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Is the baby here yet?  If it gives you any clue of how vague I've been about my EDD, my DH had to ask me what the actual date was last night! I just keep telling everyone 'end of September' which buys me a week anyway. (I'm due 9/19)  No one is bugging me at. all. yet because they think I'm not due for another month, and I usually go late :)  Wish I had thought of this before...

My mom was a 41 weeker and was always vague about her due date. It really made a huge difference with the questions!

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For those still looking for a girls name. I was/am IN LOVE with Isla (eye-la) but we already know a little girl with that name so we scratched it off the list. And well, I'm having a boy. orngbiggrin.gif

I love Isla! The girl name that we have picked out is Eliana (Ellie for short) and we aren't telling  anyone our boy name, since we are having a boy but since you guys wont be telling my mom I just have to tell someone! Our name for this baby is David Joel. David, from the Bible and Joel after my dad. So we will have a Jesse and a David. I just love it.. I was so un - passionate about DS1's name at first so I am glad that we picked a name that doesn't have to grow on me!

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i love babies puny and huge! can't wait to see some more of ours arrive!! I have no idea what to expect from our LO size-wise.  I was 8 lbs 11 ounces, DH was 11 lbs!! And he is a lean, somewhat tall/average guy. 


I was 8 lbs and DH was 9.6 and our son was born at 9.4. Was your DH a firstborn?  MIL's babies all got steadily bigger but her first was around 7 pounds, but my mom's have varied quite a bit. So I really have no clue what to expect with this one either! My last US said he was about 5 lbs. (at 35ish weeks). I don't trust US for accurate weight though...

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Names - after MUCH discussion, we finally found 2 girl names and 2 boy names we both like, but only 1 middle name so far.  My DH insists that they don't need middle names anyway, but all the other kids have them, and I like using meaningful/family names as middle names so I'm still trying to come up with something.  Names are tough.  And seem to get tougher the more kids you have!

We like to use middle names for family too! DS1's middle name is Shay, which is gaelic like DH's name, so we consider that his "namesake" and this next bay's middle name will be after my dad, which I am so jazzed about. My parents have been WONDERFUL throughout this pg so it really means a lot to me that we can name him after my dad.


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At my midwife appointment last week, she said he looked to be about 8 lbs. I'm 39 weeks today so he could put on what? Another 1/2 pound if he's born on time? I love big babies. Not sure what to do with the teeny ones. LOL Both of my previous babies have been around 9 lbs.



Same here. DS was 9.4 so I have been trying to prepare for 10 lbs but have a hunch he might be smaller since I haven't gained as much weight this time (veggies were on the no-fly list last pg, but I have been eating really well this time!)


Mamalove - That is so great that you are at 37 weeks!!!


AFM - had my MW appt yesterday and we did my GBS test which I wasn't prepared for... I have a sweet tooth and am worried I had been eating to much sugar lately. I might call and see how she feels about me testing again if I am positive. If I don't have time I am thinking I will just prepare like I would be taking the test until labor and then not the abx? Does that sound sane? I was negative last time so it wasn't an issue but my MW tends to lean a little more on the medical side with some things so I am not sure how refusal would go down... I really should have been more careful and prepared cause I have issues with yeast but I was too lazy so now I am worried... ugh..

I am also having some crazy BHs when DS nurses. I wonder if that will coax labor to happen a bit sooner than last time ( 4 days late)... I will be 37 weeks on Monday! I am trying not to be jealous of the mamas who are due at the beginning of the month.. I get to just watch everyone have their babies while mine keeps kicking rolling onto my nerves! ah well, I'd rather let him come when he is ready I guess...eyesroll.gif

Oh! my bro came home from college this week, he plays bball at a military school and today for the first time in probably 6 or 7 years he got up before nine on the weekend! my parents were excited...lol.gif


Good greif, sorry this is so long. I am so anti-social these days this is probably the most conversation I have had out side of family!

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Hi mamas


I don't think I've posted on the Weekly Chat thread ever, but I read and wanted to drop in and say hi.  hola.gif


I'm at work (I work as a Sommelier/Wine Director) and seriously the questions I get from people are driving me insane.  It's super slow tonight, my right thigh is numb and every time I drink water I feel sick.  Joy!  So I'm taking a break and checking in.


Glad to hear most of us are doing well and ((hugs)) to those of us who are struggling.


We have yet to settle on names.

I did the GBS last apt (first one I ever consented to) because at that point, we didn't know babe's position and I didn't want to be forced onto abx if I ended up with a hospital delivery...  waiting on results.

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lol im so tired i dont have the energy to properly write this out, but on the subject of people being weird about when your having the baby.. i have been wondering what it is that makes people think its socially acceptable have this converation with me over and over --> random people:  "ohhhhh bless your heart! when are you due (sigh i live in the south lol)" Me: "september 23rd gettin pretty close ^_^"Them: "ohhh well maybe she'll come early!!".... um am i wearing a shirt only i cant see that says get this thing out of me?? im perfectly content with her staying in till her due date!!! actually my mom is coming into town on the 19th of sept and im pretty nervous about he not staying in ther long enough!!!my mom is my  reiki practioner lol i want her at my labor and birth!!! and i did the math today and realized while ive thought my due date is the 23rd its actually the 21st! so thats pretty close EEEK!

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Jules- do sugar and yeast effect gbs? I was under the impression it is a specific bacteria?

I am getting a photographer friend to do newborn pics on Tuesday! Super excited! We didn't do them with ds1.
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I tried to reply a few times yesterday but was having computer issues, like the internet would go out each time I pushed reply and the whole post was gone! So forgive me for not doing personal replies, I had some yesterday and now I feel like I can't catch up LOL. 


It's been an interesting past few days - I have had horribly painful heart burn. Like, incapacitating really. It's way better today. That and really bad muscle pain (not related to pregnancy but to an as of yet unresolved health issue), plus my pelvis feels sore - so I've been in bed a lot. Couple that with DH working a 12 hour day yesterday and then rushing to go to his friend's house this morning and being grouchy with me for being too slow even though I couldn't fall asleep until 4am. I dropped him and my son off at our friends house and not two minutes later I got pulled over by a cop. Thank God he was a nice one and maybe it helped that I'm pregnant and have my adorable daughter in the back seat? LOL. DH and my licences both expired recently and they have a new law where you  have to have your birth cert on file to renew your licence. We haven't been able to find ours anywhere which means we have to order it from our respective states - we are in Florida but I was born in California and he was born in New York. It costs money to order them and have them mailed, etc etc. The cop was super understanding and I was so relieved he let me go with a warning. But now we must wait until DH's paycheck on Friday to do the paperwork/order our birth certs. Not sure what I'm going to do about my prenatal appointment on Tuesday :(. The cop gave me the warning and said if we got pulled over again the ticket would be a few hundred dollars!


I just feel challenged on all sides right now. I'm stuck in the house, which means I should spend some time nesting. But physically I am feeling really run down. And DH can only do so much when he gets home from work, he has been working very hard and working overtime. 


Okay, vent over! I know I'll get through this rough spot it just sucks being right in the middle of it. 

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worldshakerz, I've heard a lot of talk about watermelon being the magical cure-all for pregnancy heartburn (and swelling and dehydration). I've just been eating the stuff because it's hot outside, but it's worth a shot! 

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