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Where is everyone?

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Is this forum usually so quiet?


It looks like it used to be really busy but in the last few weeks of researching UC and deciding on it (if all is well of course) I've hardly seen any new posts.


Am I missing something?

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Things are just sort of slow. I'm here. :)

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Wondering the same thing..I'm here though!  10 days till EDD!  I'm UCing, so hopefully there will be a new story posted here soon! 

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Originally Posted by afr2010 View Post

Wondering the same thing..I'm here though!  10 days till EDD!  I'm UCing, so hopefully there will be a new story posted here soon! 

congrats and definitely post your story! best wishes!

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I'm here too mama :)


It has been pretty quiet over here as of late, but there's a definite handful of us here!

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I'm here too. I'm always lurking in the shadows. =D I'm not preg right now, though. I'm just ttc against the odds. So, I rarely have anything to contribute. ;)


You must be SO excited, RM. What kind of birth are you planning? (UC, obviously...but water, or lotus, or just planning to go with your instincts in the moment, or what?) 

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im here, still waiting for the baby to come.  i think its got to be soon

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Hey Sharlla, I hope it goes nice and easy for you!


Icorrigible - I had a waterbirth last time so I will keep the pool ready to go for the next. I also had a lotus birth. Although this time I imagine cutting the cord, I don't know why, it's just there in my mind and I've come to terms with it. Maybe I will need to for some reason, or maybe I will eat the placenta this time and see what that's like!


At the time I will just go with my instincts and birth land/water, whatever feels right. 

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Sharila - How exciting!!!!


RM - That sounds like a great plan. I'm a huge proponent of following your gut and trusting your body. It may not make sense at the time, but looking back you usually realize there was a good reason for those instincts. When my son was little, my breastmilk was CRAZY fattening. I would get clogged ducts, and if I put it in the fridge it would get chunks of fat floating around. Ds was super chubby and in like the 99th percentile in weight. Luckily, he was in about the 80th for height, so the dr didn't pressure me to do anything stupid. Back then, I did whatever the dr wanted. =/ Well, when ds was about 18 months old, he developed a rare blood disorder. One of the side effects was loss of appetite. He lost 10 lbs! Good thing he had all that weight on him, because he just dropped down to the lower end of the weight charts but not off them. He overcame the worst of the blood disorder by his second birthday, but has been a lean kid ever since. (until puberty. now he's got a very athletic build. it's kind of unnervingly manly. lol) 


Anyway, the point of all that was supposed to be encouragement that you are doing right by yourself and your child to trust what your body is asking for (cutting the cord or not, water birth, whatever it may be).

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Hello wave.gif I'm sort of new here (been lurking for awhile).  I've had 2 UC's and if we have another, it'll either be another UC or a home birth with a midwife.  If anyone has questions about deciding to UC or planning for one, I'm happy to help in any way I can.

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I pop in to see what is going on now and then as well.  I am not pg right now (just had a chemical) but hope to UC in the future.  I love reading all the stories and experiences.  I understand the need to just not tell anyone you are even in labor until it is "too late" and the baby is born.  Unless there is some real reason for me to not UC, that will be my plan. :)

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