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what is the worst thing a doctor has said to you, re: not vaccinating? - Page 3

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It's interesting to read other people's experiences... And I'm shocked by some attitudes!


I've heard the usual during our first and only visit vith a former pediatrician (she fired us that day), talking on the phone with nurses/doctors while looking for a new one and seeing the new one 2 years later (we completely skipped all visits until then):

- Cases of children dying from random VPDs 'just this past month';

- DD is in grave danger if we don't vax (she is actually super healthy);

- Internet lies;

- Wakefield was wrong (the most often heard argument despite of me not ever talking about Wakefield);

- DD will never be able to attend school;

- There is nothing wrong with the ingredients (despite of not being able to name a few, let alone most common ingredients);

- Published scientific studies lie if/when then deem vaccines potentially unsafe/ineffective; back to internet - full of lies;

- Chicken pox is often deadly - OK - I admit I look younger, but this new doctor definitely guessed my age wrong - I come from a generation when everyone had chicken pox.

- What??? You would prefer the actual chicken pox over the vaccine when they have the same result and the vaccine has no side effects and doesn't cause death??? ... Out of all VPDs this pedi concentrated the most on chicken pox.



And the favorite one from my friends:

- Why would you not vaccinate? Everybody does it.

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We go to a practice with two peds. Ped #1 I saw with DS and I went in for talk about vaccines when DS was coming up on his 8 week well-baby. He gave his whole story....herd immunity, pet vaccinations, etc. but ended with 'But, you know, God gave you this baby, not me, it's your decision.". DD has been seen by the other doc. In the hospital this doc came to see us and my birth plan had 'no Hep B' on it and doc asked if we aren't vaccinating at all or just Hep B. I told her we don't vax at all and she just said 'oh, okay.'. DD went to the office at 2 months old and when vaccines came up with this doc I just said "Oh, we don't vaccinate'. Doc stumbled all over herself apologizing for not remembering and wanting to make sure I wasn't feeling bullied. We talked a bit about my reasoning and I explained DH and my severe reactions to DTP and MMR. Doc then said that not vaccinating was probably a good idea and that my nursing (I was tandem nursing my 20 month old and DD as we spoke) would be protection enough. Neither docs mentioned it again. 

We don't do well baby's after 8 weeks and the kids haven't been sick so we haven't had a need to go back. 

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I have a 19 month old who is un-vax, breast-feeding and I'm proud to say has never set foot in a hospital. I had a water birth at home and he was born in perfect health. Knowing about the dangers of vaccination I was chose not to participate in any vaccination program. I figured that if my son hadn't broken anything, needed stitches, or needed his stomach pumped for whatever reason...there was no reason for us to ever go there. Hospitals are where sick and dying people go, why would I bring my perfectly healthy child in there and expose him to that, just to pay to have someone tell me he's healthy? Plus having to deal with all the horror stories I'm reading about ignorant pediatricians giving parents a hard time for exercising their parental rights. I've never gone to a "well-baby" appointment and I don't know his percentiles. I feel that parents (particularly mothers) are incredibly in-tune with their children and you know your child so much better than anyone else does. If there is something wrong with your child and you cannot find the answers on your own, yeah take your kid to a doctor that may have more resources available to diagnose your child. But only trusting your doctor with maintaining the health of your child and not thinking for yourself or trusting yourself is unfortunately too common nowadays. My son has contracted Salmonella (eating chicken poop yuk!) and Rotavirus, all before his 2nd birthday. They both lasted about 2 days and he basically peed out of his but for two days, the worst part of which was the diaper rash which he'd never dealt with before. But two days of that and wha-la! It was over and those viruses were successfully in my sons immune-library. I can tell you if your son is healthy and has a strongly supported immune system there is no reason they cant contract any virus and overcome it while allowing their system to identify it and kick it out next time it comes around. I would not recommend a immuno-deficient child to not vaccinate, but at the same time cannot advise to vaccinate either. I do have a very powerful card up my sleeve however. Throughout my first pregnancy (and my current one ) I research deeply the benefits of high dose vitamin C. I took 16 grams (16,000 mgs) a day of pure ascorbic acid throughout my pregnancy, bumping up whenever I needed to suppress a cold/flu symptom or compensating for stress. For my pregnancy, as documented I experienced NO stretch marks, NO complications, a 4 hour labor that was very gentle and essentially pain free and my son was born at 42 weeks (common with vit. C babies) incredibly strong and tested all 10's with his first and second apgar tests. I continue my vit. C practice to this day, once you know the amazing health REQUIREMENTS for vitamin C and fully understand it's function there's no way you can deny yourself or anyone you care about this incredibly beneficial substance. My son is supplemented with about a gram to 2 grams a day ( as much as I can get in him) and has only been sick about 3 times and all very mildly and for short periods of time. I believe this is the single most important thing to be doing in order to support the immune system and you can read about the studies very extensively if you know where to look. Big Pharma and the medical system have done everything they could to discredit any doctor or scientist endorsing vitamin C and have released a ton of unfounded biased studies on it. Check these links out and you can learn a ton more. http://happybub.com/content/view/55/45/  http://www.orthomed.com/klenner.htm   http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/199x/landwehr-r-j_orthomol_med-1991-v6-n2-p99.htm  http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/198x/smith-lh-clinical_guide_1988.htm   

http://www.orthomed.com/titrate.htm  http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/biblio/biblio_a-c.htm Enjoy!

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I had an ER doctor call my children's Pediatrician to complain about me after I had taken one of my children in to him. He felt I was a negligent mother because I didn't vaccinate, I home schooled my four children and some had been born at home. He wanted my Pediatrician to report me to social services. The Pediatrician informed him that she would not call social services, because I was a very responsible mother and, in fact, if all the parents of her young patients had parents like me, she would not have a practice. This occurred in 1987, when my 4 children ranged in age from 3 to 9 years.

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