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Waiting to TTC again

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I'm thinking about it 24/7. I never wanted twins because I never wanted a twin pregnancy, but I really want close-together babies and the sooner the better in terms of my PhD program too. But I also don't want to take away from Odin's time, or his milk. DH is on board with TTC when Odin turns 1. I hope I can wait that long. There's a big, important conference in December each year. If we Get pregnant soon after Odin's first birthday, it'll be right after that big conference. Probably good timing.  


Anyone else already thinking about this? I have no signs of AF and don't *really* want to TTC right now, but I can't get it out of my head. Hormones, much?

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I did not think about this that much with DS because I was not ready to be pregnant again any time soon.  This time around, I am excited already about the next baby.  We are planning on adopting next which means I need to wait quite a while to save up some more money but it is definitely hard to wait now that I feel really settled.  DD is easy (except for the car and needing to be worn to sleep thing) and it has just been so much easier than it was with DS so I feel as rested as I did when DS started sleeping through the night....at 24 months.  I think it is partly hormones too :)  Also, the only thing that makes me stop and go hmm no I don't want that right now, is to think back to when I had morning sickness.  That was not so awesome.

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We have definitely decided to have another one now that the doctors agree it will not be a serious issue with my clotting disorder. I want to get it over with since I never really liked being pregnant that much and now I will have to do daily shots throughout the pregnancy. We are thinking of trying for #3 when DD turns 6 months or when my period returns if that happens later on. That's when we started trying for #2 and we didn't get pregnant until DS turned 1. I'm hoping for around the same spacing.   

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I have been thinking about it, except for the fact that we are "done." I have had so many friends tell me that when you are done you just know. So after this, my 5th, was born, I expected to just know. Only I don't. My question is can you be done without feeling done? I have to admit I just met a lady at our church yesterday who is pregnant with her 7th and it made me wistful...

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Jmay, I am completely with you. We have two now, and I swore throughout the pregnancy, that I was done. After he was born, we began to reconsider. We even opted for a Mirena instead of vasectomy because we just weren't sure. Then, over the weekend, we both made comments that suggested we are, in fact, done. But nothing definitive. So confused. We do know that ds would be almost 3 before we would ttc again. Till then, I guess I don't really have to know...
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 I am too. In my head I'm already planning a february baby in two or three years. I'd be happy with 3 and a fourth as a surprise but DP is done.  I don't know if I'd ever feel done like you guys said. My mom says when you are done you feel like the world is ending if you had to have another one. 



Reasons why we are done:

DP wants two.

The baby phase is really hard on our relationship

I was on bedrest the last 4 months of this pregnancy and we can't afford to have that happen again

I want to make sure to give my all to my kids and I'm not very good at doing more than one thing at a time really well so I'm scared if I add more than this I'd not be as good of a mom. 


Reasons why I am not done:

 I'm only 25 and we're really fertile in my family.

Growing up I wanted 5 kids.

I feel like I am so good at pushing them out I want to do it again (it's so empowering) haha.

I have apparently screamed Mom to a lot of people my whole life even from strangers with comparisons to fertility goddess and soccer mom with a volvo (sometimes flattering and others freaking strange when you don't know the person)

My daughter said Atticus,while I was pregnant, had a brother Adam who would be in his own mommy belly. 


but I'm not into the afterpains being worse again or morning sickness and the exhaustion so we'll see. 

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DP and I are deep in the thick of planning #2. Mostly we're hashing out when we prefer our maternity leaves (over the holidays? into the next year or not? etc). I think now it looks like we'll be shooting for an August/September baby in 2014. That means that we'd be calling up our RE a year from now to start gearing up for all of the IVF stuff and would put the kids about 2.5 years apart. That feels good to me--E wouldn't have to be weaned until she was 18 months old and we'll have plenty of energy to focus on her first year without me being pregnant again, but they won't be spaced out so far that she's likely to be out of diapers (once we're done with those I doubt I'll want to go back). And once I have a plan I'll be able to stop thinking about it all the time...
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I keep telling myself I'm done. I'm sure that I'll feel otherwise in the future. 4 kiddos for me is a lot of work and stress at times. DH is really done. We'd have to get a different vehicle. But.....


a few weeks ago DS2 came up to me and told me that I was going to have another baby and later that night at the dinner table he told DH that it was 2 babies this time!

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