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Desperately seeking HBAC midwife

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I had recently chosen a midwife for my HBAC but have come to discover a few reasons not to commit to her and now I am completely lost. I want a HB so badly can anyone point me in a direction in a PM? I have been scouring the forums but I'm not sure what information is relevant anymore. Please help me, thank you so much.

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Where are you located?
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Just north of Annapolis.

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Riverside Midwifery will do HBACs. http://riversidemidwifery.com/ I was going to go with them for my second HBAC but then I wound up miscarrying June-July this year. They're very kind. You should have a backup though. Have you looked at Second Beginnings midwives for hospital birth? Unfortunately they aren't "allowed" by their backup docs to do VBACs at the birth center, but they can attend a VBAC in the hospital. Not the best option but if you can't make it work with HBAC, it's better than a repeat c/s.

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