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fayebond - this is so funny: we are in axactly the same place! DH already built our huge bed extension and we still have to buy two more mattresses. But the way bigger achievement is the closet! We have this really big closet but it has never been used in a way that made me happy - lots of hanging space but way too few shelves in it. So my plan was to alter it in a way that makes it possible to fit all our clothes inside... there is going to be five of us soon! And I have always struggled with all the kids' clothes and never having a good system that even DH could get his head around eyesroll.gif. Money is kind of tight so we had to compromise a little but I am still sooo pleased with the result: DH put in shelves and I bought these plastic baskets, the only ones I could find anywhere that were both affordable and use up the available space in the best way. Now each kid has his/her own column and at first I put little labels on the baskets. Turned out that didn' suffice - DH still couldn't read them without his glasses and he always misplaces them. SO then I came up with this:

oops, it's sideways. nevermind. As you can see the right column is still empty - that's where DS2's clothes will go :) DH is super happy, because he finally finds his way around the kids' clothes and the kids are excited too, because they can 'read' the labels. I'm happy with the outcome and feel a bit nerdy, because I have blue and red for boys and girl and had a ball drawing all the little labels with boyish and girly clothes on them... redface.gif

That's a nice system, and you draw well! :)


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Newborn diapers! Ah, so cute!


I can sympathize with the spending $$$ part.  We decided to add "Get a new mattress" to the list, which opened the whole bedroom set can of worms, which opened the bedroom closet organization can of worms.  So we go to several stores looking at options, and so far, we have pulled the trigger on router bits for DH's making of the bedroom closet organization stuff.  Its looking amazing already even with just some extra shelf space (he's building in drawers too, he was very happy to be buying tools instead of premade closet stuff that I was trying to sell him, not knowing he considers it "really simple" to build.  Men, gotta love 'em). We'll still have to buy more wood eventually, and the mattress will be a big purchase.  


Today, being laundry day, I plan to organize the clothes into the piles that will eventually be stored on various shelves instead of, say, on my floor in laundry baskets where they usually end up.  And to actually make bread, real whole wheat bread (the whole pregnancy diet thing...).

We're spending $ this month too. I told him I want to get it all done this month. The MW is paid, the birth pool and kit is here, I need a few more supplies for the birth kit, and that's pretty well it. My Mom is sending a box here soon, this week or next. It'll have more baby stuff from her and my sis. So then I get to go through all that.


Now about half finished with Kangaroo Care, still working through HBN - up to labor and delivery. :) I have some food squirreled away in with my birth supplies. It's coming together!