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WCM-- Thinking of you and hoping for the absolute best in terms of you and your baby!!

we made a pitstop along our way (hitting one of the two malls in the entire state) and too much walking brings on contractions that are hard to walk through, so I'm just sitting. My mouth is watering at the thought of a delicious lemonade stand here...but I'm staying put.
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WCM- Bummer that they don't have a waterproof monitor. But maybe you don't even want water right now! I'm glad you're getting the care you need right now and are ok with a r/cs. I know that wasn't in your plan/vision, and it might not happen- but if that's how things turn out, I'm glad you're ok with it. So best of luck mama!!


AnyaRose- what a frightening stressful 48 hours you've been through! I'm glad you've come to a decision and that you have a place to nest and welcome Nico.


JudyBean- have a wonderful trip! What a monumental day for your family!!! I'm sure you'll come back ready to hunker down and be able to focus on the baby (focus- ha! I only have 3 so far and this poor baby keeps getting little to no focus from me- there's just too much else to keep up with and I know he's growing and doing fine in there! I'm sure chasing after 4 is much the same)


wendipauline - what's the scoop with you??


teegan- I've been thinking for a while about what you said a few weeks ago and haven't had the chance to muse about it. I can so relate to having a hard time meeting people and feeling that they really KNOW me- all parts of me. The crazy wild 20 y.o. me, the fun adventurous me, the practical mom me. Everyone is so dynamic and I am for sure guilty of not immediately recognizing that new people I meet have many facets to them. It'd be great if we could all start from that assumption and eagerly await to peel back the onion.


afm- Nothing really going on...Gearing up for the start of school for my older 2- being bummed about the end of summer. Pretty ready for baby- just need to install the car seat base and pack the bag for the hospital. But that can wait for another week or so.

I'm 38wks on Thurs, so another 2-3 weeks and I'll meet baby#4!

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Ava's Mama- I meant to add that we bought our kids books that they'll get when they first meet the baby. Nothing really keepsake. Just some fun new books to read.

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ascher--Great news that your home visit went well!  I loathe showers, so I can see how you might be on a bit of overload. UGH. The varicosity sounds awful. My labia as a whole are a bit puffy. I can only imagine what that would be like...


Ava's Mama--Oh, what a lovely day you must've had yesterday!  And what thoughtful friends!! I've only gained about the same as you this time--but that is less than I've gained before, so I feel small :)


judy--I have been thinking of you allllll day and hoping your trip was going well. Stay put baby!  Enjoy this momentous occasion.


Jend1002--Thanks...it was a huge win. Just hoping he keeps thinking it's so cool :) Sounds like it could be soon for you. Crazy!  I can't wrap my brain around going early but I guess it IS a possibility. 


Worldshakerz--I've been getting routine chiro care this time vs. troubleshooting the last time, and it has made a huge difference. I did acupuncture in early labor with DS, and it really kicked things into gear. So I want to try it a bit prophylactically this time. So glad you are enjoying your quiet time with DH, I could go for some of that myself.


AnyaRose--I'm glad you are somewhere safe and are feeling at peace with your decision. What a horrible situation to be in so close to Nico's birth. I will be thinking of you. 


WCM--I am thinking of you and am glad that you are at peace with whatever happens today. Love and light to you!


Maman--Oh crud. What a frustrating fire drill!! Glad you got her there. I cannot believe you are 38+2...I think I truly am in denial of how close we all are!


beans--IKWYM about the 4th.  I thought #3 was along for the ride. WOW, that was nothing compared to this :)  


sibling gifts--We don't do them, but each of the kids does get a Big Bro/Big Sis shirt to wear to the hospital to welcome the newbie.



Great chiro adjustment--baby is head down and nicely positioned. Woot!!!

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Can't wait to hear from WCM again :). How exciting.


Nothing here, just the last few days of summer break. My kids got to fly in a little airplane (Cessna) today. They loved it. We went for a an airport tour with the playgroup and next thing you know one of the teachers there offered to take the kids for a little ride in the plane. How nice of him cause it took forever. There were at least 20 kids and only 3 always fit in the machine.


Later tonight we have our karate yellow belt awards ceremony. I'm excited to see if both my kids got it. The teacher said that Allie did really well during the test..and I cheated on her age. She had to be at least four when I signed her up and that was in June...she turned four in August. She was the only girl but yet one of the best...so proud of her.


AFM: If it wasn't for that big ol belly I'd totally forget that I'm pregnant. I feel really really good...no pains, no aches, little contractions, no heartburn, swelling etc. I fell great. I also have one more ultrasound on Friday for positioning. Right now it feels like she's posterior, not liking that but maybe she'll turn. We'll see.


Hope everyone has a great day.

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@Ava's mama- if she doesn't already have them, a bicycle, scooter, or skate board are what all the 3.5 year olds I know are into. She would use and enjoy it for a couple years until she outgrows it.

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Yay! Carpet cleaners just left. I have been unable to get a lot of stuff done due to the pregnancy fog leaving me unable to make simple decisions, BUT I knew I couldn't comfortably labor in the basement unless the carpet was cleaned and deodorized. Perfect timing, too, because the midwives are bringing the tub during our 36 week appt on Thursday. Previous owners must have left animals down there for long periods of time.

Also, my second prenatal massage with a *fabulous* massage therapist is tomorrow morning. I'm feeling really great, this pregnancy, but I always have knots in my back, and my hips are so loose that I worry about imbalances in my alignment.

I'm working on getting our playroom in good order- hanging a mirror, putting up hooks to keep some stuff off the floor, generally organizing the space. After that, I need to get my own bedroom in order since I hope to spend the better part of two weeks there. I've already gotten some plants. DH wants to get a king size bed so the whole family will fit, but wow- adding up everything that would cost is a bit gut wrenching! I'd rather stick with a queen just to keep bedding prices in check =P Our boys have never slept with us past 5 or 6 months, so it isn't a necessity.

I got the boys some Usborne Lift-the-flap books for when Nana has left and Daddy is back to work, but that is for my own sanity in transition than a 'gift' from the new baby. Gifting isn't particularly special to me or DH, so we don't put a whole lot of emphasis on it (though we'll adjust that if they mean more to one of our kids).
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We got a king sized bed (ikea brand) off Craigslist for like 150.  This included the mattress and side tables.  :)  I'm sure you could get a new mattress at affordable prices if you don't want a semi-used one.

Ikea also has affordable sheets, if you want to go that route.


Just wanted to let you know in case.  Cause, let me tell you, a King sized bed is WONDERFUL!  there is SOOO much room!

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Re King Size Bed - We also got a king size bed about a month ago and it is amazing.  We got the mattress at Bob's Discount "Pit", not sure if Bob's is just a Northeast franchise, but there might be a similar discount place in your area.  I got pretty nice sheets online for relatively cheap too.  Anyways, it was totally worth it!

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Update.. No baby yet. i agreed to stadol and phenergan at 1pm to knock me out, and see if they would kill the ctx. they did, but now that im awake and cervix hasn't progressed,they are sending me home despite my contractions that hurt like hell and make me almost physically sick. i woke up, came down from my 'high' and immediately as the meds wore off i started contracting.

This sucks.
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Wow, WCM, that does suck! I hope you got some rest out of it. How long is the trip to/from hospital? I hope you are able to find some comfort at home. I'll be thinking about you! Wish I could help in some way.
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WCM - Sorry to hear things are rough right now.  Hopefully you are about to rest and relax some at home and things will pick up again when you are feeling better.


MonkeyKeeper - sounds like you have been hard at work getting everything ready - doesn't it feel good to cross so many things off the to-do list??  I totally agree about the unreliability of u/s this late in the game.  I have to go for growth every 2 weeks and they have so much trouble getting measurements cause the babies are just so crowded at this point.  I can't see how it's accurate at all.


Ava'sMama - your blessing sounds so nice!  And then a sweet date with your DH?  Doesn't get any better than that!  We are giving our older girls each a doll from the new babies.  Ours are younger than yours though, only 19 months.


judy - Hope you have a good trip and baby stays put!  At least we know you'll look awesome rocking one of your fab maternity dresses :)


Jend - when is your next appointment?  It could be just your body getting ready but I would be anxious too if I was having regular contractions this early on.


worldshakers - Sounds so nice to get to spend some quality time alone with DH before the new baby arrives.  I'm glad you're able to enjoy it!


Maman - I hope things start happening for you soon!


beans - I know what you mean about back to school.  I'm really going to miss my big guy when he starts back to school, I loved seeing him around so much this summer.


MIssE - Hope the karate presentation went well!  I'm a little jealous that you feel so great but glad things are going well :) 


help - We upgraded to a kingsize when I was pregnant with the girls and it was the BEST. THING. EVER.  For the better part of the last year we have had a king size on the floor next to a queen size and it comfortably sleeps everyone, even my 11 year old on the odd occasion he likes to hang out there too.  But the king size alone gave enough space for me, DH, and two babies and was totally worth it. 



AFM, I have to share some great news!  I am so pumped about my new OB :)  He is awesome!  He is, of course, one of 10 OB's on call so there's no guarantee that he will be the one there when I deliver BUT he says he is fine with me having both babies in an L&D room instead of the OR, no IV (just a hep lock, in case), no epidural, can birth standing up, squatting, or on my side...and he is fine with a breech Baby B as long as Baby A is head down.  SO wonderful!  I can't begin to tell you how much better this makes me feel about going to the hospital. 


And, believe it or not, on the phone last night my midwife brought up doing a stretch and sweep at my next appointment (!!) for no apparent reason.  I'm only 36 weeks!  This is the second time she has brought up induction.  So I told her that I would like to wait and see where we're at then, and as long as babies are doing well, I don't see any reason to rush them out. 


When talking with the OB today he asked my thoughts on induction and I told him and he said he would be perfectly fine going to 40 weeks!  I am so so glad he is not one of those doctors to intervene just for the sake of doing *something*.  He actually seems more easygoing than my midwife....wasn't expecting that!


Anyways, just had to share cause I'm so happy to be with an OB that is so awesome :)

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Originally Posted by WindyCityMom View Post

I ended up going into the hospital... Important still here being monitored. the first midwife checked me and told me i had a cervix of steel. I did lose some plug and mucous whill here. was just checked again.. No cervical changes. im still contracting. They are not changing my cervix. I am in so much pain. advice? They are sending me home at 11am if i haven't progressed.

Spinning Babies!! Makes such a difference.

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WCM, don't be afraid of a rupture. just don't let them induce you at all. refuse an induction, unless absolutely beyond-a-doubt needed (can't think of a reason in your case right now). an induction on a scar is what raises the risk, nothing else, really. 


I am sorry you are in so much pain and discomfort.

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So much going on!


Today was one heck of a day. We had school orientation for the older 2 this morning, then new school K orientation for the younger this evening at 5:30. My plan was to do morning orientation, come home and clean b/c we have a friend coming over tomorrow after (the first day, half day, of school), then go to K orientation. Well, instead, my 10 year old decided to fall 20 feet out of a tree onto his back this afternoon. So, we got to spend 4 hours in the ER, instead. SO came and got the other two just in time to go hear K orientation and we got done with the ER (he's totally fine, some temporary muscular issues) in time to get drive through dinner and get them home to bed before our first day of school that I'm now WAY less prepared for. Grocery shopping, backpack and other school odds and ends shopping, and library returns did not happen today. Sigh.


On the update (as referred to in my above post) I have been much more comfortable and happy the last couple days. I've been sleeping poorly the second half of the night, and waking quite pained in the morning with my hips and pubic bone aching. We did this move two nights ago and I immediately felt lighter, more comfortable and had NO pain when I woke. Amazing! http://spinningbabies.com/techniques/activities-for-fetal-positioning/side-lying-release


Seriously, WCM, please do these techniques! It could be the difference between an induction or even a c-section. http://spinningbabies.com/techniques

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@ Ava's Mama - My parents got new brother toys for my younger bros(6, 4, and 2)  when my youngest bro Joash was born. He brought them legos. They all thought it was so funny when my dad told them that Joash had to go to Toys r Us and find them and that is why he took so long to get here! Legos aren't really keepsakes but it was a great thing for them to play with at the hospital... I think new sibling toys are a great idea! I am debating doing that for my son but since he will only be 1 idk that he will understand... I have been telling him that his new brother will bring lots of milk... maybe that is better than a toy for a 1 yo? lol


WCM- I hope you find some relief keep us updated!


Yeeska - So glad your son is ok!


AFM - I had a good weekend. Had my parents and brothers over for dinner Friday night. We don't have them over often because our place is so small and it gets pretty cramped with all the little guys runnin around. But my parents are so laid back I like having them over cause everything doesn't have to be perfect. My mom even cleaned up the kitchen afterwards since I babysat for her that day! My brother, Jake moved into his dorms Friday and has been getting settled, he got a scholarship for basketball so we are all really proud of him, it's been his dream since we were little kids! On Sunday my MIL took DS for a good part of the day and I got a TON of cleaning done. I felt so good about that! I also needed a break from DS since he hasn't been sleeping well and can be very clingy when he isn't rested, also my irritating pregnancy hormones don't help. I get mood swings like nobody's business...

Today was kinda weird, I had constant sharp pains in my lower belly... I wasn't bleeding but was worried that something was going to happen (I'm only 26 weeks, MW won't deliver until 37 weeks).. Thankfully around noon I went to the bathroom and everything was better, I think it was just intestinal cramps which I get sometimes but these scared me because they did not let up all morning! Other than that... just the occasional BH for me, they are getting pretty hard though, not so easy to ignore this time around!

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Thanks everyone. i did ask about a foley catheter induction but they wouldn't because im not 37wks in their book. also they don't augment vbacs chemically.. which is great. my body was trying so hard to produce a baby..my cervix was just on a different page. its 4 Am and i keep getting woken up but ctx. Going to eat something and bounce on my birth ball a little. i have been using spinning babies techniques to avoid a breech or posterior baby. thankfully she is neither now!

I forgot to bring my ball into the hospital with me. had i done that, I think I would have helped my cervix out. the monitoring cords were quite long... About 6 feet or so.

I have a midwife appointment this morning so ill update. i have my gbs test today also.
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Thinking of you WCM!


Yeeska, I completely agree about the spinningbabies. 

So my MW called today to say that my GBS came back negative, I'm relieved.  I'd pretty much been planning on a positive result because I tested positive at 6 weeks (had some bleeding and they did a GBS test among others to rule out problems).  I know it can come and go, but I wanted it to GO, so I ate a ton of probiotic foods and applying homemade milk kefir to myself every third evening or so for the five-six weeks before the test helped boost my beneficial bacteria and try to crowd out the GBS.  Who knows if it was just a coincidence.

I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, so I'll be cleared for the birthing center then. My midwife said again today that she doesn't think I'll make it to due date, -- I'm all prepared for the baby now, so I just ignore ignore ignore that so that I can stay calm and wait for him to come when he's ready :)

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Miranda - hooray for a negative gbs test!!
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WCM, I've also heard that Wild Yam supplements can help with irritable uterus. I had a friend who had stuff similar to you and she said that it really helped her. She took the wild yam and the contractions she did have were coordinated and constructive, but she stopped having the unproductive ones. She ended up calming things down and getting to just short of 39 weeks! Anyway, she got hers at The Vitamin Shoppe, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

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