the time we did try one here and there, no one was interested.  In my experience with talking with other natural-minded twin mamas, most will say that with twins, they are a necessity.  There were definitely times when I could one baby was crying, and I had my hands full with the other, so maybe a pacifier might have meant that the "other" baby would be content while I was busy.  I never thought of pacifiers as really having much to do with sleep...I coslept with the twins and will do the same with the new babies.  There are definitely times when I was a human pacifier but for me, sharing a bed was what let us all get more sleep.  My advice - be open-minded and flexible, don't be afraid to try new things and re-evaluate what is working and what isn't.

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If it helps, I think this is a good resource on pacifiers and breastfed babies...



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my first wouldnt take one. he preferred to comfort nurse, which was fine with me. this baby doesnt seem to enjoy comfort nursing, when he is through with milk he wants off the breast but wants to suck my fingers ALL night or else he screams/ fusses which makes sleeping very hard. so i got him a paci. he used it in the car today and i intend to try it out tonight.
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