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.Yesterday and today I felt completely bombarded with, "Haven't you had that baby yet?!" I guess that's what I get for going out in public (grocery store, coffee shop, hometown football game, etc). I want to scream that I'm only 38 weeks tomorrow (Saturday), and I could (eek) have four weeks left. But hopefully no more than three.... or maybe just two?!

I walked the two brisk miles yesterday, then tonight at the football game walked up and down the stairs more times than I can remember (somebody would need to use the bathroom, need a snack, etc)... but all I've gotten is a tight, tired belly from contractions, but nothing more. My mom said tomorrow would be a good day to have a baby-- because it's her birthday too wink1.gif I said I'd see what I could do. Our parish priest is hoping it's *not* tomorrow but that's because I have to sing at a funeral. To that I said, "But Father Ray, it's just like the circle of life... death and birth..." he said he'd still prefer I wait wink1.gif

I think my belly looks lower... but maybe my abs have finally just said, "Screw you. I'm done with this..." and decided to just let it all go.

Still no girl name I'm giddy over. Feeling the crunch of time. Yikes. I feel like I'm scaring dh with my desperation to find a name and the weird ones I keep proposing in hopes of finding a good one.
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Same here Judy!!  If one more person asks me if I'm still pregnant...."Why yes, that appears to be the case, as evidenced by the very large belly I'm trucking around." 


I'm 37 weeks today!!  So happy to have hit the full term mark :) 

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37 weeks today!! Yay!

I'm on my way to my ultrasound. Baby is most positively head down but her heart rate was on the lower side again this morning so i definitely want to get her looked at! FX for a healthy baby with healthy fluid!
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Happy Saturday y'all :). I have nothing else to say. It's DH birthday, he's getting old, bald and grey on his head LOL...When we met he was a mature 27 years old, haha..that was nine years ago.Time is flying. I did good last night, baked a cake, made quinoa salad for dinner and prepped a few presents.


I don't know why I'm posting this here...just had to get it out.


Enjoy the weekend...school starts on Monday (at least for us here).

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Thinking of you today WCM!!


Holy moly, mamalove, you're doing great!  


judy--I was at a football game last night too. Lots of annoying questions ;) Especially the sympathetic, "How are you FEELING?" like being 9 months pregnant is a disease. I was lying in bed unable to sleep last night thinking that at about 39 weeks, I'm going to the stadium to walk those stairs over and over!!  And we still have not landed on a girl's name either. We have our list (which looks a lot like yours) but nothing is jumping out as *the* name, though I think Della is in the lead right now.


Evi--Happy birthday to your hubs!  He's young compared to mine ;)



Nothing to report here (I keep saying that!)...  DS was doing a great job in his own bed for the last few days, but last night he woke up in the middle of the night and ended up in bed with us which meant him mauling me and me being unable to sleep. Not fun.

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Happy birthday to your DH, Evi! You enjoy your weekend too!

My ultrasound went well. Baby looks just like my DD2 but with chubbier cheeks.. I'm so in love. She's head down and my fluid is fine. oh, she's not posterior either. Yay!!
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Thanks monkeykeeper!

So in my baby bliss i forgot about my complaint for the day... Work.

Im working until baby is born. this week was supposed to be my first week of NO supervisory shifts. too risky for the company and i kind of wanted a wind-down from the responsibility before i gave birth. guess what? Im not only working SIX days next week (my next day off is next Sunday!) but its 10 days in a row of supervising. our other supervisor caught mono. my manager is doing 80 hours. terrible situation for all of us.
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Just a funny fly-by...I am feeling hiccups in my butt :) 

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Madi and Carlin--For sure, I'm taking probiotics anyway. I also know that my case of GBS is not that severe. It is not in my urine, and my midwives are not urging the abx like they would be if it was serious. I'm not doing the garlic! I just can't. And besides, the point would be simply to get a negative test, which I'm not sure really matters all that much. In the UK and other European countries they don't even bother to test, which sorta reinforces to me that the test is not terribly reliable. After all, it is such a common bacteria, and it comes and goes in all women, that while there are women who test positive and may not have it during labor, the same can be true vice versa--test negative and have it at birth. And of the women who do have it, the chance of infection is still only 2%.


There's actually a great article about this on this site, which goes into the pros and cons of abx, as well: http://mothering.com/pregnancy-birth/treating-group-b-strep

It also talks about the hand that abx can play in e.coli passing to the child.

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37 Weeks today too! I went to Home Depot with DH and was sitting on a stool waiting for paint to be mixed when two different people asked me if I was okay! Yes, I'm just sitting here, why wouldn't I be? But they were nice and didn't comment on my size so no complaints. Granted, with the pressure I'm having, it certainly does feel like the baby could just fall out but reaslistically, I don't think that will happen so you random people don't need to worry about being an accidental witness to the birth :-) 


I'm still waiting on my GBS test results. I didn't have it last time so I'm not "really" worried except that my DH's brother died at two days old because of it so its the one thing that freaks me out during my pregnancy - at least until I get the results (sorry, I probably shouldn't even say that here, I don't want to scare people - but DH and his family don't like to talk about it so I don't feel like I can vent my feelings anywhere else).  I'm still not sure I'd do abx if I was positive because I want to believe statistics more than antectdotal evidence - but its still nerve wracking for me. My midwife's prophylactic protocol is garlic (ingested, not inserted :-), vitamin c, bee pollen, a probiotic, and echinacea (every other week). I don't know how much it does to prevent GBS but I do think it helps general immunity because DD has gotten sick twice and at 2, she really likes to share her germs, but neither time did I get sick and I'm normally the first one in the house to get anything. I figure it can't hurt GBS either. 


We don't have a girls name either and I'm beginning to have nightmares we have a girl and don't name her for 3 days. Of course, I guess that wouldn't be the end of the world but one of my favorite memories of DD's birth is lifting her up to my chest for the first time and calling her by her name. Maybe me and DH will have some sort of joint revelation in the next week or two and finally come up with something we both love - a girl can hope, right?

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We still don't have any names that are just jumping out at me. 

We have some front runners, but nothing specific.  Which I guess is why we have a short list going into the birth, yeah?


I THINK our girl front runners are: 

Isis, Winter, and Saavedra


Santiago, Vanderlei, and Foxwilde


I THINK.  That can change any day you know?




I'm at 36.5 weeks. atm.  I have a home visit on Tuesday so I'll be spending a few days cleaning.  Our place is SO not company ready.  While i'm sure it doesn't have to be perfect, It needs to be better than it is.  (although, I've NEVER gotten a nesting urge and I'm so NOT a deep cleaner, ever)  What makes it even worse is that we have NO storage.  None.  :(  it'll all work out.

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re: names- some of our last minute contenders were Raven and Lucy. I like London too. DS has a kid in his class named Memphis.
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Joining the 37 weeks today party! :) Ordered our birth kit on Thursday and it arrived yesterday. At this point, whenever baby wants to come is fine with me.. she measures right on but still, sharing a body with that much baby is getting a bit more uncomfortable. In the meantime, I'm working on getting myself in a good place mentally. The elevated BP reading coming out of seemingly nowhere shook me a bit, messed with my trust that I'd continue to be healthy and low-risk, and I've had to have some self-talks about my/my body's ability to bring this baby into the world. I'm doing everything I can to address the BP and hoping it'll turn out to be a fluke that I can look at as a wake-up call.


Today feels good. The temps are low enough that I went for a nice walk with my husband, and I'm done with the 48-hour detox my midwife ordered, which was kind of miserable- she limits to 48 hours because it's really just not enough protein or fat, but even though I felt like I was stuffing myself with fruits and veggies the calorie deficit triggered a migraine that's only now tapering off. Last night I roasted a chicken for dinner and my body was so very happy about that.. going forward, good protein is back, the refined stuff is out.


Evi, happy birthday to your husband! Hope it's a good one.

WCM, I'm happy that you got good news about the babe! Sorry about the extra work- that can't be easy.

MK, butt hiccups.. funny :)


Have a good weekend, everyone.

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For those still looking for a girls name. I was/am IN LOVE with Isla (eye-la) but we already know a little girl with that name so we scratched it off the list. And well, I'm having a boy. orngbiggrin.gif


I slept in until 1 pm today. DH was home to look after the girls so I just stayed in bed and slept (well, and peed nearly every hour). It was heaven. I feel like a teenager.


At my midwife appointment last week, she said he looked to be about 8 lbs. I'm 39 weeks today so he could put on what? Another 1/2 pound if he's born on time? I love big babies. Not sure what to do with the teeny ones. LOL Both of my previous babies have been around 9 lbs.


I can't believe I am due in ONE week. Crazy!! 

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Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post

Not sure what to do with the teeny ones. LOL Both of my previous babies have been around 9 lbs.

my first was 6 1. this babe was 6 14. my neighbor came over yesterday and said "he's so puny!" i love my puny babies !!
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At my midwife appointment last week, she said he looked to be about 8 lbs. I'm 39 weeks today so he could put on what? Another 1/2 pound if he's born on time? I love big babies. Not sure what to do with the teeny ones. LOL Both of my previous babies have been around 9 lbs.


My last 2 were in the mid 9s...so different from my SIL's that were 5-9 and 6-14! This one may end up being a little smaller, but we thought that about the last one too :)

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i love babies puny and huge! can't wait to see some more of ours arrive!! I have no idea what to expect from our LO size-wise.  I was 8 lbs 11 ounces, DH was 11 lbs!! And he is a lean, somewhat tall/average guy. 


ColoradoMama, so glad to hear that everything's fine.


Hyde, roast chicken sounds delish.


Mamalove, 37 weeks! That's fantastic!


Funny that girls names are such a common problem! We used family names so it was a pretty quick decision for us: Lillian Celeste if this lil one is a girl.  But I will be shocked (and so delighted) if this baby pops out and it's a girl!  She'll have a lot of little boy's clothing :) Love Raven and Lucy.  Would be nice names for sisters too. 

Dh and I cleaned, organized, and then rearranged furniture tonight - our place looks spic n span :) I've taken about three naps today - so nice. DH has been chatty about his reading in the Birth Partner, and he packed his bag for the birthing center today. <3 I made a big pot of split pea soup for dinner and I've got a batch of that NY Times no-knead bread bubbling on the counter, should be ready tomorrow afternoon.  We've got mellow 'Yo La Tengo' playing and have cracked a bottle of red.  (Just a sip for me ;) The weather was cool and rainy today (YAY!!) so we took the pooch for a long walk in the forest, so she's relaxed and sleeping belly up on the rug, even the cat is just chilling.  Every window open and a downright chilly breeze is coming through the house.  Life is sweet. 


Last night was just off and I slept badly, had hard BH every hour or so, got up so. many. times. to pee. It's only these last couple days that these BH are actually getting uncomfortable enough to kind of ache.  Then I've just been having them on and off all day - sometimes totally painless, sometimes achey.  Walking today my belly was tight the entire time, and cramping, but up high and all over.  Nothing that feels at all like timeable, rhythmical contractions.  I can see how people get over having early labor signs for a long time, because this wasn't so bad last night (I've read plenty of accounts here on MDC of much, much worse), but still I felt tired and kind of over it this morning.  Been getting that jolt down my inner thighs and booty throughout the day, my whole vagina area just feels a little tender, almost as if it were lightly bruised, and now my hips set into a nice steady ache once I get into bed - so I guess what I'm trying to say is: I'm 9 months pregnant! haha.  My 38 week appt is on Tuesday, I'm looking forward to it.  Our midwife is kind of shy but she opens up more each time and I'm really liking her. 

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Evi-- happy birthday to your husband! It's my mom's birthday too smile.gif

WCM-- I'm glad you've made it to 37 weeks... it's a good milestone to meet, especially with all the issues you've had.

I was napping blissfully earlier and woke up feeling like I was truly going to DIE from the acid reflux from eating fast food tacos for lunch. It was burning my throat so badly and the acid bubbling up into my mouth in spurts of nastiness nearly made me puke my guts up on top of feeling like (and almost wanting to) die right then. What a terrible way to wake up. My throat still burns (even after all the papaya enzyme I ate).

I want to go sew, I need to do laundry, and I need to clean up more. Clearly birth is nowhere near because I have no desire to do anything at all but sit on my bed, drink water, and play on my phone. ... Wait... I *might* almost be convinced I could be motivated enough to get a chocolate milkshake... hmmm...

Oh... this name dilemma is really starting to wear on me. I like Penelope, Clementine, Willa, Della (it's my MILs middle name), Calliope, Juliana... and hosts of others, but I feel so.scattered all over the place... and can't find a middle name I really like either. If this baby is a girl, I'm afraid she'll remain nameless for days or even weeks!
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Happy birthday to your DH, Evi!  Hope you spent a nice day together :)


MonkeyKeeper - Serioulsy lol at hiccups in your butt!!


WCM - Glad to hear your babe is cooperating but wow - what a workload!  I don't know how you do it. 


Maman  - you are so close!  You must be so anxious to meet your LO!


Names - after MUCH discussion, we finally found 2 girl names and 2 boy names we both like, but only 1 middle name so far.  My DH insists that they don't need middle names anyway, but all the other kids have them, and I like using meaningful/family names as middle names so I'm still trying to come up with something.  Names are tough.  And seem to get tougher the more kids you have!

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I am 38 weeks now.  I had a rough day...well it has been a rough week overall.  DH has been working a lot so I have been taking care of DD by myself all week.  today he worked in the AM and then hung out with friends the rest of the day and DD was a complete monster from 6am thru 2pm when she finally took a nap.  I just emotionally can not handle cranky toddler by myself lately!  He came home for about an hour for bedtime and I just cried when he was leaving because I am so tired.  this is the first time this pregnancy that I feel like I have hit a brick wall of exhaustion.  DD was in a good mood after nap, but by then I was so emotionally worn out that I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have.  DH will be home all day tomorrow, so hopefully I can get a chance to recharge.  Sorry to vent, just had to get it out of my head!

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