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What is GD and any book recommendations?

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Could someone give me an overview of what the term "Gentle Discipline" means in terms of the strategies used and avoided?


Also some book recommendations would be great. 


I have an almost 3 year old and until now we've been very laid back with her, no need for any discipline most of the time, and when we do it's just a case of explaining the WHY to her and finding something else for her to do. 


Now I feel she is testing things a bit more, which is great but I have the feeling I need to outline my strategy a bit more and agree on something with my husband for those moments when she completely ignores our request to stop doing something, even with an explanation and so on. 


I think we just need a consistent way of reacting so she knows. Some days if she doesn't listen, which isn't often (yet), I just give up...which is obviously a TERRIBLE strategy but I sometimes lose the energy and run out of ideas!


Your advice is greatly appreciated!

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I haven't loved any of the super general books for your child's age but I can rattle off a few that you may find interesting and/or ones I've seen recommended frequently.


Here are ones that I either haven't loved or found that useful but that seem popular: 


  • Playful Parenting
  • The Positive Discipline Series 
  • I think Dr. Sears has a discipline book, which I imagine is good, fairly general and targeted to younger kids 


One of my favorites for younger children is: 


  • Becoming the Parent you Want to Be 


My all time favorites: 


  • Unconditional Parenting 
  • Taking Children Seriously 
  • A general text book for Child Development 
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Here is a big list of resources with some good descriptions: http://www.mothering.com/community/a/gentle-discipline-resources

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For me - GD  are working with approaches= proactive + collaborative problem solving , rather than doing to = reactive + rewards, punishments , consequences . Limit setting is collaborative and not the parent alone. Difficulties and challenges are more about lagging skills and unmet concerns rather than wanting to test limits.


My favourites  - the how of GD  are books by Ross Greene - the CPS collaborative problem solving approach 

his site http://livesinthebalance.org 


Myrna Shure books - also on problem solving  I can problem solve 


Mindfulness for children - helps kids calm down , be attentive , self soothe 



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Thanks guys, I will start to check these out :)

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