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Gender Selection Support

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Hi! We are planning to start TTC #2 in a couple of months and I am hoping for a girl (though it goes without saying that another boy would be supremely welcome and adored). I recently read about the Calcium-Magnesium diet and BD timing for girls, but am feeling a little overwhelmed by it. I was wondering if anyone else is trying for a girl and would want to have a thread to discuss challenges and logistics!
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Bumping for input. Anyone have an advice to offer?

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Have you visited the in-gender forums?  There's a ton of wonderful information there. We did a lot of things to influence our 3rd conception, and most of my information was from there.

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We are mildly trying to sway for a girl, though of course would love to have a boy as well. I am doing some supplements and have changed my diet a bit, but nothing radical like they do over on the in-gender forums! I'm happy to share ideas!
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Thanks Monkey Keeper!


Porcelina - that sounds about like how I feel. I have been cutting way back on salt and trying to avoid too much potassium. I am also taking a Cal-Mag supplement. I started charting so I can have a good idea about timing. I think we will start trying in a couple of months (DH is almost on board with all of this).


What diet changes are you making?

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Hezzy, I increased calcium intake in my diet a lot. I don't like milk, but I do like cheese and yogurt. I was dairy free for a while with each of my little ones, as they were sensitive, so it has been challenging to phase so much back in, but I am getting used to it. I have been trying to eat yogurt for breakfast and have a lot of cheese throughout the day. And, I guess I am avoiding red meat, and not choosing to eat potato chips or potatoes. However, really only mild changes. I figure radical changes are not the direction I want to go in! I also only started these changes/supplements about 4-6 weeks ago,so it probably hasn't been long enough to make that much of a difference! And, for timing, last month I cut off at 3 days prior to O, and this month I moved to 2 days prior to O, but then I Od a day early, so I think we totally missed any sway that might come from timing! Here's to hoping those supplements help! :)


I actually got a BFP this morning at 11 DPO! It's so early I'm still a bit cautious, but hopefully this pregnancy will stick! I'll keep you updated!

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Congrats porcelina! Timing is SO hard for a girl. We swayed for a boy; much easier to hit the target :)  I really think, though, that the pH thing is where it's at when it comes to a sway...

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Monkey Keeper - thanks! Yes, I agree the pH thing does have a lot to do with it, though I also didn't do anything drastic in that area (no douches here!!) apart from the supplements! But, as I said, we would be happy for a boy too, so it's all good. :)

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Congrats on your BFP Porcelina! I hope all is well.

Your regimen sounds about like mine. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your girl! But mostly for a healthy little one.
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