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Love/Hate Relationship with Computer--Help!

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We have a desktop computer and no TV. We have a desk that holds the monitor, printer, etc. and it is set up in our family room.


This is the issue: it has become a distraction, at times, for me and is a battle-zone now for me and the kids.


I have a desire to live simply in terms of technology and don't want my kids to have too much "screen time", so we've designated certain days for watching sesame on the computer, games. etc. Those days they are given a block of time to watch (with me in the same or next room) and then that's it.


The problem is, even though I thought my system would solve things, I feel we all fall into the trap of too much screen time. Whether it is DD asking for an extra 15min while I'm cooking a meal (and I say Yes) or me spending way too much time on Shutterfly making our announcement or checking mothering (ha ha).


We use our computer to print out educational worksheets, at times, and I watch movies sometimes that way, too. But really sometimes I want to just give it away or even just tuck it away out of sight so we have to be almost inconvenienced to use it.


The irony is, here I am typing on the very computer I hate at times!


Anyone else out there with this struggle?


I would love love love any suggestions or ideas!

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We just switched from a laptop to a desktop, as the laptop was on its last legs. We do also have a TV (23inch) that lives in the closet under the stairs. We only use the TV for occasionally watching DVDs.


We have purposely chosen to remain wired for internet access, and the computer table sits in a corner of our dinning area (open plan living area). My boys are only 27 & 11 months and have not yet learned that they can watch programs on the computer. They've only seen it being used to Skype with their grandparents that live in Scotland.


I've been using it to listen to online radio stations as our actual radio doesn't have great reception where we now live.


I will confess that I do spend more time online than I should and I've started setting a timer so that I don't loose track of time, and will only come onto the computer when the boys are asleep.


If using a timer doesn't help, then maybe putting it away somewhere that is not so easy to sit too long at, or somewhere that it stays unplugged so you have to hook it up to use it. Or keep a sticky note on the screen with things you need to complete else where, so instead of sitting down at the computer you make yourself do something from that list first.

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