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toddler led "weaning" of the family bedroom?

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Our DD recently turned 3.

We co-slept for the longest time. Then we side-carred a crib to our bed to get some more room. And then we have bought DD her own bed and it is in our room with us. We all (including/especially DD) get better sleep this way.


We do have another bedroom, that will eventually become DD's bedroom.


DD has been showing signs of wanting more independence and space.

She has asked us to leave the room and let her get to sleep on her own.

She has said that she wants her own room too. But very sporadically.


However...we do not really think she is ready. And I do not think we are ready for it either.

We have tried the leaving her to go to sleep herself and it just takes more energy and time. She basically makes a game of it and calls us up stairs every 3 minutes. Not only are we having to walk up and down the stairs 30 times....but it delays her falling asleep and she needs her sleep. We say we won't come back unless it's important...but then she just says it's important :)

We don't want to ignore her calling for us, especially when she says it's important, because we want to to feel that we are there for her when she needs us.


We also just love sharing a family room and having family space. It feels special to us and I don't think we as parents are ready to give it up.


We also are having twin babies in November and will be having them in our room too. We do not want her to leave the room and be disconnected with the family or feel left out. But we do not want the babies to disturb her either. Although, she is a sound sleeper once she is asleep.


Basically. Putting her in her own room would take more work for us and make us feel like we are missing something special with our DD. But if we keep her in our room we may have her in there for years to come. (which at this point we are OK with I guess).


When did you move your kids out of your room?

Did they ask for it?

What would you do if your 3 yr old asked for her own room?

Unfortunately, we do not have enough furniture for her to have her own room and space in our room too for her to flip flop between spaces for awhile.

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I don't have firsthand experience in this arena yet, but I have heard countless stories where DC #1 insists on their own room once DC #2 (&#3!) arrive on the scene and fuss all night. Maybe their arrival will be a good natural weaning point - but she knows she's always welcome to come snuggle in the morning? (one of those toddler clocks can help her know when 'morning' is--ie, not at 4 am!)

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