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Abnormal mammogram and breastfeeding

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So I had my very first mammogram a couple weeks ago and then was asked to go back in and have another special view mammogram on my right breast and ultrasound as well and was told that I need to have a biopsy done because I have a hypoechoic lobulated mass with well circumscribed margins. So my question is if anyone else has had a biopsy while still nursing? My son is only nursing a couple times a day and when I went in for the mammogram they told me I would need to stop nursing in order to have a mammogram done I said that might be another year before he stops nursing and so they went ahead and performed the mammogram. My son is 3 but he is not ready yet to wean. Will they do the biopsy while I'm still nursing? Has anyone been through something similar? I'm mad at myself now for even getting the first mammogram done and wish I would have waited. It's probably nothing and I'm going through all this worry and fear. greensad.gif
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I had a biopsy done when my son was still a smidge, fully breastfed at about 7 months. I was actually breastfeeding him on the other side during the ultrasounds, and he was there for the biopsy too. (not feeding though!)


You don't need to stop - they probably just say things like that in ignorance. Always keep in mind people will just say stuff like that. I imagine it might be more uncomfortable with a load of milk, but feeding off beforehand would cancel that out. Perhaps that is what they mean. What could happen? Milk squirts, lol.


The biopsy - I was so worried, but it was a piece of cake - the needle was small I barely even felt anything AT ALL!


Turned out to be a fat blob, which is very common in these circumstances, I've since met many mothers who had the same thing. Hoping the same for you.

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