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growing lump in armpit.

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i found a pea size lump in my left armpit in june and now it feels like a table tannis size lump as its growing its getting more and more painful first doctor said its a swollen gland and will settle down second doctor said its a ingrown hair by this time the lump was bigger and third doctor fully examined it and said to be honest i don't know what it is so i get refered for a scan which is this friday the pain in my arm and the pain that shutes down to arm and left breast has been unbearable and getting worse i'm now on strong pain killers till they find out what it is i'm just soo scared greensad.gif as cancer runs in my family on both sides and my dad had it in his lympgh node but is now laying dormant. any advice other than don't worry.lolhug2.gif

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That would scare me too. Many, many hugs to you as you wait on your scan. I hope it is, indeed, a benign lymph node inflammation/infection thing. They can get huge and painful. I hope you will update if you can. I'll be thinking of you. You're doing the right thing--you did well going for other medical opinions.
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Hopefully it's just backed up lymph system.  If it is, this article gives lots of stretches and exercises to help move things along.  http://www.alignedandwell.com/katysays/keeping-you-all-abreast/

It's specifically addressed to those who have had breast surgery, as they can develop problems with lymph drainage, but anyone can use the exercises.  Going for a walk with my arms swinging naturally always helps me clear a swollen lymph node under my arm.

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Hey Mama!


I wanted to let you know that I went through something similar a few years ago. At first I had a small, tender knot in my left armpit and it just kept growing. Soon I had one in my other armpit as well. I thought that I was just my lymphs and shoulnt worry too much about it. But the knots kept growing and then I started forming 5-6 painful knots in each armpit that grew to be golf ball size. I was in serious pain and couldnt take it any longer. i had tried hot compresses, cold compresses, TONS of vitamen c, garlic and many others to sooth the pain. By this time I was sure it wasnt my lymphs.


I went to our local walk in clinic and was told that I had MRSA. My BIL, who lived with us at the time, was an athlete and had recenly had a few painful pus filled pockets in his armpits and down his sides ( he shaved his body due to his sport ). His had always came to a head. Some had gotten very large and red and looked like small valcanoes. I never though that this is what he had. I really didnt think that is what I had because none of the large boils that I had even came close to coming to a head. They always stayed below the surface and stayed very large, red, hard and hot to the touch.


I was placed on some very stong antibiotics and some antibiotic ointment. Taking them made me feel sick but after a few days the knots started to shrink. I did my research and found out about manuka honey and its benefits for MRSA infections and purchased some right away. I also continued taking large doses of garlic and vitamen E which also helped the swelling.


About 2 years later, I ended up getting a very very large MRSA boil on my butt check and nearly died from toxic shock. I was hospitilized and placed on IV antibiotics. This boil had to be lanced and drained. It left a huge, almost orange sized scar. Now I take ever precaution to protect myself from furture infections. I also stopped shaving my armpits after the last infection from fear that I would reinfect myself again.


Sorry that was so long, I just wanted to share my story with you since the knot-in-the-armpit thing hit home for me. Good Luck, mama and I wish you a fast and easy healing.


Please keep us updated on how youre doing!

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