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Esmé and Tessa have arrived!

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The girls were born via c-section on Thursday August 16th at 11:29 and 11:32 am, weighing in at 5 lb 4 oz and 5 lb 6 oz. They are perfectly healthy and amazing. The surgery and recovery have been a little difficult for me. I had a uterine hemorrhage and ended up having a transfusion, then my blood pressure went up suddenly and there have been various small things like a malfunctioning catheter and some inexplicable nerve pain, and blood that later had trouble clotting properly- but I think we may be able to go home tonight! Breastfeeding is going ok- milk came in last night so I have been pumping and nursing. We need to work on some latching issues so I have a lactation consultant coming to our home tomorrow. Despite the issues we've had throughout this pregnancy, my significant other has proven to be a completely devoted, sweet, proactive and competent father. It's clear that he adores his baby girls, which is very touching for me to see after the stressful last few months. Photos to come soon!
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That's amazing news!  Welcome baby girls!!

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Welcome to Esme and Tessa!!! Congratulations to all of you! I hope you get nursing worked out ASAP!
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Congratulations!! I hope you heal quickly, and your babies grow, grow, grow!!
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Congratulations WendiPauline! Welcome Esmé and Tessa!

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Looove the names. Congratulations wendipauline. Hope you feel better soon and work out the latching issues. All the best.
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Beautiful names! Congratulations!!

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Congratulations!!!!! How many weeks/days were your girls?


Good luck on nursing just hang in there and it will all work out wonderfully!!!! Congrats!!!

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wonderful news! continue to heal and love those babes! so glad to hear about your SO. joy.gif
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Originally Posted by ColoradoMama626 View Post

Congratulations!!!!! How many weeks/days were your girls?

I was just updating the roster- she was due 9/7, so if the girls were born 8/16 i think that would be 36+6
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Congratulations!  Hope you can go home soon.  Heal well and enjoy those babies!

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Congratulations wendipauline!  I hope that you are able to rest and recover, and get as much sleep as you can!  It's wonderful to hear that your SO has come around at such an important time for you all.  Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet baby girls!

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Congratz to you! I'm so glad to hear SO has come around and is being a sweetheart :). I'm glad you get are recovering and get to go home soon! joy.gif

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Yay!!! Welcome baby girls! 

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Congratulations wendi!  And welcome earthside Tessa and Esme!!


Hang in there with the nursing--you all will get it soon enough. I hope your recovery continues more smoothly than it has thus far. So glad that your SO has come around!  His support is going to be important these next few weeks.


Enjoy your babymoon!

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YAY!!!  Congratulations!!!

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So so so happy to see this post!!!! Congratulations WendiPauline! Love the girls' names and so happy that SO is being an awesome dad! 
Take care of yourself and can't wait to hear more about the littles!!

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Welcome Esme and Tessa! I hope you get to go home, WendiPauline. Yay for supportive partners!

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Wonderful news, speedy recovery to you mama, so hope you are at home now relaxing more.  


Love the names (esp. as my own sweet 4 yr old dd is named Esmé :)  )


Take care and rest up, look forward to your pics!


claire xoxox

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