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Weekly Chat - August 20-26

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Figured I'd start this since it is technically the 20th!

How is everyone doing?

Congrats Madi! smile.gif

AFM.. I'm having a ton of painful contractions 3 minutes apart. Have been for about an hour now... Im lying down and they won't let up. The same thing happened yesterday on the train on my way to work and they lasted a good 3-4 hours until work got stressful nd they stopped. Maybe my body realized it was a bad time?

Idk, but they hurt, and they're strong, and I'm having back pain along with them thanks to my posterior babe. So let's hope they either stop and let me sleep, or produce a baby.

Eta: I'm only either 36w2d or I think 37w3d. So still early... Hey, at least we put the sidecarred crib up, lol.
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It's now 4:30 and my ctx are still going strong 2.5 mins apart. I keep getting up to pee thinking it will help.... but nope. Not at all..!

Good morning, lol.
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Any update for us, WCM???  The getting up to pee thing reminds me of labor with my son!



Not much to report here. Worked my buns off yesterday getting DS's room ready. We got some "big boy" furniture on CL, so we had to clean that, move everything out of his room, set up the new bed and arrange the new furniture. It's almost done but I still need to load the dressers with his clothes and figure out where baby's things are going to go. The crib also is on the landing right now, half unassembled so that we could get it through the doorway, and I need to dismantle the toddler bed in our room to make way for the co-sleeper. The good news is that DS slept from 9-6:15 in his room!  By himself!!  He has been sleeping well since spring, ever since we got rid of dairy, but it's been in our room. DH was really hoping to transition him out for sleep's sake and also due to space. DH gets up around 5:30AM weekdays and was worried about the baby waking DS and chaos ensuing; I was mostly okay with both in our room. But DS has been so excited about his room and his big bed that it's made it all very easy!


The cleaning/organizing frenzy resulted in a carload of Goodwill donations (yay!), cleaner closets and the newbie diapers getting washed as well. So I am feeling pretty darn good about things preparation wise.


Doula appointment then chiro adjustment today. Yay!  I love these days. I love the chiro!!  I also need to make some phone calls about acupuncture. I'm not too keen on going 9 days past my "due date" again with all the pressure, and it'll be worse this time due to the GD. So hopefully some serial acupuncture can open things up and let it all get rolling a little sooner ;)  


Speaking of GD, my levels have been very, very well controlled. To the point where the MFM co-managing me (standard protocol) asked the nurse why they were bothering ;)  BUT they still are insisting on another growth u/s in a couple weeks. At the last one, baby was measuring about a week ahead but not huge (pretty normal for me, even according to the MFM), and nothing has change WRT fundal height, weight gain or blood sugar levels. I point blank asked the MFM why it was necessary, and he really couldn't give me a great answer. The best he could do was, "Well, we need to be sure baby is healthy."  Okay, I get that. But what are we going to do with the information gained from the u/s????  And how will it influence my care?  Grrr...  I want to decline it, but I don't want to be non-compliant....  (ETA:  I am well aware of the shortcomings of late term u/s...since this isn't even close to my first time at the 'big baby' rodeo ;) )

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Monkey Keeper--I honestly don't know if you could even rely too heavily on the u/s findings as far as size at this point. I've heard so many women mention that their ultrasounds showed a 2 lb. difference from the weight their baby was at birth. Just recently one was told her baby was 10 lbs and he ended up being 8 lbs. I've been told that ultrasounds in the third trimester can be quite misleading. Just something else for doctors to analyze and get women worried over--especially if the doc thinks your baby is "too big" and then the findings are off by 2 lbs! 


I hope all is well with WCM, too.


AFM--This weekend I had my home visit with midwife and doulas. It went well. I didn't even mention my weight and she didn't ask. She did my GBS swab and she showed DH how to do perenial massage, which i was totally doing wrong, so glad she showed him! It wasn't hard or that uncomfortable. In fact, she mentioned it's not for stretching the perenium or prepping it for labor, it's simply to help me feel what pressure in that area feels like and practice relaxing. She actually told me I did really well, since I wasn't really feeling much! Of course, DH probably wasn't pushing too hard. I don't have a problem with practicing it, now.


Then we had our baby shower. Lots of toys and clothes. Then yesterday we went and did the final round of shopping for the other stuff. I am pretty sick of baby stuff right now! It was overload. Today I meet my back-up doc. Oh, and I know someone mentioned varicosity in their vulva, and I felt down there the other day, and sure enough, it feels rather swollen. I wake up with that pain everyday, now. There's something about my laying on my side at night, even with a body pillow, that seems to exacerbate it. *shrug* 36 weeks this week...4-ish more weeks to go...

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Originally Posted by ascher21 View Post

Monkey Keeper--I honestly don't know if you could even rely too heavily on the u/s findings as far as size at this point. I've heard so many women mention that their ultrasounds showed a 2 lb. difference from the weight their baby was at birth. Just recently one was told her baby was 10 lbs and he ended up being 8 lbs. I've been told that ultrasounds in the third trimester can be quite misleading. Just something else for doctors to analyze and get women worried over--especially if the doc thinks your baby is "too big" and then the findings are off by 2 lbs! 


Oh, I should have said that I know all of this already ;)  I have been through the 'big baby' thing 2x since I go past due and have 41w monitoring, and both of my last 2 were estimated at mid 9s to mid 10s. Which is WHY I wanted to know what information he wanted and for what purpose he planned to use it! That's what frustrated me...he never could verbalize what he planned to DO with the information :/

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Congrats Madi!


Anya - I am so sorry for the situation you are in.  I think if it were me I would pack up and head to NCC before baby is born.  Your supportive family there will be able to help you get settled quickly and find a birth team etc.  I am thinking of you!


WCM - keep us posted!


I had a great weekend.  My friend and her family came to visit and we had a great time.  My friends also had a mother's blessing for me yesterday and I still get teared up thinking about it.  How nicce to have all of my favorite ladies in one house together, it was just perfect.  Oh and they all chipped in for DH and I to have one last date night before baby arrives.  We went on a sunset cruise and out to dinner, it was really nice.  Tonight we are going to do a belly caste, install car seat and put up one last bookshelf in our room and then we are officially ready for baby!  Heartburn was bad this weekend, but otherwise I feel good.  My belly just feels full and stretched.  I have gained 4 lbs more in this pregnancy than I did with my whole preganncy with DD.  Total of 22lbs which isn't too much, but I still feel stretched!  We have our birth team appointment tomorrow morning with the midwives and DH.

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WCM-- thinking good thoughts and hoping for a good update from you!! Wild!

Monkey Keeper-- glad You had such a good, productive weekend! That's great! And having a kid sleep well can make a world of difference. My dd4 has been having The Worst Sleep Ever lately, but two nights ago FINALLY slept for seven straight hours and it was pure bliss.

ascher-- baby showers are so fun! I can understand being over it all though!

AFM-- We're on the road. Traveling 5.5ish hours to the south for dh's deacon ordination! Hoping/praying baby stays on the inside!!
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Definitely keep us posted WCM!  


MonkeyKeeper - Congrats on a good night sleep for your DS in his big boy room!  I know how elusive that can be.  Way to go with getting so much done! 


ascher - I have vulvar varicosity too.  It's lovely. 


AFM - I am only 35 weeks as of yesterday but was up for 3 or 4 hours last night with very consistent contractions that were between 45 and 60 seconds long and nearly exactly 6 minutes apart. They eventually slowed and stopped. When I went into labor with DS, my water broke first (at 37 weeks!).  I never wondered what was going on and I am totally inexperienced with contractions.  I mean I did have a few hours of labor with DS but I knew we were having a c-section so no one was keeping track.  I was laying in bed last night thinking...I don't really know what to do with this!  Anyway, I have a dr. appt today and I am going to have her check my cervix.  I don't feel right - nausea, odd pressure. I told DH yesterday that I think I'll have another early baby - that I was feeling like it's coming and then last night convinced me that my hunch may be right.  It's a little too early for the little guy so I want to be sure things are not already moving along in that way. 


And funny - I just know he'll decide to arrive on Labor Day weekend.  My dr. is on call so that would be lovely, but we are also planning a move the Wed. after that weekend.  AND I told DH that the only thing that would make this whole thing even more ridiculous would be if a hurricane was heading our way.  UGH!  I better shift on over to some positive thinking.  I've been in a very negative place lately!  


EDITED TO ADD - I hope all goes well with your DH's ordination, judybean! May you return home without using your birth kit winky.gif

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I ended up going into the hospital... Important still here being monitored. the first midwife checked me and told me i had a cervix of steel. I did lose some plug and mucous whill here. was just checked again.. No cervical changes. im still contracting. They are not changing my cervix. I am in so much pain. advice? They are sending me home at 11am if i haven't progressed.
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Wcm, well at least in thehoslital you can ask your MW's what they think you should do... Im surprised they are relying on manual checks and not a transvaginal ultrasound to be more precise.
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WCM I'm not sure what I would do if they sent me home. I would probably go home and rest as much as possible, perhaps its prodromal labor? 


Monkey Keeper, That's great that your GD has ended up not being a big deal and that you are healthy. The U/S thing sounds annoying though! That's awesome you are getting chiro care - I'd like to go a few times before the birth for adjustments. I've never done acupuncture but have always wanted to. 


Ascher, we got mostly clothes too, and receiving blankets, wash cloths and bassinet sheets at the baby shower. So I also have a bit of shopping to do. I do have a Moby wrap, although I'd like to look around for a used Ergo and/or ring sling as well. We have a bassinet. We don't need a crib as we'll be cosleeping. We were given some sposies/swaddlers at the shower too and we may or may not use them for the first week. It depends on how much of a cloth diaper stash I have built by then. I have some homemade pocket diapers coming from two cousins! I can't wait to get them, I've seen the cute diapers she has made for her own baby. 


DH and I are on day 3 of his 4 day vacation. If I was already 37 or more weeks, I would probably secretly wish that labor would start because the kids are up visiting the grandparents since yesterday and will be with them until tomorrow. I wouldn't have to worry about calling DH and hoping he gets home in time to catch the baby, since he is alrea here. LOL. But I won't be 37 weeks until the end of this month, plus I have some more prepping/shopping to do. LOL. It is so nice to have the kids visiting with their grandparents - having this level of quiet is so soothing. They are also being very well behaved for their grandparents we have been told and that is very comforting. They are also having a blast and told us about all their fun when they called to say goodnight last night. Today will be another laid back day for us - some shopping, we'll go out for lunch, we'll have some quiet reading time at home, and we'll get out of the apartment and do something different/adventurous as well. DH has put me in charge of figuring out the adventurous part haha. We had gone out for dinner last night and it was really nice, and we were going to see a movie after but I was too tired. (Also we couldn't agree on a movie - I wasn't in the mood for the batman movie and he didn't want to see anything else). By the time we got home I was also starting to get a sore throat. I took vitamin C and D last night and slept about 9 hours  and the sore throat is gone, thank goodness! 


I'm 35w3d but it feels like I am farther. I need to get to 37 weeks (August 31st) to have my home birth legally. And hey, on the 31st would be cool so I could have a blue moon baby! Whenever LO decides to arrive, I am looking forward to meeting him. I'm just a tad jealous of mamas on our DDC who are holding their babies already! It's been so fun to log in and see messages about water breaking and contractions and births! I am definitely feeling pelvic pressure/pains this past week so I know that my body is getting ready. I'm feeling fairly good overall as long as I let my body sleep as long as it needs - and its way more than usual! I'm in a fairly good mood too - I've been in a generally relaxing and upbeat mood. I'm happy with the direction my life has taken over the past year. It's not what I had planned but things are coming together in a good way and I am very happy. 

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In conclusion to my last week's advice seeking....



"Thank you ladies so much for replying to all of these things... 


I have decided to stay in Ohio for the time being... I have been at my doula's house for the past night and she has made it so comfortable for me. I honestly think I'm too exhausted mentally to be able to make a 9 hour trip down to NC at the time. I think I could easily rush into things and try to get to my "next place" but honestly, it won't be that long. Plus, say 9 weeks (5 before baby, 4 after) is a little over 2 months. That's just about how long I've lived in Ohio thus far! 


I think that moving to NC may be better for me (ie I would feel more homey with my family friends, more grounded) but I honestly believe OH would be better for Nico. Especially since I have spent so much time finding the midwives that believe everything I do about his entrance to the world and even more than that, because I have this doula that will literally be my next room neighbour in helping learn to deal with newborns and breastfeeding and lack of sleep. I've moved all of my life (every two or three years just about) and I know I'll be able to move Nico this next time around. Maybe even one of my friends from NC will come up to help in the process. (: 


Thanks so much for the advice though. It was so hard not really having anyone to talk to about this locally (other than either of the two sides I'd be living with). So thank you!!! Of course I'll keep you all updated through weekly chat and stuff."


But also to add... I'm 35 weeks now. (: I'm so excited still about Nico coming and quite frankly, I'm ready to spend a few weeks just being a milk machine, tear soother and just getting able to look at him. I'm ready to focus on something new in my life!


Contractions: Good luck WCM!!! Any changes? I haven't gotten a single contraction or BH yet at all. I honestly just hope one would come so I can mentally put a finger on the beginning pain level. ha. 


Baby Prep: It is SO exciting to feel like you have everything ready for the baby. Baby showers tend to get tons of the same things, which makes me chuckle. I always wanted to give my gift first so I wouldn't have to suffer the awkwardness of watching the new mom opening a gift she had already opened. haha. Silly, right? AFM, I was all set up and ready in my last house, but I packed that all up and now will begin setting up again! I enjoy organising though, so I don't mind. 

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WCM- thinking of you!! do you have a bathtub at home, if they do send you home? being in the water helped my pain soooo much. i did 2 contractions out of the tub and they were pure torture in comparison! i normally prefer bath and shower water pretty cool and i was surprised by how hot my body wanted the tub water to be!

anya- glad you have made a decision that feels good!

afm: today DH went back to work, so its just me and my TWO sons! so weird to say that.. two! my friend is coming to pick up DS1 for a few hours to play at her house so that should help. jude is a good nurser and my milk is starting to come in! it was a full week last time so i'm pretty stoked.
my placenta is getting encapsulated today. i'm feeling pretty good but i figure it cant hurt!
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They decided to keep me. Im hooked up to n iv. ctx are big and right on top of each other. i am personally worried about rupture (vbac , remember?) . I don't feel safe going home nd laboring. i think my hemglobin may be low also. A rcs isn't my goal or even remote wish but i kinda feel like it may happen and i am ok with it.
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glad you are making safe decisions and at peace with a r/cs if it happens. sending love and light your way goodvibes.gif
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WCM - I hope those contractions ease up with some fluids!


Anya - Good for you for making a well thought out decision! Good luck!


AFM, My 10 year old was scheduled to be at camp tomorrow evening. I get a call this morning from the camp asking why my kid isn't there - apparently she was due there yesterday. I double checked my papers and sure enough, it says TUESDAY, which according to them is a mistake and she is supposed to be there. Thanks, camp people. Ugh. So we rushed around, frantically packing and I got her there about an hour ago.


I had pretty consistent contractions over the weekend but they always disappeared by bed time. Sigh. I'm so ready to have this baby. 38+2 today.

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WCM - thinking of you!


Anya - sounds like you made the right decision for you and your baby and I am glad you are enjoying reorganizing!

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WCM: are you able to take a bath? *Nothing* has helped me during labor as much as getting in water. It doesn't work for everyone, but if it works, it is WONDERFUL!

AnyaRose: I must admit, I'd be much more comfortable staying put for a bit since you have a welcoming place in Ohio. Coordinating care is much more stressful to me than being away from family. So glad your doula has been so amazingly helpful!!
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Help007~ Nope.im not allowed to come off external monitoring..

Also for some reason themonitor isn't picking up my ctx.. But they can see the change in babys heart rate.
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Anya - I was also going to say that lving with your doula for a bit before baby comes will definitely yield some bonding so you will be even more comfortabel with her at birth!


Does anyone have any ideas for a gft from baby to older sibling?  DD got baby a lovie like her's (she has a pink elephant and she picked out a cow lovie for her baby brother).  DH and I want baby to get DD a gift but we are having trouble of thinking of something super special that she will cherish for a long time.  DD is 3.5 if that helps!

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