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Achy heavy belly! Anyone else?

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I so don't remember this from my first two! I was pretty worried about it today. But just got done looking online, and seems its a normal feeling. Either my first two pregnancies were easy, or I just remember nothing from them! I feel like I want to hold my belly up lately when I'm walking! Maybe I should write this stuff down so I don't worry next time around! smile.gif
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Oh yes!
Sometimes it feels like my belly is cramping. But not in a period way, but more in like a leg/calf cramp sort of way !
No idea! But suspecting its normal
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maybe it is time for a belly band/wrap to help support your baby/muscles.
This is exactly what they are for ; ) and they do work well, if you get the proper fit.

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I had that a couple times and it lasted only 2-3 days and then the feeling went away.  Now I feel light on my feet again.  I know what you mean, I hate that feeling. 

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I've been feeling similar, like my belly is sooo heavy and ready to burst.  The last couple of days haven't been so bad.  I've been trying to "correct" my posture and maybe that is helping, I was sticking my butt and belly out way too far. 

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I had this a few times the other day, after walking in the heat back and forth to a friends house, then unpacking after a long trip. I was starting to get achy and realized that it was my good old friend braxton hicks starting up! Argh! I had them for about ten weeks before DD2 was born, but not this early! It was totally from over doing it and I got them again yesterday after I moved some furniture around. So shouldn't be doing that! 

I had a ton of round ligament pain early on and about a month ago, my MW should me some massages I could do at home on my belly. They helped so much! I have almost no round ligament pain anymore! So, when I'm hurting, I lay down and love on my growing belly. It's helping a ton. I wouldn't mine getting a maternity belt though- just for those moments where you just want to hold your belly up, because it feels good- kwim? 

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I am experiencing this as well.  This pregnancy not only do I  feel heavy belly but my hips are sore as well.greensad.gif

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My belly is super achy and crampy.  It even goes completely numb on the lower half.  It's really uncomfortable.  I bought a maternity belt and it helps alot.  

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