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I'm 36w2d according to ,y midwives but I could actually be closer to 37w3d.

I have been having painful contractions since 2am. I started timing them at 3am. They are about every 3 minutes. They came on suddenly.. And they are getting more painful. I am exhausted and have been lying down through this all. I have rolled over and they don't stop. I just really don't feel like getting up..Eghh.

I've been writing this post for 15 minutes because I have to pause between contractions.

I want to believe this could be it, but the sa,e thing happened on my train to work yesterday. I worked through it and they eventually stopped after a few hours. I think my body realized it was a bad time or something. They are more painful now... Could this be it? Eek..

I'm a vbac. I'm ucing, unless I feel some need to go in. If I go in I will be sectioned since I'm not 37 weeks yet in their book. Crazy..

I'll try and keep posted. Moral support? Anyone have false labor that felt so real?
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Its just about 5am now.. So two hours of ctx 2minutes apart. i keep getting up to pee but it doesn't
t help.

The pain Is intensifying.. The ctx are right on top of eachoher.. I donto get much of a break between them. important a little worried but terrified that if i go in they'll either stop from stress or ill have a RCS ..
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I just saw this, how are you doing Mama???

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I ended up with (I think) 12+ hours of contractions in the hospital.  Once it became clear that my cervix wasn't at all on the same page, my midwife and I discussed it and decided to knock them (well,me, and in turn, them) out with Stadol and Phenergan.  My body was extremely overworked and tired, baby was alright, but I didn't want to stress my uterus out any more.  They were literally on top of eachother.  


Note to self, never ever get Stadol again, I was a little loopy through last night, and felt the "fatigue" effect through this afternoon.  


Once the drugs wore off I was still contracting, though they were about every 5 minutes or so.  I decided to go home, since they were less intense and I was less worried about them being a threat to my VBACing uterus.  


EPO was suggested to help my cervix along.  The contractions were certainly strong enough to help it out, but for whatever reason it just wouldn't open any further.  I was 2cm two days before this round of ctx, in L&D I was 1cm and still am.  I've been continuing spinningbabies techniques.  Baby has dropped and has been putting pressure on my cervix.. I just wish I'd either birth this baby or stop having the contractions until they are ready to become "real" labor.  They're pretty spaced out and I'm sure it's prodromal labor... 


Had I been 37wks officially instead of 36+3, they would have opted for a foley catheter induction to 3cm, and then observed me to see if my body would take the reins before sending me back home.  So.. yeah.  


I am slightly worried though- baby's heart rate was 120 at my midwife appointment this morning. Midwife said it's normal, although baby is usually in the 140s.  She said it was from the Stadol.. I'm not sure.  I've been monitoring it intermittently myself and it is still in the 120s, baby isn't as active as she normally is either.  If things aren't different by morning I may call and speak with them.

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