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Touched out

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Hi mama's, 


Are any of you touched out? I feel like I want to jump out of my skin and run, fly, drive away but  then i'd still be stuck in a plane, train, car (and that feels to confining) or upright on my feet and I'd be without my babys and DP and I'd miss them. I don't want to let Atticus cry but the past month he's been lying down, in a bouncy seat, or jumper a lot more than he'd probably like bc I just don't want to be touched. I'm nursing both kiddos and my daughter (35 months) still wants to nurse more than the baby. We tried limiting her to right before bed but it's hard when she gets hurt or is sad or she wants to cuddle but only if there is mommy milk. She loves him and it's really sweet how affectionate she is to him but she is still jealous and they way she copes is by wanting mommy milk. 


I actually wrote a poem about it: 



"I need mommy milk. 


I miss you I need mommy milk

I hurt my toe i need mommy milk

I fell down I need mommy milk

i am sad i need mommy milk

I screamed i need mommy milk

I had read a book i need mommy milk

i put my pants on i need mommy milk

i drank water i need mommy milk

i went to the bathroom i need mommy milk

i read a book i need mommy milk

i dont want to eat solid food i only want mommy milk

I have a little brother I want mommy milk"


How are you dealing with being touched out? Have any advice? Tia! :)



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Liss I'm completely touched out too, and I only have one nursling. I am WOH and I feel like he tries to make up for lost time by nursing all night long. And I mean ALL NiGHT! And some days I only work for 3 or 4 hours! It's so frustrating. Add that to my three year old dd who seems to need constant contact with me whenever I'm in the room, and I'm about to lose my mind. And let's not even talk about when dh wants to touch me...needless to say, I am also struggling to cope with all the people in my life who *need* to touch me...

Good luck mama!
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I'm sorry for taking so long to respond, Chiromama! How are you doing? Technology gives me the run around. Everytime I write a response my ipad crashes (I synced it to our old computer and so it hasn't been updated in a while bc I don't want everything erased...sigh).  I find the hardest part is my 2 year old (three in september -- how'd she gets to be this old already?). She was sleeping in her room all night before Atticus was born but now Athena comes in at least once a night. She always needs constant contact too and is always asking for mommy milk. I had limited her to right before bed but I have lately been trying the approach if I give her more will she want it less? not really but I'll keep trying until I can't take it and then say no. 


I hear you on the hubs part. Sometimes I freak out if he comes within a foot of my personal space. 


Pm'ing you more :)


xo, Liss

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I'm so touch out...almost 7years of b/f and NOW the third child. I feel you. One thing that I did and I'm starting to do again....find even 10 mintues of me time. Whatever that might be



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