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Hello everyone! Due "in spring" :)

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Hey everyone, I just joined this group. I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago just before my missed period. I was about to go away for the week so instead of waiting til my period was missed (due while I was away) I took a test so I could be with my husband if it was positive, and it was! 5 days before my period too. 


I actually bought one of those clear blue tests that say how many weeks you are. I wouldn't normally but it was the only one in the nearby shop, so I took it and it actually said 2-3 weeks, even though there's no way it had been longer than 10 days since ovulation. 


My MIL has a psychic friend who has always said we would have twin boys next time. I used to not believe her until a lot of stuff she said started to happen over the years...so now with this test I'm thinking..hmmmm...maybe she is right. 


Time will tell. Whatever we are having, I am happy. 


I have one 2 year old daughter, almost 3 now. We had a lovely short home birth with her (I shall post the video for you guys sometime) and we're planning for the same again next time. I am actually really excited about experiencing pregnancy and birth again. It's a wonderful time and the first pregnancy I had no idea just how much I would miss it afterwards. So this time I am trying to soak up every moment. 


I haven't calculated my due date yet or anything, I've told a few friends and family and I've just said "spring" lol. I'll calculate later but right now, there's no need. 


I had some symptoms come up but I've been working on releasing them. Might sound crazy but my last birth was pain free (apart from crowning, until I released the fear there too and pop, she was out easily, no tears) and I spent a lot of time releasing my fears of birth being painful during pregnancy. 


So this time I thought hey...why does pregnancy need to be difficult too?


So any time I feel a symptom that makes me uncomfortable I am trying to visualise it melting away. 


I stopped feeling ill last week, crampiness gone etc. 


And the funny thing is....then I started to panic that I had had a missed miscarriage after a week of feeling great!


So I realised how much I was holding on to these symptoms as a sign that "all is ok". 


I took another test as I bought a 2 pack before, which had increased by a week (still at least 1 week ahead of when I could of conceived) so I know things are still going on.


Time to listen to my gut again and let go of the sicky feeling. 


Might sound nutty to try and relieve morning sickness with my mind but if all else fails, it gives me a distraction :)


Anyway, that's a little about me. I'm already thoroughly enjoying connecting with my pregnancy and trusting my body to grow a wonderful new baby for our family.


Nice to meet you all!

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Congrats & welcome!

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