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Stretch Marks: Um, I'd be thanking the heavens if I only had one stretch mark! Around week 25 I noticed my ENTIRE behind and thighs are covered in stretch marks! I also felt a little sad when I noticed them. But there's nothing I can do about it. Not even preventative measures (was moisturizing on a constant basis and now I use vitamin e and cocoa butter and no help). My only hope is that they will, indeed, fade. At least then I wouldn't have to buy a skirt bottom for my bathing suit. :)

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IRT stretch marks: http://theshapeofamother.com/

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I have a few strechmarks but they are very faint and believe it or not, they didn't show up until after DS was born. I think the looong pushing phase I had with him caused them or maybe I was just totally clueless before that and didn't notice them. They are very faint, no big red streaks but you know, looking at my veiny belly I do notice them. They'll disaapear mostly once baby is out.


DS pulled up his shirt and showed me his 5-year sixpack and said "Mom, your belly used to look like that before it got big"...hmm...the stuff kids say.


I started taking 5W and EPO (orally for now) last week and I have noticed that my braxton hicks contractions are actually less painful. I wonder if it's the 5W or just a coincidence? I'm not doing RRL tea cause I'm scared I'll have too many conractions. I woke up a few times last night with a rock hard belly which might have been due to a full bladder or whatnot but nothing painful. So, all is quiet over here.

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"Mom, your belly used to look like that before it got big"...hmm...the stuff kids say.

I'm not doing RRL tea cause I'm scared I'll have too many conractions.
the night i went into labor i had 3 big glasses of a mega strong infusion of RRL. i hadnt been remembering to brew it consistently for the previous few weeks..
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Hi all!  I've been gone for what feels like forever.  I came to check in today because I'm 35 weeks and realized there HAD to be some babies already.  Congrats to all the mamas with babes!

I'm 35 weeks today, homevisit on Friday.  I have my supplies all ready to go.  Had my last appt on Thursday and baby is head down, low and right occiput transverse (but still switching back and forth).  I'm feeling okay, but not so great that I'm still working out (stopped about 2 weeks ago).  I am still coaching 6 hours a week, but next week is my last.  The girls at my gym are throwing me a shower this Saturday, and my blessingway is the 9th of September.  

I'll be honest - I'm feeling very "over" this pregnancy, and am just anxious to meet babe, find out the sex, etc.  But hanging tight.  I don't really expect to go any earlier than I did with my daughter (my only other homebirth -she was only 4 days early), so I've got quite a while yet!  And I feel like the babe has some growing to do - even at 39+3, my daughter was only 6lbs15oz, so my babies need some time to bake.  :-)  I took a picture and will up date the thread with that too.  


Anyway - just watned to check in, say hi and see how everyone is doing!

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WCM - How ya doin? I hope you are getting decent rest! Thinking about you!



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Stretch Marks: Um, I'd be thanking the heavens if I only had one stretch mark! Around week 25 I noticed my ENTIRE behind and thighs are covered in stretch marks! I also felt a little sad when I noticed them.

That is exactly what happened to me during my first pg! From boobs to thighs I am just one big stretch mark!! At first I thought my tummy escaped, but they were on the underside where I couldn't because of my huge baby belly!. It was a little sad but DH doesn't mind (after all it was his baby! lol) so they don't bother me much... The ones on my hips are huge.. I think I have one that is almost an inch wide!


I found this the other day and just loved it!




I have had a pretty rough day. That whole nursing uncovered thing from a few weeks back apparently is still a hot button issue around here. I found out today that a lot of people are glad that my friend's husband said what he did because it needed to be said... So in addition to passive aggressive bs on facebook, they are also talking about me  behind my back! YAY!


In other news I have a MW appt tomorrow so that's something to look forward to... I just hope my blood pressure is ok lol

Does anyone else hear a weird *slosh* or *squish* noise when they sometimes get up? I hear that every once in a while and it is clearly coming from my belly. It's usually only when I am getting up and have to kind of squish my belly. It's still kinda weird to hear. I wasn't sure if anyone else had that sometimes...

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The girls are here!!!!

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Congratulations 13 Pumpkins! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifCan't wait to hear the details when you have a moment!

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YAY!!!! how exciting!!! cant wait to here more about it! congrats mama!!! joy.gif

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Those with babies- CONGRATS!! :)


Stretch marks- I got a ton with my first daughter (prepreg weight was 112, I went up to 160!) and they finally faded (though they are still there, just flesh colored and not bright red) now four years later.  Those were on belly, butt, legs, back.. I even somehow got a few on my calves.  With DD2 I got a few on my sides, but I was all belly.  This time, none.  I've been stretched to greater lengths before, I guess, lol.



And thanks again everyone, I'm doing ok.  I'm tired.  I'm back at work Thursday.  I should really start drinking my RRL tea... maybe my uterus is out of shape and that's why I've been having crazy contractions?  Even on the monitors, they weren't smooth hills (for the most part), more like rocky mountains.

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Yay! 13 Pumpkins!  You are awesome!! Congratulations!  heartbeat.gifheartbeat.gifheartbeat.gif

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So thrilled for 13pumpkins!! Can't wait to hear more and maybe see some photos!!


Jend and others having meltdowns, I was so there last week.  My mom was visiting and it's so great to have her, but it's so difficult emotionally and I found myself either really snippy with her or sobbing after she went to bed because I could smell her lotion on my couch cushions and it made me miss her before she had even gone home.  Actually it makes me cry just thinking about it.  I think having this baby makes me contemplate her mortality and the fact that we don't live close - whatever the case, I've been a wreck for her entire visit.  The other day was really, really hot and we skipped lunch (had late breakfast) and ate dinner at about 10pm, I seriously didn't feel hungry at all, I guess because of the heat.  So by the time dinner was done I had closed myself up in the kitchen and was frantically cleaning and sobbing - not sure why! DH came down and silently just gave me a hug and held on to me for a while, he's so good.  I've been careful not to skip meals since then. 

Stretchmarks, gah, I haven't found any of the purple kind yet, but I had a few silver marks on my hips and thighs before I even got pregnant that are creepin' up now . . . there's one spot in our livingroom that I just CAN'T sit because the light shows the stretch marks so so so clearly and I get worried about them.  Every other place in my house they're lightly or even barely visible and I can deal, in this one chair I always seem to notice and feel like they look terrible. 


I'm not working anymore, and DH and I decided on an amount that gets automatically transferred to me each month for groceries, household stuff, things I need, whatever - it's our budgeting system, and it arrives on the 7th . . . we had houseguests last month and then my mom this month, plus final baby purchases, so it's been spent pretty fast -- and with my mom's visit we had to put the cat in the kennel for 13 days, had lots of random extra expenses (meals out, extra or more interesting groceries, a boat trip on our local lake, some cash I owed her for things she brought from the US etc), so I just checked this morning and I'm down to less than $100 until the 7th of September!! Including groceries! I could just ask DH for more, but cash is tight right now anyway, so it'd be really good for us to stick within budget despite having guests.  I'm going through the pantry and trying to do some creative meal planning for the next couple of weeks.  Groceries are very expensive here so it's a crunch.  Hopefully I'll go into labor soon because we'll be fed all meals by the birthing center for five days when that happens, hahaha. 


I still have house cleaning to do but my baby prep is completely done.  I've packed the baby's stuff for the birthing center, just need to pack for myself and DH.  Baby clothes are totally ready and organized, I even stuffed his cloth diapers.  I'm in the process of making a bunch of cloth wipes from old flannel receiving blankets, they're cut out, just need to get the edges stitched.  Really looking forward to meeting this boy. 


We've been swimming almost every evening, it's the only way to escape the heat.  Overall, feelin' good and checking our DDC constantly to see if there are any new babies!!


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Congratulations, 13pumpkins!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! The experience, their names, and their pictures!!
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Congratulations 13pumpkins!  That is wonderful news!  I hope everyone is doing well and you are seriously a rockstar for carrying them so long!  Can't wait to hear more about them and their arrival :)

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Yay 13pumpkins! Congratulations on the births!

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13Pumpkins, a big congratz to you! Like everyone else, I can't wait to hear more and also see pictures joy.gif


WCM, Glad the contractions have eased up to let you rest. What at tease the whole thing has been for you! I'm sure the RRL tea will do something good for you though. 


Goin Green, Good to hear from you. I totally understand the feeling of being "over it". The last few weeks is such a waiting game.


Stretch marks - I got a lot with my first pregnancy, they started out red and then faded to white as time went by (belly, butt, boobs). With my second pregnancy I thought I wouldn't get any new ones but then in month 8 they continued from where they had left off and i got just a few above my belly button. This pregnancy I haven't gotten any new ones (knock on wood!). LOL, really though once they fade its not so bad at all. 


I have so much to do and so little ambition. Well, actually the ambition is there but the energy hasn't been so much. I really need to visit the chiro. The past few days my lower back/hips/pelvis have been really uncomfortable. Seriously, yesterday whenever I got up from laying or sitting down, I had to hold onto things to walk. That's no good! DH did give me a wonderful massage that helped quite a bit. 


DH's 4 day vacation ended yesterday. We all had so much fun together. The kids enjoyed spending 2 days with their grandparents. They were invited to stay one more night but my daughter insisted on coming home to spend time with her daddy while he was on vacation stillheart.gif The arcade was fun yesterday, we all had a blast. We had Chili's for dinner - I had this awesome salad with mixed greens, grilled chicken, red pepper, green onion, avocado, pineapple, dried cherries, and mandarin oranges. I believe I will be shopping for the ingredients to make my own version at home!


Today is a busy day - including mega grocery shopping. Trip to the bank. And laundry. And cleaning. I really want to hire someone to clean my house, honestly I don't know how else I will ever catch up!

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Congratulations 13pumpkins! Welcome babies! :)


goin' green, good to see you!


Miranda, sorry your mom's visit was such an emotional rollercoaster. I'm with you and everyone else that is just getting hit harder by emotional things these days- normally pretty good, but definitely more tears when I'm upset about anything. Did you guys decide what to do about the kennel situation?


WCM, I'm glad you're doing alright. Talk about an emotional (and physical) rollercoaster..


Princessjules, sending a hug. Do you have any BFing friends in town? Other people are just always going to have their hangups.. I am constantly surprised at what some people find offensive, even when it has nothing to do with me. And when it does relate to something you do/support, it can be hard not to take personally. I'm glad your husband is in your corner. Hang in there and do your best to let it all roll off your back.. it's not you, it's them, and it sounds like a lot of them have immaturity/passive aggressiveness issues to deal with as well.




Re: stretchmarks- I'm lucky in that I've had them for forever. I kind of actually love the ones I have in the hip/butt/thigh region.. the stomach ones I'm not super excited about, but because I used to be heavier than I am even now in late pregnancy, I've been able to 'recycle', hehe. It seems like they're toughest to deal with when they're new and you're still trying to assimilate them into your mental image of your body. Love to all the mamas who are finding this frustrating. 


Re: housecleaning- Everyone keeps asking me whether I'm scrubbing baseboards and washing curtains yet, but, while we're pretty much clutter-free and keep up with the basics, I don't see the really detailed, intensive stuff happening, even if I get crazy nesty- I just do not have the deep cleaning gene. What I do have is a deal I bought on Angie's List for a cleaning service for a few hours, which I want to use for kind of the last big cleanup before the birth. The question is, when do I schedule them for? Any thoughts? EDD 9/15, but.. dizzy.gif


AFM, yesterday I was able to get a fair amount of work done compared to what I have been doing, and that felt good. I've been dealing with painful trapped gas the past couple of nights, which does not feel good at all, and last night had nausea and some other bathroom issues.. On the bright side, I realized that we need something upstairs for me to puke in if I'm on the toilet, so I'll chalk last night's discomfort up to getting a bit more prepared for the birth. I have a mw visit today, or so I hope. She rescheduled from yesterday but it's hard to be mad when it's a home visit and she's 45 minutes away. I want to go over her list for the birth kit, and then I guess I'll go ahead and order today- this could actually happen at home anytime after Saturday!

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YAY! The 2nd trips are here!!  Congrats 13pumpkins!!!!!!!!!




Stretch marks--I didn't find mine till after DD1 was born , either. I have very few, barely-there skin colored ones on my lower back and my hips and a TON across the top of my breasts. Then I had DD2. Ha!  All around my belly button--at 37w, they just appeared!. And I think I got more on my stomach from DS (9lb5oz + polyhydramnios!!).  Oh well. My stomach was never my best feature anyway!  I don't think I've gotten any more this time, but I definitely am smaller.


Emotional--I am not there. Which is strange for me. I usually am a basketcase, but I am really calm and happy right now, if a bit shorter tempered. I am, however, on a cleaning/laundering/organizing binge. Perhaps that is where my energy is going!


Labor prep--Remind me what 5W is?  And I do need to brew some RRL tea....  I started EPO on Monday, 1000mg orally, along with a probiotic for GBS and 1000mg of Vitamin C. I will up my EPO and add vaginally after my GBS swab next week.  Is anyone doing the garlic protocol for GBS? 

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Congrats 13Pumpkins!


Emotional -yes!  My DD gave me a really hard time morning and evening the past two days.  Driving home from preschool yesterday I literally cried the whole drive.  I think it is her transition into preschool, sensing that baby will be here soon, and just being over tired.  But this morning she slept a little later and we had a great morning, so things are looking up.


We are going to do my belly cast tonight :)


Yesterday DD said that she really wants her own umbrella...so I think we may do that as a gift from the baby.  Kind of weird, but it is something she really wants.

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Congratulations, 13pumpkins!!

I am soooo far from feeling like this baby is ready. 36 weeks today, still very high, no low pressure at all. Looking forward to our 36 week appt tomorrow- our midwife does all appointments at our home, so it will just be a bit longer of appt than usual.

Everyone's king-size bed comments really convinced me, but now we're trying to figure out how much money it is worth to get a chemical free, latex free mattress. The almost-reasonably priced ones are not available to try out in our area, and the ones that are available to try are fabulous (seriously amazin!g) but priced accordingly.

Busy weekend ahead celebrating DS2's birthday, so I feel like this week should be more productive since I won't have that time. My motivation center is not responding accordingly.

My dad is having some health issues (nothing critical, but still an impact), so I'm worried my mom won't be able to come as early as we had originally planned, which means having to call a friend who has small kids if labor happens on the early end. She is happy to help, but it is still so difficult to ask!!
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