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I am still trying to get over a dream I had this morning. I always have the most vivid, dark dreams when/if I fall back asleep in the morning. My dad was visiting and we were in the livingroom. I went to lie back on the couch to feel baby parts and there were three little fingers poking out of my belly. For a split second, I was like "Awwwee!" Then I realized what it meant. I started freaking out. I was crying and saying, "She's going to die!" but my dad just sat there staring at me and looking confused. I grabbed my purse and showed him the fingers, which were wiggling, so I was hopeful, and he just stared at me. I was saying that we have to go, but he just looked at me like, go where? I was just going to go, even though I was having trouble thinking straight (and I don't panic. Ever.) and that's when I woke up. The whole thing would've been maybe 2 minutes in real time. Whew, though, it's taking me some time to get over. I just keep seeing those little, wiggling, fingers. I really should've been up at that time anyway.


My two biggest started school yesterday. Today is the first full day. My youngest starts K next week. Hopefully we'll have another couple weeks to get a little organized and back into the school swing of things before the baby comes. On this day, we're off to LLL and I'm looking forward to a sort of laid back afternoon with just the laid back kid. A little time together before he becomes a big school kid! :tear:


I finally decided that -since no one else had stepped up- I was going to throw my own Blessingway and sent out a message about which day to do it to a few key people. A couple people I invited have now stepped up to run things, but I'm going to keep it at my place. Hopefully a few people show (I'd love for about 6 out of the 30 I invited) with the last minute invite for next Sat afternoon. It's 3 days before I'm due, but I've always gone well past my EDD in the past... My mom doesn't even arrive until that day.

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Congratulations, 13 Pumpkins! joy.gif

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congrats 13pumpkins!!! cant wait to hear all about it!! were you about 36 weeks?
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Hi all!  I've been gone for what feels like forever.  I came to check in today because I'm 35 weeks and realized there HAD to be some babies already.  Congrats to all the mamas with babes!

you missed your spotlight thread! http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1359968/spotlight-on-goin-green/0_100
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people are glad that my friend's husband said what he did because it needed to be said... So in addition to passive aggressive bs on facebook, they are also talking about me  behind my back! YAY!
I hope you tell THEM a couple of things that need to be said.. Cuss.gif
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I'm not working anymore, and DH and I decided on an amount that gets automatically transferred to me each month for groceries, household stuff, things I need, whatever - it's our budgeting system
that is a good idea. i have been trying to figure out what to do since my account isn't being "fed" anymiore and our car payment comes out of there, but we have other bills set up to come from DHs account. i will see if we can set something like this up.

I'm in the process of making a bunch of cloth wipes from old flannel receiving blankets, they're cut out, just need to get the edges stitched.   

i just cut them up and leave the edges unsewn. they fray a bit after one or two washes but not much after that.
We've been swimming almost every evening, it's the only way to escape the heat. 
I miss swimming!! that is the ONLY reason i miss still being pregnant!
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I've been dealing with painful trapped gas the past couple of nights, which does not feel good at all, and last night had nausea and some other bathroom issues..
sounds like the beginnings of labor..
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I just keep seeing those little, wiggling, fingers. I really should've been up at that time anyway.
i had dreams like that during both my pregnancies. so weird! in one the baby kicked and his foot came right through my belly. in another the baby fell out and i kept saying put her back in- she's not ready! i had a pouch like a kangaroo and i could peek in at her. so weird!
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 I went to lie back on the couch to feel baby parts and there were three little fingers poking out of my belly.

My mom had a dream like that when she was pregnant with me... weird how pregnancy dreams can be similar!

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UGH pergnancy dreams!! i havn't really had any like that with this LO but with my first i had a dream when i was pregnant that she was born and i had taken her to the store with me and i went to get her out of the car and she fell into a bunch of pieces like doll parts! i was FREAKING out and trying to put her back together and my uncle was there and just acting like nothing was happening and as i was putting her back together i was like will this even help?? she's in doll pieces how is that possible?!??! pretty awful

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I'm sitting in my paper skirt at the dr office with contractions...again. I'm only 35 weeks or I wouldnt be here. This is annoying! I hope it's not IT. I wasn't sure about coming in but it has been 3 1/2 hours of this with a lot of pressure. They aren't consistent or getting more painful though so who knows!!
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Keep us posted Jend.  I hope that the contractions slow down for you!

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Midwife just left and I'm feeling worried.. My BP reading was 131/88, which, though still technically normal, is significantly higher than it has been in this whole pregnancy- I'd say I average 110/70; 2 weeks ago it was 104/70. I'm not stressed and I had her retake it ten minutes or so after the first reading- same deal. She wants me to do two days of basically just eating a ton of vegetables to clear my system out--between the BP reading, my stiff fingers, and me just looking generally a bit puffier than normal to her, she feels strongly that I've just got some inflammation issues that can be remedied through diet--and is going to come back on Monday to see where things are. No protein in my urine, which suggests it's not pre-e, but I'm still feeling scared and a little bit shocked. If I have two readings of 140/90 or higher prenatally I'm risked out of birthing at home, and to get something borderline like that when we're within weeks of having the baby.. :\ (Speaking of feeling emotional..!) I'm trying to get myself into an optimistic place mentally; if I'm to be honest my diet has not been awesome lately so there is room for improvement. In the meantime if anyone has any extra happy thoughts to send my way, I'll certainly take 'em.


Jend, sending baby-stay-in vibes. Keep us posted.

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Well I'm back at home. They hurt but aren't making anything happen. I hope they let up a bit or I'll get really tired of this!
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Happy thoughts to Hyde && Jend!!
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WCM, how are you doing? Everything quiet down for you??
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Hyde, are you taking fish oil? It can be really amazing with inflammation. That and raw garlic.

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Hyde-- that happened with me a few weeks ago, but seemed to be just stress related and it's been fine since... hoping the same goes for you!!
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Hyde - sending you good thoughts! I hope things get fixed with diet!


Jend - glad you are home and baby is still in! This is kinda basic, but have you tried a warm bath? that might help... I hope they have stopped on their own though!

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UGH pergnancy dreams!! i havn't really had any like that with this LO but with my first i had a dream when i was pregnant that she was born and i had taken her to the store with me and i went to get her out of the car and she fell into a bunch of pieces like doll parts! i was FREAKING out and trying to put her back together and my uncle was there and just acting like nothing was happening and as i was putting her back together i was like will this even help?? she's in doll pieces how is that possible?!??! pretty awful

I forgot until just now that I did have a weird pregnancy dream a few weeks ago. I had the baby a week before finals were over and he weighed 16 pounds! I had to put him in a sling and take him to my finals on campus, so that I wouldn't fail everything! So glad pregnancy dreams aren't prophetic!

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So glad to be home right now. My feet feel terribly swollen and icky from so many hours in the vehicle. Sitting down and putting up my feet. I'm 37w4 days today. Wow!

Ordination of my husband as a deacon went great and baby stayed put! From here on out, I say baby can come any time! smile.gif

Time to unpack and try to get kids to bed...
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WCM and Jend, I hope things have settled down for you! Tell those babies not to be so impatient, and to leave their mama's alone for a couple more weeks!


Hyde, fingers crossed that some diet changes make a difference, or that this week's reading was just a fluke and everything reads normal on Monday.


Judy, are you home from your trip yet? I hope all went (or is going) well, and congratulations to your husband! edited - I see we cross posted! Glad it went well, and that you are able to get into baby mode now!


Pregnancy Dreams, I've been having really weird, vivid, dreams too, although they haven't been baby related. With DD I remember dreaming that I was just sitting around in the living room, when suddenly someone asked where the baby was. I realized she was in the bedroom and I had totally forgotten about her and hadn't heard from her, or fed her all day. I woke up feeling so guilty!


AFM, I had a midwife appointment today and everything looks good. Baby is definitely head down, but other than that the midwife was having trouble figuring out what body part was where. It hactually made me feel better because I just can't figure out what bump and lump corresponds to which body part. I also did my GBS swab. Fingers crossed that it comes back negative. If not, I may try the same herbal protocol that didn't actually work last time, and retest in a couple weeks if there's time. Blood pressure was good, weight is stable and I'm feeling reasonably good. Now I just need to get the house in shape!

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Thank you everyone for such kind words!  The girls are doing very well, though two are still in the NICU but off O2 and eating.  Despite not making it 35 weeks, the girls were born in town as we wished.  There really was not any other choice as I went into labor crazy fast, showed up 8 cm dilated, had my water break on the exam table, and was whisked in for an emergency c-section.


Our babies are so beautiful and we are so excited!

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13Pumpkins: So glad that all your girls are doing well.  And that they got to be born in town.  YAY Babies!


I hope everyone else's babies stay put for the time being.


Pregnancy Dreams: nothing for me to report on that end, at least that i can remember anyway


Stretch Marks: Just the same one I got with my first pg.  Right where my naval piercing is (or was).  I bet if I didn't have that there'd be no stretch marks.  lol  I usually dont' notice it, but if I stand at a certain angle in a specific bathroom, the light hits it and makes it look red.  Otherwise, just silvery.  :)


Judy- YAY! for the ordination, the stay-put baby,and the being home.



AFM:  Had a MW appt today.  Next tuesday is going to be both the beginning of once a week appts and our home visit.  Yikes!  Gotta clean clean clean before then.  DH's job is to scrub the bathroom.  DS and I are going to scrub the kitchen cabinets.  Then there is stuff that needs to just get out of the house.  Baby is head down, like always, heartbeat is nice and strong, I dont' know numbers, i usually check my chart the day after for numbers, i might see if it's updated tonight.  DS got his blood pressure taken, he loves it.  lol  funny boy.  He's been trying to fall asleep with Daddy this past week.  I stay close, i'm usually called in after about 40 min, but he's trying.  (i've always nursed him down, even now, so this is a big step for him) voluntarily.

I've got most of my birth kit take care of.  A few odds and ends really, nothing major.  Going to see my sister in the next few weeks and getting the carseat.  


Names: we have a few we like for both sexes... We'll see how that goes.  Baby may be namelss for a few days while we try them out.  

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Judybean, so glad to hear it all went well and that the baby is cleared to arrive now :) Big congrats to you and your husband on the ordination!

Hyde, shame about the BP, especially when it's been so good the entire pregnancy. I second Yeeska on the fish oil, and I have found that drinking my pregnancy tea (high in RRL and nettle) helps flush out my body a lot - both in terms of digestion and swelling / held water.  I brew it strong and drink it iced with lemon.  Two other problem causers for me are processed grains and sweeteners, but they're so hard to stay away from!  Here's a quinoa salad with lemon-tahini dressing that sounds delicious (just came across it yesterday) and seems quite healthy.  BTW thanks for the support re my mom's visit :) I'm feeling better now, and I wrote her an e-mail to say thanks for coming and casually apologized & explained my ups & downs! She just wrote back to say it's fine, she's emotional too because I have my own life now, and because I've become a better cook than her ;) so that's sweet and will probably continue to be a soft spot for me.  And the dog, long story short, I spoke to the the kennel owner directly and everything's fine.

Carlin and Katt, glad to hear about good MW appointments and head down babies!


AFM  Kept getting the sensation yesterday that my period was about to start - so that was weird. Just felt heavy and a little achy in the pelvis and some mild cramping.  I kept finding myself checking the TP when I would use the restroom, expecting that first hint of my period arriving, even though logically it couldn't be.  Obviously :) Could it have been because I held my friend's crying newborn for a couple hours (hormone induced)?? 


Aww he was very fussy (tummy troubles) and finally fell asleep on my chest, with part of his body on the side of my belly and my baby was kicking him like crazy! She has an 18-month old and a 1 month old, let me just say - GO GIRL to all of you mamas to close in age kiddos!!  That is a h*ll of a lot of work.  Especially when the older child is still non-verbal, whew.  I hand it to you!! My friend took my visit as a chance to go to the grocery store and to the pharmacy for the baby, so I had the two over lunchtime - mayhem.  There was pasta everywhere, yogurt and fruit spilled everywhere, kitchen a mess, baby crying, house super hot, older boy trying to escape highchair while I'm trying to wipe him down - I'm very impressed that she pulls this off every day!!

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Miranda- at my last midwife appointment, she asked me if I felt anything like I feel when I'm getting my period (which I haven't)- she said for a lot of people, that's the first sign of labor starting!!! Maybe you are starting to warm up!


Jend- I hope you stop being in pain but that this warm up turns out to be good for you when your labor gets going into high gear.


Hyde- you didn't ask for recipe advice, but last night we ate some bean salad that I made a couple days ago and it was amazing! so i totally encourage you to make a bean salad as part of your healthy eating goals the next couple days :). You can incorporate some raw garlic like Yeeska suggested, and my favorite addition, parsely. Mmmmm. And when I say some, I really didn't think I was that hungry and we had a lot of it, and I ate an entire large tupperware full of it.


I think it's hilarious all the cleaning some of you are doing. The only cleaning I am doing is asking my sweetheart to do things! Yesterday, as I lay on the couch, he ran our floor cleaner (we have hard floors so we have one of those floor robots that don't suck up the dust, but collect it all) and I asked him to run it again in wet mode :).


My sweetheart is freaking amazing. If I had known maternity leave would be this nice, I wouldn't have been so resistent. I mostly lay around all day (I'm very huge and very tired) and he brings me drinks and food and we do one thing a day. Today we are going to IKEA to get bedding for the baby's bed. We don't have a surface for changing the diapers yet, but we aren't sure how we want to do it- he thinks we should on the floor and I think we should on the bed or on the table, and we aren't sure if we want something flat or something more like a pillow. We have a very small urban apartment and where we do it is probably where we will want to keep the diapers, wipes, diaper spray, etc. which now are in random drawers we've emptied. We can't get a special furniture for that because we don't have the room for it. My sweetheart thinks we will figure out what works best once the baby is here. No doubt :). Yesterday I went to the chiropracter and my back really hurt afterwards. Hopefully the alignment will help when the baby is ready to be born. I think my sweetheart is actually more eager for the birth than I am so that he has more to do! He submitted his thesis two weeks ago, and so now the huge project he's been working on for years is finished, and it's time for the next project to start :). I'm working a little bit from home (I have two unfinished projects) so I'm not getting bored, and I'm rereading the chapters on birth and the first couple of days of breast feeding in our books. I've had a cold for four days now (actually, maybe that's part of why I am so tired and being so tolerant of maternity leave!), and I'm really hoping the fetus will wait until I can breathe again to be born. I don't know how I will manage our relaxing breathing if I can't breathe through my nose. 

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