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chicken pox poll

Poll Results: tell me about your experience with chicken pox and your children

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% (0)
    My children is vaxxed for CP and got CP - mild
  • 4% (1)
    My child is Vaxxed for Cp and got CP - moderate complication
  • 0% (0)
    My child is vaxxed for CP and had severe complications
  • 16% (4)
    My child is vaxxed for CP and never got CP
  • 25% (6)
    My unvaxxed child had CP - mild
  • 29% (7)
    My unvaxxed child had CP - moderate
  • 0% (0)
    My unvaxxed child had CP - Severe
  • 25% (6)
    My unvaxxed child never had Cp
24 Total Votes  
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The title says it all.


Mild, moderate and severe can be subjective terms.  Use your judgment for mild or moderate, severe would involve serious secondary infections or issues.  


Answer per child, if their experiences are different.



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Can't seem to vote but 6 kids, no vax, no pox, no known exposure. They are 12yo to 6 weeks.

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I checked mild / moderate. My four got it when they were between 5.5 & 1.5. The 1.5 year old had the worst case, but even he wasn't really sick, just had a huge amount of pox. Come to think of it, I think they were all pretty mild (I was thinking mild like only 4 pox, but they did get quite a few but no fevers (or maybe low, can't remember) and the pox didn't seem to bother them too much.

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#1 Vax'd  HEAVY pox fever puking COVERED head to toe

#2 Vax'd 6 pox puked fever

#3 Vax'd we THINK he had them

#4 UnVax'd  Mild pox mild fever

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Older 3 are unvaxed and had moderate cases of the CP.  Youngest (2) has not had them yet.

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Not sure if it matters for your poll since the vax wasn't available but I've had it twice mildly and dh never had it.

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CP was the first vax I really questioned for my kids- it seemed like a ridiculous thing to vaccinate for. I was told it was required for school, so although I disagreed I didn't know I could refuse... Neither DD 1 or 2 had gotten CP. DS is 1 and unvaccinated, no CP yet.

When I was a kid everybody got it. I had the worst case of anyone I knew. I was 13, was sick for two weeks, had pox EVERYWHERE, and even have a couple of scars still. My brothers were 10 & 7, and they got it after me but recovered before me. Still, it was no big deal and I wish I hadn't allowed my kids to be given that shot.
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My three are vaxed.  None have had it.  Older two have been exposed on at least one occasion (playing at a friends house right before he broke out in spots).  Time will tell whether they do eventually or not.  

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I had CP in 2nd grade and all the rest of my peers had it too. Everybody recovered just fine. I remember having a lot of itching and running a fever. My older sister did not get it. Vaccines were not available yet (1984). My two nieces got CP in 2006 and recovered fully so did my sister.

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