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Upper Valley VT Recommendations?

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Hi all: 


We're moving to Thetford next week, and if you have any of the following in that area that you love, please let me know! Thanks!

Pediatrician/Family Practice Doc



Hair stylist


those are the big four, I guess : )


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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Hi melissa,

Pediatrician: mark Harris in Bradford. LOVE that office...he saw my boy at 9pm on new years eve. Went to his house, crashed his party, treated my boy with patience and calm, NEVER made us feel like we were interrupting...oh yea...free. 15-20 north of you but everything is south. He is not family doc...still struggling with so let me know. I was going to dr Hollis in Randolph but it is an hour for me.

For pediatric dentist: bauchner in Norwich...none better

Vet: I go to Newbury but that might be a hike for you...whatever you do DON'T use stonecliff in Bradford (not the same as stonecliff in west leb)

Hair stylist...grrrl, I dunno!

Uppervalleyparents might be able to help you.

Good luck
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Awesome! Thanks so much! If I find a winning hairstylist, I'll pass it on! : )

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